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Wild Crystal Arrows Slots

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Some say that crystals are one of the most sought-after items in the world, and who would disagree after playing such slot games

Wild Crystal Arrows Slot Review

When we first heard of this slot, we perceived it to be an archery related slot, but in reality it is a slot of pure amazement. We still can’t put our finger on what this slot is, which is why it is so memorable. Wild Crystal Arrows Slots might sound like a name generated slot, but what it offers players should keep you spinning these reels for hours on end, which trust us is a good thing. This slot is a 5 reel by 15 pay-line game, a little different to some of the slots released by the developer SkillOnNet, but at least they are trying something new and with great success!

To liken this slot to any other in the market presently would take away from the value that it offers. When we think of some of our favourite slots in recent memory, we are led to believe that we must have a thing for slots that use big and bold colours in their slots, and with Wild Crystal Arrows Slots we like to think that the trend continues. The amount of detail found in this slot is phenomenal which is not something we say everyday.

This is an alien-themed slots that takes you to the furthest reaches of your own imagination. If you are looking for more info on this slot, then might we suggest you read the rest of our review below to see what you can look forward too in Wild Crystal Arrows Slots!

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Expectation vs Reality when playing Wild Crystal Arrows

With a name as wacky as Wild Crystal Arrows Slots, it can be hard not to make false presumptions in terms of what to expect on these new casino reels. We will admit that we didn’t really have much hope for this slot based on its name alone. Some slots out there have some very wacky and creative names, but this one probably tops them all.

We should state at this point that we actually loved the slot, and would encourage any fan of fun and fast-acting slots to check this one out. Developer SkillOnNet clearly have a knack for creating high-end slots that have an experimental side filtered in. Aliens have never looked more fleek, trust us.

How to Play Wild Crystal Arrows Slot

The aim of this slot is incredibly simple. Match the various neon symbol on the reels from left to right, and revel in the amount of money you will ultimately make through repeated spins on the reels. All symbols here offer something a little different when it comes to scores and whatnot, so you will be wanting to check out the pay-table before you begin. Playing this slot as much as possible will help build confidence too, so you might want to have a few practice runs before you give it your best shot.

This slot looks like it takes place within a cave, a cave that has formed various crystals that line the ceiling, the same crystals that are now up for grabs on the reels. It’s a very well made slot, and is worth the price of admission for this reason alone.

Like with any online slot, you all begin the same. In order to begin this slot you will need to select your bet and coin amounts, these range from around 1-5 depending on personal preference. From there, you will find that the main incentive for you to keep spinning those reels is the 37,500 jackpot that looms in the distance. This jackpot while drive some players mad if they let it, but to others they will persevere.

And in this slot, you will want to have your wits about you if you hope to come away with some real cash money. SkillOnNet have done a mighty fine job with this slot, so much so that we are recommending it. It also helps that this is one of the most popular online slots going today, which is why you should at-least give this a go if you haven’t yet already.

Wild Crystal Arrows Free Spins & Bonus Features

Bonus features are what make up the foundations of any successful online slot. In Wild Crystal Arrows Slots you are given many different opportunities to come out with the biggest scores possible. These features move fast and loose against the player, which can be quite frustrating at first, but once you learn how to ride these crystal waves, you will be good to go.

ARROWS: Whenever you match on a successful line, should you get that symbol on a close by line, you will then match it despite it not being on the same line thanks to the arrow feature.

WILDS: Like in any online slot, the wilds act as perfect incentives to keep spinning those reels in hope of more scatter symbols, the more wilds you match the more scatters you make.

Hit or Miss?

Are you perhaps sitting there and thinking about why you should play this slot? Well allow us to help with the encouragement. Wild Crystal Arrows Slots is not like most of your average alien slots out there, no no. This is one that actively pushes you in all of the financial directions that you wish to go. To add to that, there is also a very wide array of additional features that help push gameplay along at a brisk pace too. Check out Wild Crystal Arrows Slots today!

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