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Free Slots No Deposit

The high levels of competition to get our attention has meant that each casino has to come up with ideas that make their service more appealing and thus was born special bonus deals! Varying rates that each company can provide on how much of your initial deposit they will match or the free slots with no deposit required that you will get if you sign up with them as well as bunch more. Lets first break down the types of deals out there.

These are the three main special bonuses we see on offer:

Free slots with no deposit are a promotional deal offered in the sign up process to a newplayer , there are some people who spend their entire time moving between providers to take advantage of the varying deals from online casinos wanting to pull in new customers.

Free Spins No Deposit are often similarly used as introductory promotional offers to bring us into the fold! The difference is free spins will likely be tied to a specific game.

Then we have deposit bonuses which are where online casinos will offer a percentage or a set amount that they will give you for choosing to play their slots.

Are no Deposit Slots Worth it?

So what’s what? And are they really worth it?

The short answer is they can be! But we have to keep a sharp eye out for what each on line casino is actually offering.

The devil is in the detail, the terms and conditions around the free things offered to you are vital to pay attention to so you don’t get tricked.

An online casino offering free slots or spins with no deposit whilst initially looking great can leave you with a sour taste when you try to withdraw after you’ve played through your free spin bonus and then go to withdraw your money. It’s at this point we can often find ourselves discovering there was a clause in the terms and conditions.

Common Free Slots no Deposit Offers in 2021

Some standard Free Slots No Deposit signup bonuses are often Free spins which usually come in the following sizes.

  • 20 no deposit slots
  • 30 no deposit spins
  • 50 free spins
  • 100 free spins no wagering
  • 200 free spins on registration

They can also offer some advantageous cash bonuses too, which usually are to the value of around £15

If you are wiling to put a deposit down, you can get 100% bonus on your deposits, they usually come with cash limits of between £50 and £100 along with those free spins.

Can I make Real Money with Free Slots?

It is possible to make real money with free slots, but there can be some rigorous hurdles that you have to meet before you are able to do this. That being said, sometimes it simply is not possible – you have to look at the terms and conditions, but we will get in to properly in a little while. Knowing that it is actually possible is half of the battle, it does seem too good to be true! To rationalise this it helps to think about why an online casino would offer you should a special bonus. It is because there are so many casinos out there, with more and more being created every day. Being able to cut through the digital noise of all the advertisement is difficult and so they strive forward with great deals to entice you in. It also increases the likelihood of you  eventually making a deposit with them.

But to the point of making money with free slots, there are a few methods of doing this. You can spend your days trawling through offer after offer to hope to find the new player bonus you are after or alternatively there are services giving you tools to get your top pick of new casinos that you can find online that will do all that work for you! There are some top tools out there for this, but you have to always remember to be careful when going to new sites, they can be potentially hazardous or carry malicious software, so if you are going to download things or give your details away, do it with a weather eye and try to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate group.

Are Demo Slots the Same as Free Slots?

This question is asked a lot and unfortunately, it can be difficult to get clear information out there for you to be able to make the distinction of what separates them, but that is why we are here. Demo UK slots online are where there is no risk and no reward, it is simply a game to be enjoyed or somewhere that you can learn how to play the games that are available, this can be particularly useful for new players who are dipping their toe and just starting to get into gambling. Especially if you are nervous about making that first deposit. It is not a tool to be ignored, It is better to make pretend money than lose real money. Starting out in a safe space and learning the ropes is a really good idea.

Being able to mess up and make any and as many mistakes as you possibly can is truly is the best way to approach gambling or really anything involving risk and money.
We should exercise this caution and practise safe financial habits, after all we are here to play, if we act too recklessly it could get in the way of being able to fully enjoy the experience that is the slot games! For that reason Demo slot games can really have their place in learning the ropes, but also at the same time we are here to have fun and make some real money which by the very nature of them, you have no chance of doing when you choose to play on the demo slots.

On some areas of the internet, free slots are treated as the same as demo slots which is why there is a lot of confusion around the issue. However, free slots actually offer the chance to make real money from the slot games we know and love. They come as sign up bonuses giving us access to a plethora of different games to be able to play with our bonus money or spins. It can be a great way to earn some free money, but also it can give us a trail run of games we might like to try whilst also keeping our toes dipped for potential returns! The only minor downside to this is that it can be restricted to specific slot games, so if there are any out there that you particularly against it could be frustrating. That being said, if this is you, then have a search online for the game you would like to play with something like “Free slots  Bonus” and you will be sure to turn something up that provides you with what you are wanting.

