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Free Spins No Deposit

In the world of online casino sites, there are so many incentives to pick any given casino over another, because our community is so big and there is a lot of money involved, both for the casino and potentially us too! Because of this there are an incredible amount of variations of deals, in this article we are going to discuss the renowned Free Spins and the different forms they can come in:

  • Can they actually return real money?
  • What value they can have.
  • What pitfalls there are; the things to look out for.
  • What other bonuses are available and how they compare in utility.

So, let us starting with clarifying what free spins actually are.

Free spins are digital tokens that allow we to play our favourite slot games for free, they can be received in a few different ways which we will go over later.

Are no Deposit Free Spins Worth it?

No deposit free spins are as aforementioned, tokens given to we to play online slots. With regards to them being no deposit free spins, we receive them as a part of a welcome package to a new online casino. And the great thing is that there is no deposit, simply money for nothing, or so it would seem.

So the big question. Are they worth it? With such variation between different online casinos, the answer to this can hugely vary, but by and large the answer is yes. They can be, and for a few different reasons which we will try to clarify here.

One of the first things that free spins can be great for is learning how to play a new slot game, the promotion allows us to get risk free access to a myriad of games. Meaning you can test it out, fail, test again and prevail! Learning the different bonus features of each individual slots game is really important, new games are always trying to create innovative ways for us to play. Whilst they can be difficult to get to understand in the beginning, once we have learnt them they can be highly rewarding and give us access to much higher stake bonuses.

Common Free Spins no Deposit Offers in 2021

With there being such a large plethora of varying offers there is a near infinite amount of sign up promotions being pushed. This is especially true when you consider the level of competition that each online casino is fighting against. Making themselves appear to be the best choice is paramount and so they create mind bogglingly good offers to entice us to join their online casino.
It is important to remember the old adage of “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is”. That being said, let us take a look at the most common of genuine offers for free spins.

  • 10 Free Spins No Deposit
  • 15 Free Spins No Wagering
  • 20 Free Spins upon Registration
  • 30 Free Spins on Sign Up
  • 50 Free Spins with phone confirmation
  • 100 Free Spins with £0.10 value

Above are the most common offers to see around, they are not outlandish and most likely contractually vary drastically between the amount of free spins being offered. When on the search for new online casinos we could potentially see offers of up 1000 Free Spins. Be very cautious of these, the likelihood is that we need to refer to that old adage again, but that doesn’t mean you should do some investigation. Online casinos are constantly trying to outdo each other, so it could be worth a little bit of research.

Other Common Casino Bonuses

As we have talked about before, there online casinos are constantly trying to grab our attention with a wide variety of special bonus deals so, let us talk about other common bonuses that are available to us both through sign up promotions, but also some other promotions and benefits of joining an online casino.

No Deposit Bonuses

As we are aware, there are online casino no deposit bonuses, whereby we are offered free offers simply to sign up and make an account with the given online casino, these have multiple utilities for both us as the players, but also to the online casinos, for us the benefits are quite clearly presented. Free Stuff! The different forms of special bonuses offered have different requirements needing to be fulfilled, which we will discuss.

Free Money!

Free money seems like an amazing deal, just withdraw it immediately and you have some quick easy cash, right? Unfortunately not, there are understandably limitations around how and what we can do with any of the free slots no deposit bonuses that come with any promotional deal. Free money, is still free money, but there will be strict rules around what you must achieve before being able to withdraw any of it, including your winnings. It does however give you more versatility than you would normally find with those craved after free spins.

Deposit Bonuses

So what if we are chasing the rush of risk, that heart racing element that makes gambling so fun and we want to get our skin in the game? What is available to us when we are willing to accept that risk alongside the online casino of choice?

Well the same deals tend to apply, however the terms and conditions along with the size of those deals tend to increase too. So that is even more free spins in your hands or free money! That being said, there are also a few extra bonuses available to those of who are willing.

Deposit Matching

Deposit matching is a pretty straight forward concept. A given casino will offer us free money, to the sum of our first deposit, they will protect themselves with the caveat of their being a cap on the amount they will match to, though this sum can vary quite drastically, so it is worth shopping around to find what the best deals available to you are, though be wary, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you are uncertain, you can always check if a company is blacklisted or not with a quick hop to any search engine.

