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Knights Life

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Think Monty Python In Slot Form!

Arguably one of the easiest slots you’ll ever come across, that is the best way of describing Knights Life to anyone who is unsure of what to expect from this Merkur Gaming title. Knights Life can be played by novices of all ages (you’ll still need to be over 18 to play obviously), so come one come all! Come experience a slot that celebrates medieval times in a unique/compelling way, one that gets better with every passing spin; here at Cozino we got you covered with 1 free spin for each £1 you deposit – proudly claiming one of the best online casino bonus offers in the market.

Knights Life is a 5x5 sort os game, one that can be played from as little as 5p up to £10 depending on how you like to joust in your online slot titles. We should point out that this slot does have a 95% RTP percentage, so if you are questioning whether or not it’s for you, first think about the amount of money you could earn here from only a handful of spins!

If any of you out there are fans of simple slots — or games that depict classic medieval time — then you will find this slot is more than equipped to keep you entertained for hours on end! It might look basic — which it kind of is — but that isn’t to say that you can’t learn a little bit more about it, so why not go and read the rest of our written review below and learn something new, it could help you win big!

Merkur Gaming – The Developer of Knights Life slot game

A German developer with plenty of experience in the world of online slot gaming, to say the least. Merkur Gaming is as ruthless as they are compassionate, especially to the tens of thousands of players who experience their slots on a regular basis. As of 2019, this developer has well over 150 different slot titles for one to pick and choose from, slots that are all fantastic in their own unique/quirky way!

Merkur’s history goes all the way back to 1957, which is pretty crazy when you think about it! Developers like Merkur only come around once in a lifetime, so why waste time playing anything else when you can experience their games? We promise you that you’ll be more than entertained by what they have to offer you; there is a reason why they are one of the most reputable developers around today, ask anyone.

If ever in doubt for what to play next in the world of online slot gaming, one should always check out Merkur, for they have the ability to make you a lot of money! If you enjoyed Knights Life and want to keep the good times going, be sure to check out any of the following UK slot games — all games from the Merkur catalogue mind you:

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About the Bonus Features of Knights Life

Knights Life from Merkur Gaming is an interesting one, to say the least. This slot might be one of the most accessible games we’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Just looking at this slot tells you an awful lot about it before you even hit spin, so brace yourself since a lot of you will probably only play slots that look the part. Try not to write this slot off before you’ve even played it, as you never know, you might fall in love with what you do see/experience when spinning!

The first thing you’re going to need to do to play Knights Life is select your bet amount, you do this at the bottom of the screen using the appropriate arrow keys to pick your total. Once you are happy with your bet all you then need to do is hit spin and watch as the reels take on a life of their own! Need we remind you that this slot has a high RTP percentage, so playing on the highest amount will net you more money by proxy; just something to think about/mull over!

Impatient folk will find that the max bet button allows them to jump straight into the action without limitations. On the bottom of the screen is where you’ll find the autoplay button too. Autoplay is a great way of racking up scores relatively quickly too — and you don’t even have to play for it! Autoplay puts the computer in charge, the only difference is you get to keep all the earnings, which only spells victory for you doesn’t it!

Every symbol you see on the board is relatively easy to distinguish from the other. Since this slot is called Knights Life, you can expect to see various knights appear on the reels, each offering something different as far as scores are concerned. Each knight is represented via a different colour of some kind — some wear helmets, and others don’t too. On the reels, you’ll find various low-value symbols too, symbols that will help provide small boosts to your final total.

Bonus symbols in Knights Life are rather simplified, which if anything will make the game that much more rewarding since there isn’t a lot to get confused about as you play! The most common of all bonus icons here comes via the wild. Wild symbols will cause substitutions to occur on the reels, taking certain symbols and replacing them with scatters in an instant! Match the scatters that the wilds leave behind, and you’ll be given entry to the free spins round.

Free spins are great in their own right, as its during this round where you will be given a chance to utilise multipliers in your approach. Multipliers in any game are going to help you out since they will only amplify your scores depending on whatever your starting wager was. Again this falls under the playing for keeps mentality — in other words: play on a high amount and the money you earn will be a lot larger compared to smaller bets.