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Slingo Ante Up

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What’s Slingo? It is its own unique brand of casino game that takes the mechanics of a slot game and a bingo game and then slams them together. What you might not expect is that is that it works fantastically.

Tired of the same old card games on cozino, then it is well worth trying something different with Slingo Ante Up.

This is such a bizarre idea, though. You have to ask yourself, who came up with Slingo?

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Slingo – developers of Slingo ante up

That’s right. Slingo Ante up is a product of Slingo original.

They are a slot games developer that clearly know what they are doing. Not only have they created their own brand of games in their bingo/slot game hybrids but they have been making these slot games since 1995.

It would be hard to surf an online casino, like cozino, nowadays without a Slingo product cropping up.

You may have tried one of their previous slot games in the past such as:

As long as it has the word Slingo in the title, you can be sure it is a Slingo original game. But they have earnt the right to put their name out there in such a way.

But can they really make something different after 25 years? Let’s look at Slingo Ante Up to find out.

Slingo Ante Up Gameplay and Symbols

For the uninitiated, how do you cross bingo with slot games? It’s actually quite ingenious. Instead of spinning to match pay lines, you are spinning to get the numbers on the 5 reels to match the numbers of your bingo card. Just like in bingo, you win when all of your numbers have been called.

The symbols are basically bingo numbers from 1-99. Spinning the reels takes the place of the bingo caller. You can choose to bet anywhere between 0.01€ and 20€ per round.

The difference between this Slingo outing and the rest is that when you set your stake, you start with 10 spins. That is 10 spins to get a line on your bingo card. Normally in Slingo, you use up your spins and then choose whether or not to bet more on this card and gain new spins or start a fresh game with a blank card. It all depends on how close to a bingo line you are.

With Slingo Ante Up, you can choose to buy more than ten spins before you begin.

However, as this game is a completely different beast, the bonus features work differently to all of the more traditional slot games on cozino.

Slingo Ante Up Bonus Features

The wild symbol is key in a lot of slot games. It doesn’t often make an appearance here and it is called the joker symbol. Landing this will allow you to remove a number from your card, therefore bringing you closer to a line. Plus, this slot also includes a super joker. Landing this will offer players the opportunity to mark of any number on their card that they want. Think of it as a free go.

The jokers are great but beware the Devil symbol. When this shows up it will block any symbols from matching in a line. Almost like a reverse wild symbol.

Slingo Ante Up Final thoughts

Slingo Ante up does everything a regular Slingo game has done before but does what it says in the title. It ups the ante.

But this is not a bad thing. Slingo have been making these fun and engaging slot games mash ups since before the online casino uk became the default casino for most people.

Again, they have honed their talents to make Slingo ante up another great addition to the Slingo original catalogue. It’s all here, the joker symbol, their devils and even some chances for some free spins only this time it is wrapped up in Las Vegas themed package.

If you are new to Slingo, try out some of their other play slot games to see if it is the online casino game you have been waiting for.