There are also circumstances where they will offer you a percentage of your first deposit, this works exactly the same as the full method – the likelihood is that this will incentivise people to place higher deposits to maximise their return from the bonus; whilst adhering to the given requirements.

Loyalty Bonuses

Now then, loyalty bonuses are an interesting one as they are the exact opposite of all of the previous forms of promotional bonuses. Loyalty bonuses, as the name would suggest are designed to make us stay with them. Coming back to play, by this point having to use our actual money, likely making regular deposits. Whilst it works as we have just read, it also has a two-fold strategy. If they have a customer who signed up, spent the free spins or cash bonus and then moved on to other online casinos or perhaps forgot about their sign up, offering them a loyalty bonus increases the potential retention of players to their casino.

Earlier we discussed the existence of players who solely play, risk free with the intention of gaming the system for free cash. People like these, people who lose and people who forget make up a significant portion of those who fail to return to the slots or their chosen game. Whilst the casinos have to take the hit from the first group of people, the others are potential return players, so it makes sense to reinvigorate their want to get in on the action. These deals will come in similar form to the sign up promotions as their purpose is nearly identical.

Merging Promotions

So, we have discussed the positives and downfalls of the collection of bonuses that are available. The next thing to look at is how we are able to mitigate the negatives of each special bonus. This can be done through merged promotions. Whereby the online casino will offer up both free spins and a free cash sign up bonus, all in one. This gives you the best of both worlds. An example of this would be £15 bonus money alongside 20 free spins.

This is superb because not only does it give us access to the slot games we all know and love, but it widens the scope of what we can interact with within the online casino as free spins are unable to be used in cash betting games such as black jack or roulette. Giving us even more opportunities to make some free money or with we are willing to place a deposit, drastically increases our chances of generating profits from our gaming, which ever games we are wanting to get involved in.

Can I Make Real Money with Free Spins?

No deposit free spins can be the opportunity to make real money with no risk at all. There are some people out there, determined to game all the casinos, who simply hop between new online casinos, playing the no deposit free spins and making money from it; there is a whole community of people doing it, developing software to search out the absolute best of deals that there are on offer. That being said, it is not necessarily as easy as that sounds. History is full of people trying to beat the casinos, yet they still stand, if there was a sure fire way to win, they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago or if there is a way, they stop us being able to take advantage of it soon enough.

One of the big issues that can arise when we are trying to make some real money from free deposits, which we can, but there are caveats to it, as there always are whenever there contractual agreements being made. This makes it more difficult for us to either turn those no deposit free spins into real money or for us to withdraw our winnings once we have made them!

We will delve deeper into it later, but it can potentially be impossible or at least arduous to get access to our winnings from free spins, particularly when they are no deposit free spins.

Are Demo Slots the Same as Free Spins?

Whilst they may seem fairly similar, a no risk way of being able to get into our favourite slot games, unfortunately, as the name suggests, they are for demonstrational purposes only, making it no risk – no reward. Whilst it removes a lot of the thrill from it, it can be a useful tool or as an alternative if the game is simply what you are after.

Some people might wonder how we could use this as a tool to help us make some real money, especially considering we have just said that it was not possible and to be clear it is not. What it does offer however is a great opportunity to get to know the slot games really well, in a safe environment. Game producers upload new slot games so we can start playing them and getting an understanding of any unique features prior to the full release, we do also have access to historic games as well, so getting to them too is important.

Are Free Slots no Deposit Better?

This is a difficult question to answer, it is largely up to preference; how prepared you want to be to win and make some real money. Whilst we all want to jump straight in and get to winning that free cash. To claim those juicy no deposit free spins and just play them could mean you end up losing them in the process of figuring out a peculiar feature and as we know, once they are gone, they are gone! So, for the most astute, meticulous of us, it would be good to use both, however there is no risk to jumping straight in there with the free spins and simply enjoying ourselves.

no deposit spins

Slots that Are Worth Playing with Free Spins

Any and all slots that we can get access to through free spins are a great opportunity to learn some new games, but here are a few top choices!

