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Eye Of Horus

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The Eye Sees All, And It Sees Endless Amounts Of Gold Coming Your Way!

In Eye of Horus from developer Blueprint Gaming, you are given the power to become something far greater than your average online slot player, in fact, you are given the opportunity to become somewhat of a legend! As far as ancient Egypt slots go, Eye of Horus is among some of the very best slots that you can play today, offering punters multiple opportunities to come out on top with every spin played! If you choose to play this game on Cozino you have even more chances due to its new online casino bonus for all players.

The great thing about Eye of Horus is the fact that all kinds of online slot players can experience it without fuss — which isn’t something we state often given the quality of a lot of slot titles out right now. Eye of Horus has plenty to see and do in terms of bonuses, and unique gameplay elements that all shift and turn as you play. This is a 5 reel by 10 payline game, which should tell you an awful lot about the game before we delve in deeper.

History buffs will definitely want to check out this slot for obvious reasons; ancient Egypt is an incredibly popular theme in this industry, which is why Eye of Horus is so interesting since it doesn’t conform to the same tropes as all the rest. If you wish to learn more about this slot, then why not do yourself the favour of reading the rest of the written review below for more info!

Blueprint Gaming - The developer of Eye of Horus slot game

You name it, Blueprint Gaming has done it! These guys have proven time and time again why they are just as good as they say they are! This UK gaming company has gone through various transitions in the past, now settling in its current form, one that promotes unforgettable online slot experiences and themes that people across the globe just can’t get enough of.

Unpredictability is very hard to come by in this industry — especially when you look at the number of copycat developers there are out there right now. Thankfully, developers like Blueprint Gaming are still going around, the sorts of developers who actually care where your time is going — same goes for your money too! They’ve been around for years too, which only goes to show how good they are!

If you are looking to check out something new and interesting from these guys, then we’d recommend you take a long hard look at their catalogue of online casino games! Finding the right one for you could take time, since there is a lot on offer here, but if we were to recommend any to you, it would have to be these titles:

Count Duckula

Fortunes of Sparta

Kingdom of Fortune

And many, many more!

About the Bonus Features of Eye of Horus

One can experience Eye of Horus in all of its glory from as little as 10p a spin up to £100, which will instantly attract a wide array of players to this particular slot. Think about it, with these betting options, you can choose to either play for fun or play competitively! There are merits to both, but we would have to recommend you play for the big bucks, why we say that comes down to just how simple it is to succeed across the reels outright!

Before you can start spinning for keeps here, you’ll first need to select your bet amounts — the same amounts we just mentioned. Once you are happy with the amount, all you need to do is hit spin, and you’re ready. Keep in mind that once your bet is locked in, you can’t then go back and change it until after that round comes to a finish.

The look of Eye of Horus might not be as impressive as other games you’ve played in the past, but that does not mean it isn’t worth playing. The graphics never slow down/shutter as you play, something that you’ll come to learn as you play. Expect to see all sorts of symbols/shapes to appear on these reels, each offering something different in terms of the scores they represent. The Eye of Horus symbol specifically is the highest scoring symbol on the board, matching up to 5 of these icons will reward you with a multiplier that can award you 50x your stake.

If you are coming into this slot to earn cash, then you have come to the right place! There are countless bonuses to take advantage of here. Wild symbols are always going to be involved in slots like this since they make gameplay turn relatively quickly. Finding wild symbols will substitute some of the symbols featured on the board, replacing them with something new. Wilds are incredibly common in Eye of Horus, so just play normally, and they will find you.

Not only do you have regular wilds in Eye of Horus, but you actually have access to expanding wilds too! Expanding wilds are only active during the free spins bonus, which is a shame, but when you think about how much money they can make you, it’s easy to understand why they only feature here. Expanded wilds work in the same way regular wilds do, the only difference is they possess more value!

Free spins in Eye of Horus is hands down the best way of coming away with a big pot (as mentioned). Up to 12 free spins are up for grabs every time you spin, to unlock free spins you are going to need to be matching the scatter symbols that appear every time you match wild symbols. The more scatter symbols you can match, the more free spins you’ll add to the board. Free spins are valuable in that they award players will multipliers — the kind of multipliers that can make a real difference in your final score.