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Innovative technology has shaped the casino industry as a whole, offline and online, to as we know it today. Online casino has become the pinnacle of the gambling in the modern day, leading gaming developers have took the reigns in beefing up all your favourite standard casino games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker into formidable online presences in the world casino. Everyone loves the traditional table casino games, they are without a doubt the core of gambling, games that have been around for decades and have now evolved into exceptional online services.

If you’re one of those people who has never really been one for classic table games and prefer to play the more simplistic avenue of online slots, but are willing to try something new. You’ve came to the right place! Here in the saloon we are dedicated in helping all of our players become comfortable with all styles of gaming, whether it be casino, slots, or table games.

You can count on us in providing all of our players, no matter their experience in online gaming with first class support in getting to understand games thoroughly before playing. This can be done through reading the descriptions of our top games, all descriptions cover a full in depth and that can be extremely helpful when coming to grips with newly structured table games for instance.

If you are someone who plays casino games regularly in a traditional casino games regularly and aren’t as familiar to the online versions, it’s always worth taking a look at our game descriptions before playing. Players also have the option to access free demo modes that require no deposit upon signing up, this is a great way of getting a feel of how the casino game operates before playing with money.

Live Casino Games

Not only has the technological boom helped in developing the standard of online casino games in terms of their appearance, how they operate and their in-game features, but it has also developed the way in which users are able to experience real casino settings online. Live casino has become one of the more recent online gambling verticals to hit casino sites.

Live casino has gave players even more encouragement to sit and enjoy their favourite table games right from their comfort of their own home, no going into busy casino’s and being foced to buy extortionate drinks, or have a whole group of strangers peer over your shoulder as you hold your cards tight to your chest. No, live casino offers the exact replica of the game straight from your pc, mobile and tablet devices.

Since the arrival broadcasted casino games, waves of avid online gamers have agreed that Live casino has become the final nail in the coffin in terms of the presence of online casino overshadowing that of your average casino on the street. Of course, online gaming doesn’t exactly beat walking into Wynn, Las Vegas.

But, it offers players a unique experience in which you are able sit and play games with a trusted, professional live dealer on their screen. The standard online blackjack game for example online can make you feel less uncomfortable when there is no face to a dealer. This is why live games have proven to be such a big hit here on Cozino, all live games have a friendly face to help you feel relaxed and trusted when playing your preferred casino game.

24/7 Casino Service

It’s also worth mentioning that our live dealer games are always running around the clock on a consistent basis, leaving all our live games free to play no matter what time you’re online. Our accessibility for casino games is fantastic here on Cozino, with all live dealer games available on portable devices such as mobile and tablets.

Meaning you can access our games wherever you like, whenever you wish to. You no longer need to worry about the opening and closing times of your local Cozino, everything you need is right at your very fingertips. Our dedicated live dealers are working tirelessly around the clock to provide you with a real live casino service, inspired by what you’d find in an iconic land-based casino.

The History of Casino

It may feel like the world of online slots are taking over the online casino industry at the moment. However, here on Cozino we realise the importance of traditional gaming and understand that the modern dramatic themes of online slots are not always to everyone's taste. The range of themes and games can be quite overwhelming at times to the older generation of gamblers, that’s why we are more than just a slots casino.

Our aim here at Cozino is to maintain a service in which caters for all style of gamblers, the history of casino is fascinating and it’s development into what it has become now, even more so. If we look back to 1638, the first ever ‘gambling house’ was introduced to the world in Venice, Italy. It went by the name, The Ridotto, little did everyone know at the time, this gambling house would go onto be the base for casinos in the future, despite its closure in 1774. The Ridotto left the ultimate mark on the gambling industry, since it’s closure it has been heavily influential in the way that others thought when opening various gambling houses, then onto official casinos. The americans branded theirs Saloons, a classic example of what inspired the creation of Cozino.

There were four major american cities that really enforced idea of ‘Saloons’, New Orleans, San Francisco and St. Louis. These locations would then become major tourist attractions for people to meet up, have something to eat, drink then gamble. Due to the rapid increase of this across these particular cities, in the early 20th century it was announced that all forms of gambling in america would be made illegal apart from Nevada.

As you can probably guess, this is what triggered the ‘beginning of Las Vegas’ as how we know it today. Las Vegas is widely regarded as the home of casino, a fantastic holiday attraction whereby tourists can enjoy something different in a unique environment, it really is the city that never sleeps.

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