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Lightning Horseman

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The Headless Horseman Is On The Warpath Who Will Stop Him?

Tales of the Headless Horseman are terrifying, to say the least! This is a man that would torment villages for years — some say he’s still doing it now! If you are someone who enjoys a scary slot, then this one will definitely appeal to you for obvious reasons! Gothic slots like this have always appealed to the curious in all of us, although to some it has led to their doom (especially when it comes to the money department). Counter his attack by boosting your chances with a favourite online casino bonus.

Lightning Horseman from Lightning Box Games is a 5 reel by 40 payline game, one that promises nothing but jump-scares and good times! Experience the terrors from as little as 40p a spin all the way up to £200! Like other Lightning Box games, one can expect quite a few bonus features to streamline throughout the game, assisting players in earning the most cash possible with every passing spin! We should also mention the mega spins feature while we’re at it…

Be sure to check out the rest of the review below if you wish to learn more about this spooky slot! We do go into everything you can expect from this slot, allowing you to sense when a scare is coming. Trust us when we tell you that any info is good info when it comes to games like this, so what will it be?

Lightning Box Games – The Developer of Lightning Horseman slot game

When you have been in the industry for longer than a decade, players tend to look at you a little differently in more ways than one. Once you pass that 10-year mark, you are expected to put out nothing but top quality content. Otherwise, players will move on to someone else. Thankfully, Lightning Box Games change with the times, continuing a streak that has brought them nothing but success since 2004!

One thing you should know about these guys is that they take their craft very seriously, to the point where it’s actually scary to think about the sorts of games they could come out within the next couple of years! Based in Sydney, these Aussies pull no punches with every slot/game they proceed, which is why they have garnered such a reputation as one of the most skilled developers around!

If you found that you really enjoyed Lightning Horseman and would like to play something else from these guys, know that there is quite a lot on offer here. Finding the right Lightning Box casino slot game for you can take time; a feeling out process that will no doubt entertain you in some way or other! Here area few personal favourites from their catalogue that we think you will enjoy:

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And many, many more!

About the Bonus Features of Lightning Horseman

Lightning Horseman is one of the better games to come from the Lightning Box Games catalogue in quite some time, which is saying something since there are quite a few games we like from these guys, but Lightning Horseman ticks more boxes overall! Horror appears to be quite a popular theme in the world of online slot gaming, which is probably the reason why this slot has already started picking up steam as one of the best out right now!

To play Lightning Horseman, you will first need to place your bets. Bets can be set using the appropriate arrow keys to either increase/decrease your bet until you are happy with your offering. Bets are quite varied here as mentioned, allowing you to approach each game in your own way! Autoplay is available in Lightning Horseman too, which serves as a great way to earn cash without having to play for yourself!

Look on the reels, and you’ll find a mix of low and high-value symbols, low-value symbols appear in the form of A, K, Q, and J playing cards. Low-value symbols will help you in adding to your scores in small doses, whereas high scoring symbols, such as the black crows, haunted sheds and treasure chests will help you in earning the big bucks! Know that each high scoring symbol offers something different depending on the symbol and the number of symbols involved in the winning line.

The horseman himself serves as the games wild icon, matching him will cause certain symbols on the reels to be substituted, replaced with scatter icons in one swing! Wilds are very common here and finding 5 of them in the same line will award you 600x your initial stake which is pretty impressive when you think about it. Lightning bolt symbols are the games scatter icon, finding these will open up another level of gameplay that is sure to make you a lot of money.

Matching 6 or more of these lightning bolt symbols will net you respins, respins that will give you the chance to spin again, hopefully leading to victory the second time. If you are lucky enough to fill the entire screen with lightning bolts, then you are going to trigger the mega spins feature that we mentioned above. This bonus will grant access to jackpots and even more respins, so if you are playing this slot for monetary gain, know that this is the way to go!

There are multiple jackpots to chase in Lightning Horseman, which makes each turn different in some way or other. There are 4 tiers total, the highest tier will give you the chance to earn the most money possible, although it is a lot more uncommon than the other tiers in all honesty. Just remember, jackpots are only available during the mega reels feature and aren’t available anywhere else!