One of the reasons there is a lot of confusion around the terminology is that a demo slot game is not held to the same advertisement restrictions and thus it the providers can be more free in how they display the slot games as there is no risk to anyone playing them.

Are Free Spins no Deposit Better?

With there being free spins available for both deposit and no deposit, you have to look at the individual bonuses being offered, that being said there is also the question of what an online casino is receiving from us, the player. You are giving a greater guarantee to the online casino if you are willing to make a deposit, this means they are more likely to give you preferential bonus offers, but it does mean that you are putting money on the line and taking on a level of risk yourself.

By offering a deposit, you are showing your commitment to them and showing a certain level of loyalty to their casino. Your loyalty is important to any casino, respect that of yourself and make sure you place that loyalty somewhere it is deserved, else you could easily end up missing out on money or choice bonuses that would have improved your chances to potentially get the big ticket win you’ve been looking for, you never know, so do your research.

At the end of the day, it is down to preference. What do we want to get out of our experience? Free spins can often restrict you to playing a selection of specific games. That being said, with so many online casinos out there you can start by searching online for your favourite games and check the special bonus offers they provide with our preferred slot games. This can be a long and arduous task that feels as though it takes far more effort than it is worth. Unfortunately, this plays to the advantage of the illegitimate casinos. Information overload is a serious problem across all areas of life and we must try to be wary of it and the potential ramifications that can come from it if we don’t act with a weather eye. Fortunately, there are tools out there to be able to help in the search for the best deals such as blogs just like this one.

The great thing with these services is that they have done the heavy detailed research for the best bonuses that are available already. Whilst making sure to filter out the casinos that are blacklisted and bring you straight to the trusted and respectable online casinos where you can have fun and enjoy yourself, knowing and choosing the risks that you engage with. There is already risk involved in gambling. Why would you want to open that risk up to illegitimate businesses who are actively trying to short change you from your winnings

How to choose your Casino Bonus

If you are still wanting to get on to those free slot games and use the spins that come with them then the next thing you should be asking is which casino do we pick?

It can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff as there are so many online casinos shouting for your attention with appealing deals. All casinos are legally required to display their significant terms, this is really important.

What you want to be looking out for is the following:

  • Max win – it is possible that the casino could restrict the amount of wins that you can have with the free spins, whilst it makes sense from a business perspective I can be quite a hindrance to us players. It could prevent you from taking home the full amount of a jackpot!
  • Value – What is the value of the free spins you get, the standard amount is 0.10. If it is below this then you are probably able to find a better deal elsewhere.
  • Eligible Games – As we mentioned before, free spins can often be restricted to specific games, whilst this is not necessarily a problem, it is something to look out for in case you know you won’t enjoy the games on offer.
  • Expiry – Bonus free spins come with a set time which you have to use them in. It can be as short as 24 hours!
  • Batches – When gifting you free spins, some casinos choose to spread out the free spins they offer, for instance giving you ten a day until you have received all of your free spins.
  • Wagering – Wagering restrictions on free spins are seen to be reasonable from anything up to x40, after that it can make playing difficult.

slots no deposit

Slots that Worth Playing for Free

Dead or Alive II has 5 reels and 9 paylines and is jam packed with adventure. With notorious outlaws such as Apache the Kid, Della Rose, Billy the Kid and more, who you get to see spinning on the reels on the backdrop of an old western town with a . With an RTP of 96.8% and a hit frequency of 29.8%! Not only that, but it is overflowing with bonus features. With a maximum wager of £9 and the potential of 111,111.11 times your total stake in the High Noon Saloon feature there is a potential for some serious winnings.

There is also Pirates’ Plenty which boast a 5-reel slot with 20 paylines and an additional 5th reel giving you a treasure map. You’ll get to see Muskets, cannons, captains hat and a skull along with 4 playing card suits. With the skull being paying out 50 times the stake if you manage to get 6 on the reels! This game has out done itself with the gorgeous, sharp graphics and cute little monkey. With an RTP of 96.12% with a good hit rate and a maximum of 2,000x the stake per spin if you get yourself the 5x multiplier!