Mystery Reels Megaways

Mystery Reels Megaways is perfect if you are chasing that retro 80’s vibes? This game pulls us back to a time gone by with a classic sountrack. Not only is the music retro, the slot symbols themselves are held in that classic setting, keeping with the old traditions with symbols such as grapes, emos, plums, oranges, melon and cherries at the lower value ranges, going up to bells, starts and horeseshoes and mystery symbol that is a golden apple marked with a question mark.

The game has 6 reels with between 3 and 7 rows, providing you with a maximum of 117,649 ways to get some cash in your pocket!

On both the mobile and desktop versions, the minimum stake value is set at £0.20 with the maximum being set at £10. With a default RTP of 96.18%! placing it above the average along with the potential wins of 10,000x your stake.


Starmania places you in the beautiful depths of space, stars twinkling softly in the background; constellations hiding in the great vastness of space as we engage with a huge variety of different symbols. All of these symbols are star themed, but so imaginatively designed, some more reminiscent of old world jewellery, with deep ruby reds ornamented with find gold wiring or deep sea blue jewels that are waiting to shoot into place in the reels to capture those sweet winnings.

Starmania sports 5 reels and 3 rows with an impressive 10 fixed paylines. What is best though is the RTP of a staggering 97.867% giving us a great opportunity to really net those winnings! It is however a little sparse on the bonus features front, only offering the one which will give you the chance to get free spins with extra wild symbols that are added to the 3 central wheels.

Dead or Alive II

Dead or Alive II boasts beautiful graphics, placing you in an western world, with delicately crafted wood textures and soft colours, contrasted with the hard looking characters that are used as the symbols, these characters include Apache the Kid, Della Rose, Billy the Kid and more. All of them looking suitably hardened by the rough life that was prevalent during this tumultuous time in America. In addition to the well crafted character symbols, there is also the high value cards of a deck of cards represented by their letters in a eloquent industrial theme as well as a sheriffs golden badge which is the highest value offering an impressive 100 times your original stake for 5 across a payline.

After 10 years of playing Dead or Alive, the renowned favourite of many players out there, Dead of Alive II dwarfs its predecessor with ease. It is a given that the graphics have drastically improved, but the game play as a whole has transcended to a completely different level, incorporating old features from the original such as the Old Saloon Free Spins!

Dead or Alive II comes with 5 reels and 9 paylines, giving you plenty of opportunity to win through a journey jam packed with adventure with an RTP of 96.8% and a hit frequency of 29.8% there odds are looking pretty good that we can catch some impressive wins! Especially with a maximum wager of £9 in tandem with a potential of 111,111.11 times your total stake in the high noon saloon feature.

What’s The Catch with No Deposit Offers?

Some might think that it all sounds too good to be true, casinos giving you so much scope to rob them blind and walk away with a pocket lined with free legal money, no strings. They would be right to be sceptical, whilst it is not impossible and many people achieve it with some work. The system as a whole can be designed in a way that pushes us to make deposits and put our pound of flesh in the ring to try and make some real money.

This is done in a few ways. Some companies will offer us. For example 100 free spins, but they will spread them out. So let us say that we only receive 20 a day, which they will keep releasing until they are all spent. This has two key psychological effects on us as players, the first is to engrain the habit of returning to their online casino opposed to another competitor or simple burning through all of your no deposit free spins and moving on to another casino. Building that habit in will inevitably hugely increase the likelihood that we will eventually make a deposit and then they have the opportunity to make some money out of us. We must remember that at the end of the day, casinos are able to function because of people losing – we do not want to be those people.

The other function of this again to edge us close to placing a deposit and wagering with real money. It works by giving us enough no deposit free spins per day to be get a taste for playing, but not much more so with that desire to play and no more no deposit free spins. What are your options? You can either go and find another online casino, sign up, get some more no deposit free spins and play with them.

