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Avoid Her Gaze At All Cost!

Medusa, you’ve no doubt already heard of her before thanks to her icy stare and cold demeanour, a legend in Greek mythology and a bonafide movie star! The lady with snakes for hair has quite a few slot adaptions in her honour, yet none are as good as this one: Medusa from developer NextGen Gaming — and if you don’t believe us we’re just going to assume that you’re an idiot or are just scared of being turned to stone! If you are still not convinced, then check out this new online casino bonus offer which can give you a head start.

NextGen has managed to put together quite the game here, one that plays across 5 reels with 25 paylines total — paylines that are fixed just in case you were wondering. One can experience this slot from as little as 25p a spin up to around £125, what you choose to play with depends entirely on how you like to approach games like this! There are quite a few bonuses dotted around here, the kind that can turn stone-scorn scores back to life in an instant!

If bonuses are your forte then you will find that there is plenty to play for in Medusa slots, everything from wilds to free spins and everything in-between! To learn more about these mentioned bonuses and more, be sure to check out the rest of the review and don’t miss a single beat — or turn to stone, your choice…

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NextGen Gaming – The Developer of Medusa slot

Always looking forward, that is what NextGen Gaming is known for — just in case their name wasn’t a big giveaway. These guys are a UK based developer, one that has been going since 1999, known for countless online slot experiences that take you to the deepest jungles, to the lairs of dragons; and those are but a few examples. Medusa is one of their more popular slot titles, one that is played by hundreds, if not thousands of people on a daily basis.

Not only does NextGen Gaming have offices in London, but they also have locations in both Sydney and Stockholm! Business is indeed booming for these guys, and they haven’t even begun to peak! Honestly, if you’ve never played a NextGen Gaming slot/casino game before then, you are seriously missing out!

Look on the featured section of any reputable slots games site, and you’ll find at least a dozen NextGen titles just sitting there. To be honest, there are quite a few games in their catalogue at this point, so if you did enjoy Medusa and want to try out something else from these guys, we’d have to recommend the following slots then:

And many, many more!

Medusa Free Spins & Gameplay

The story of Medusa is legendary, maybe for the wrong reasons, but legendary nonetheless. NextGen Gaming has done an exceptional job in bringing you this story in a completely new light, one that comes with so many avenues to win big that it’s actually scary! Honestly, if you are a fan of slots that are chocked full of bonuses and the like, then get yourself on Medusa as soon as possible! Be sure to get the hang of the basics of the game first to exploit the bonuses for big cash payouts fully.

Bet Levels

To experience Medusa in all her slithering glory you must first present an offering to this snakey lady, you do this at the bottom of the screen using the various buttons to input a bet of your choosing — reminder: you can play from as little as 25p up to £125 a spin so choose wisely. Those feeling heroic/lucky should almost always play on higher amounts as it will more than likely spell success, although if you just want to train/play for the hell of it, then betting with the 25p is an option too!

If you are the impatient type and want to just jump straight into the action, then there is a max bet button that will allow you to do just that. There is also an autoplay button at the bottom of the screen too, you know, autoplay, the mode that lets the computer to play for you! Not only will the computer play for you here, but all earnings go straight to you; not too shabby! To kick off autoplay all you need to do is select the number of games you want to spin and the amounts for each!

Theme & Graphics at Medusa Slot

Let’s talk about how Medusa fairs in the visuals department. This slot takes place in a coliseum of some kind, one that has some really dark clouds looming above. The colours surrounding the reels are somewhat dark, but this is clearly purposeful to give the symbols on the board some life of their own via the colours they emit. We’d be stupid not to mention the game’s soundtrack which is as stellar as the rest of the games in the NextGen catalogue.

Symbols & Bonuses

Every symbol you see on the board here does something different — some even have a few bonuses attached. What we mean by this is that some symbols do have higher scores than others( depending on the number of symbols involved in the winning line that is). Expect to see everything from Medusa coins to grapes appearing on the reels at any given time. The medusa coin is the wild symbol here, be sure to look out for her the most (ironic, we know, since most run from her).

Match 3 wild symbols in the same row can turn one of the middle reels into stone, this reel will be classed as an expanded wild which will remain in place for 3 turns before it shakes itself loose. If you can successfully match this symbol, then you will earn an x3 multiplier for your efforts, multiplying whatever your bet amount is at that time. Matching 3 wilds will also trigger an additional 10 free spins with an active x2 multiplier!

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