Another top notch option is Starmania for anyone not after slot games with quite such intense themes as Pirates’ Plenty or Dead or Alive II. In Starmania you get transported to space, with the dark depths of space as your background and an array of different stars shining on the reels. With 5 reels and 3 rows. With 10 fixed paylines. With a ludicrous 97.867% RTP there’s some real potential for winning, which may be because it pays wins both ways giving you a greater chance of lining up those symbol combinations.

Terms & Conditions with No Deposit Offers

Often within the contract that we agree to in the sign up process there will be strict measures around the conditions in which you can withdraw your money or you simply won’t be able to and as we alluded to earlier, who wants to play a game or take part in a bet when there’s no reward? What level of enjoyment can be taken from simply taking yourself through the motions of the slots, where would the fire in your belly be if there would be no real change, regardless of whether you managed to get a jackpot or whether you lost that hand.

As was discussed earlier, what kind of business would be crazy enough to offer you free spins. The true, likely answer, is one that wants you to learn how to play their games properly before you engage in the risk of the game. It is sometimes misrepresented as a route to free money, but also sometimes some of the deals are genuine which is why some people out there solely chase the starter offers. This can have the potential to earn you a bit of money initially, provided that you can meet the requirements to withdraw the money. The thing about sign up deals is that they run out eventually and in all likelihood, you’ll be left with hundreds of thousands of spam emails and most of any potential winnings stuck in accounts that you haven’t been allowed to withdraw from. Either that or you have dwindled down the free spins and/or bonus money trying to meet the requirements.

Wagering requirements

As we briefly mentioned, one thing that online casino bonuses can ask of you is that you have a wagering requirement as part of the deal of you getting the free spins of the free entry bonus. This can be seen in matched deposit bonuses and can be an annoying way for the casinos to create a strong disconnect between your tactics of how you like to play and also the odds of you getting more winning plays.

For this reason free slots and spins can be a great alternative; they lack the wager requirements (or at least most of them do) that can impede your playing and instead can be used as a tool and why they make perfect welcome bonuses. They give you the safety of not actually putting any real money on the line whilst getting to enjoy all the great aspects of online gambling.

No withdrawing winnings

One of the most disheartening things that some casinos do is remove the ability for you to be able to withdraw winnings. It makes a lot of sense, but regardless the feeling of being able to see all the money you have won and have it not be real money is a serious downer.

But for a moment, remove yourself from yourself and think about it a business. It makes perfect sense. Why would you offer people the chance to make money for literally nothing? If you won every free spin you got, you could make really good money. You could make good money even if you did not win every one if luck was on your side. How could a company justify exposure to that level of loss whilst not having the ability to mediate that loss with some winnings? I doubt anyone would feel able to invest in a business model like that.

So instead they provide you those to learn and gain experience in new games, giving you a better understanding of the tools offered to you. Whilst we might not like it, it is a great idea for a business to use and that is held true in the level of success that it has in bringing in new players who are eager to play.

Loyalty Bonuses

It is not all doom and gloom though; there are potential lights at the end of the tunnel! That light comes in the form of loyalty bonuses for staying with a specific provider for an extended period of time. One of the big issues that online casino companies face is having a high drop off of players; people who showed up for the free spins and left or people who had a bad run and gave up. To try and mediate this book of dead players, many establishments off long term bonuses and offers.

That means if you are sensible and have an element of money management you can get some real benefits from these offers. This can take many forms, sometimes the establishment will offer events based on how long you have been with them. This works as a two-fold strategy, both to reaffirm why you should be with them, but also to bring let you know they are around if you have stopped playing and are wanting to get back into it.
Alternatively, they offer similar bonuses to what we have previously discussed such as more free spins or deposit bonuses.


With these top tip gambling tools we can enjoy ourselves and worry less, knowing that whilst we are always risking something, it is safer gambling because we are using the tools provided to us properly.

So lets wrap all this up and have look at what we have learned.
We have explored the potential benefits of the plethora of special bonuses provided to new players; How free slot games can work and their potential value, the free spins and whilst they are a fantastic benefit, the potential pitfalls they can have.
As well as discussing other bonuses where a deposit are required to access them and why a casino would be more likely to provide you with better bonuses because of the commitment you are making.

We covered how to go about choosing your casinos; to make sure you always check the terms and conditions of your entry bonuses so to avoid any of those undesirable hurdles between you and your winnings. With that knowledge we have then learned how to go about selecting the our top slot games, whilst also remembering that we can use the slot games to find our next online casino.

Remember, we are here to have fun and enjoy our community as players of some of the best slot games around. Be smart and be safe.