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Take The Plunge And See How Much Gold Lurks At The Bottom!

As far as deep-sea epics go, Ariana is definitely up there with some of the best of them, a slot from developer juggernaut Microgaming. Ariana feels a lot like a Little Mermaid ripoff that made it, which isn’t an insult or a knock on Ariana in the slightest, it’s just how a lot of other folks and we feel. Ariana is best played when you have hours to yourself and are looking to earn quite a lot of cash quickly and effectively! For online casino bonuses that apply to this slot check out Cozino.

Ariana is a 5 reel slot that plays out over 25 distinct paylines (fixed paylines just in case you were wondering). Slots like Ariana allow you to discover what was once considered impossible — you know, experts say that we have only found a small amount of the ocean, that means there is a lot left untouched, just picture how many treasures lie there! It’s fun to imagine distinct possibilities, but in Ariana, you can actually earn treasures of your own, you need only be willing!

One can bob around in Ariana from as little as 25p a spin up to £125. Expect to see all sorts of things here, from unique sea creatures to even bigger bonuses. If you want to learn more about Ariana then be sure to check out the rest of our review below; there is nothing fishy about it, we promise you!

Microgaming – The Developer of Ariana slot game

Established in 1994, online magicians Microgaming has more than proven themselves to be capable of putting out nothing but top quality online content for the better part of a decade! This developer has crafted slots in all shapes and sizes, the kind that has always appealed to players across the globe. Microgaming holds the record for having paid out more than 100 million dollars in progressive jackpots over the past decade, which is just insane to comprehend!

In 2019 you have quite a lot of developers to pick and choose from, developers that want nothing more than for you to play their games as often as possible. Microgaming is different, these guys wait for you to come to them because they have nothing but faith in their own work. You’d think that time would change these guys, but so far they’ve stayed the same, and it’s certainly worked in their favour given the amount of buzz that surrounds them.

There are plenty of online casino slot games to pick and choose from the Microgaming camp, so much so that it can make finding the right one for you somewhat difficult, this is why we’re suggesting you check out some of the following games, each is great in their own distinct way!

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And many, many more!

About the Bonus Features of Ariana

When we first heard about a slot by the name of Ariana, we instinctively thought it would be a slot about a famous pop star, yet here we are, discussing a slot that takes you deep underwater, rather than a stage in front of thousands of people. Honestly, Ariana is chocked full of intrigue; playing this slot for the first time feels like you’re discovering something new, in the same way, that Christopher Columbus discovered new islands on his many travels.

Microgaming has always been good at designed great online slots that grab you hook, line and sinker (pun intended). Ariana continues this trend perfectly in that you are given a chance to gawk at one of the most serene slots out right now. Ariana takes place at the bottom of the ocean, — during the day since the sun is shining through the blue at the top of the screen. All the symbols on the board are expertly crafted to.

To play Ariana players will first need to select their bets, you do this at the bottom of the screen using the arrow keys to select your particular bet. Once you are happy with your offering all you then need to do is hit spin, and the game will begin. Know that playing on the highest amount possible will net you the most cash possible, so be sure to keep that in mind when deciding on a starting bet.

Every symbol you see in this fishy slot will offer something different depending on the number of symbols you can include in the winning line. Symbols in Ariana are matched in a left to right orientation and only require 3 symbols to form a winning combination.

Expect to see symbols such as starfish, Ariana herself, seahorses and buried treasures, and those are but a few examples! There are plenty of low-value symbols here too, symbols that will add to your final total in small doses when found. Some of the symbols mentioned do have a few hidden tricks up their sleeve, so be sure to keep an eye out as you never know what could happen!

There are two main features in Ariana each plays just a little different from the last. The full stage symbol, when found on the first reel, does expand, meaning you are given a lot more chances to match that symbol — a symbol that is now incredibly valuable given the score it can present you with. Ariana is the best symbol to find when expanded since she is one of the highest-scoring symbols on the board.

Free spins are the other major bonus found here, a bonus that will award you with multipliers, the kind of multipliers that can completely change your financial standing in life if you happen to be playing with the most money possible here. Match as few as 3 scatter symbols to earn some free spins (the starfish symbol is the scatter). Up to 15 free spins are up for grabs in this particular game, free spins that will be the difference maker as far as your scores are concerned.