Jungle Books

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In this slot you are no doubt the jungle VIP!


In 1984 Rudyard Kipling wrote the Jungle Book, a book that features the stories of various talking animals found in a variety of different situations. The main character of this story is a boy named Mowgli, a human boy who finds himself raised by wolves before going off an exciting adventure with other animals who all have clear motivations in thinking they know what’s best for the boy. This classic piece of literature is still spoken about to this day, and is used as the benchmark for a lot of other stories that follow a similar beat. The story of the Jungle Book happens to be one of our favourites, so when we heard that it was getting a slot adaptation, we jumped at the chance to not only play it, but to also review it for you all to see. The Jungle Book has inspired a lot of other forms of media to give it a go, this includes television shows as well as movies, but what this slot has is character, the same character that can be found in the book itself, thus making this a worthy adaptation.

Jungle Books is a 5 reel slot that is full of various additional features for you to pull focus from. These reels can move pretty fast, so having your wits about you is key, especially when you consider the fact that this slot takes place within a jungle, and that it is so easy for you to lose yourself to nature. This slot was released in September 2017, which makes it less than a year old, but in that time this slot has gone on to garner attention the likes you’d only come to expect from a developer the calibre of Yggdrasil. You can expect to see all of your favourite characters in this slot, including Baloo and Bagera. Watch out for Shere Khan the tiger and you should be alright. This is also a mobile optimised slot, allowing you to play this slot anywhere and at anytime you desire. Be sure to check out the rest of our review to find out more about Jungle Books!

Expectation vs Reality

We are massive fans of the original Jungle Book novel, so much so that we actually take offence whenever slots or other forms of media try to use its theme as a cash-grab without retaining certain elements from the original. Yggdrasil Gaming have managed to break the chain of disappointing titles with this slot, which is something we can’t thank them enough for. This slot has perfectly captured the same look and feel of the original book, which is what any fan of the original should be looking for. We can always put our trust in Yggdrasil, which is why they happen to be our favourite developer. These guys have taken a very simple concept and have expanded upon it for the entire world to see. If you love the Jungle Book and all of its crazy adventures, then you will no doubt love this slot.

About the Game

This slot was built using the latest game engine, which is the main reason why the graphics and gameplay run so smoothly. This is a 3D looking slot that has everything you need visually in order to be taken to a world outside of our own. This slot is set in the jungle, so you can expect to see a very lavish green-looking slot, with symbols all taking the shape of the characters from the book that you’ve come to know and love.

Each of these symbols offer something different when it comes to scores. The more extravagant the symbol looks the higher it scores, that’s the rule if you are ever going to play an online slot. Symbols are matched from left to right, and can be matched in groups of 3 and 5. Some symbols in this slot take the shape of various tropical fruits, which are probably owned by King Louie so be sure to pick them at your own risk.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

There are a handful of additional features here, each feature works in its own distinct way. Like in any online slot, these features will turn gameplay on its head. Some of these features might look similar to those found in other slots, but trust us when we tell you that Jungle Books takes them to places far greater than what you’re used to.

WILDS: Wild symbols are an online slot hallmark. Matching the wild symbols on the reels will substitute out all symbols but the scatter on the reels. This is a great way of racking up big scores from out of nowhere. Matching wilds in this slot will add multipliers to your scores also, making them a must for high scores.

FUSION REALMS: This slot has 5 different bonus features to pull from. All work in very distinct ways depending on what hand your dealt at the beginning of each spin. The different animals will offer something different, and will often weave in and out of one another on the reels for you enjoyment.

Hit or Miss?

Jungle Books is a must play for fans of the original book, so much so that we are putting this in our top 10 list of favourite slots. The gameplay is smooth, and the additional features all offer so much that it’s almost hard to not think that this is the best slot we’ve ever played. Play Jungle Books today!

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