There is a chance we will have to stop playing the current game we are playing, it is perfectly possible that the specific slot game is not available for playing with no deposit free spins through any other providers, especially if we have been around other online casinos. If that we do not want to do that, then the only option is to again, put up our real money for the chance to win. Whilst that excitement of the risk is a huge part of being a player in the online gambling world, it is not for everyone. If the goal is to solely exploit promotions and turn a quick buck then unfortunately the potential decision tree stops and we are forced to wait it out till the next batch of no deposit free spins.

There are a few more little tricks that some online casinos slip in to make it harder to get away with real money. Which brings us on to the terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions with Free Spins No Deposit

The all-important terms and condition; the single biggest decider in whether our potential new online casino should be the one we choose. There are a few things to look out for when reading over the terms and conditions and always make sure to read them. We can end up in very disappointing situations if we neglect this. The disappointment of trying to withdraw some solid winnings to find out that we have yet to meet the requirements or even more hopeless of a situation, the free money was only ‘bonus money’ which can’t be withdrawn at all! Luckily UK legislation requires online casinos to clearly display the high impact clauses of the terms and conditions.

They will usually be on the sign up page, if they seem to be non-existent it is probably a really good sign that the casino is not trust worthy so be really careful to do this research before handing over any sensitive details such as bank details.

Let us take a look at some of the finer points on what to look out for.

Free Spin Value

Those tasty free spins that give the opportunity to turn a quick buck with absolutely no risk! How sour a taste in can leave in the mouth when we discover their value is minimal or negligible. The average value of a free spin is £0.10.


Another common little trick that can be put into the terms and conditions is that the free spins have a expires requiring us to use them almost immediately, with some of them expiring in a matter of days and the worst could be within 24 hours although the standard expiry is between 7 days and two weeks.

Eligible Games

Again, with the free spins and this one is significantly less nefarious, but there can be restrictions to spend your free spins on particular games, this can be done for a few reasons. Firstly, this could be done to up the awareness of a new release to their casino or perhaps if it is a less popular game they are wanting to increase exposure for. Another reasoning could the exact opposite, they want to tailor our experience as we are first introduced to their service. Lastly and most understandable yet frustrating is to limit the potential profits we can make from our free tokens, if they opt to choose low RTP games then there is a higher probability that we will lack the profits to continue after spending our free spins. Whilst they lack any real positives for us, it is a fair trade for the opportunity of free money

Withdrawal Conditions

We spoke about it briefly, but it is probably the single most important clause in the terms and conditions. You could have millions in winnings, but if you are unable to withdraw it, to actualise that money, then it may as well never have existed!

The psychology behind not being able to withdraw any winnings is an interesting one and not just from the perspective of the disappointment we would feel if we only found out after thinking we had made a bunch of winnings.

If a casino creates all these great offers but then takes away your ability to actualise our wins, then did we really win anything at all? Does it not take away any real incentive to play through their online casino, after all, without prospects of profits, might we not be better off simply playing demo slots as that would essentially be the same thing, but without the need to sign up and hand over sensitive information.

The disheartening revelation of the aforementioned false wins can put players off entirely, meaning they walk away from online casinos wholly – which is entirely against the interest of any online casino.

This being said, any online casino has sound justification as to why making it difficult or impossible to make real money from free spins is often common practise. If every member of a given online casino upon creating their account were to receive, lets say 200 free spins, valued at the average price of £0.10, totalling a value of £20.

What are the potential profits that can be made from that? If we are all really lucky, let us say we make a £50 profit, turning our pot into £70, that is then £70 to play with or freely withdraw if the site neglects to implement restrictions. If we then multiply that out to the mass of millions of people who play with online casinos. Would it be reasonable to think that any casino could survive under those circumstances?

Last Notes

We always have to remember that, whilst we are always after that win, hitting the jackpot – that life changing win. If everyone were to get that, it would remove the chance of anyone getting them in the future, because the casinos would have no money left. Things are generally weighted against us as players, but that does not mean that there is no opportunity for us to make it. We absolutely have to understand the dance that we choose to enter into with an online casino or rather any risk based game or investment.

Remember, we are here to have fun and enjoy our community as players of some of the best games around. Be smart, be safe and enjoy!