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Lightning Leopard

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So Fast He Creates Lightning Bolts In His Wake!

Nature-themed slots will always be a hit amongst online slot gamers, so much so that you can almost guarantee that they will still be here no matter how many years pass! In Lightning Leopard, you are given a chance to be left in complete awe amidst a snowy mountaintop of some kind, one that is home to a wide array of creatures — including a certain sparky snowcat that just wants to be left alone. Similarly, online casino bonuses are more and more common so make sure that you don’t miss out.

Lightning Box Games has always been incredibly imaginative when it comes to these sorts of games, so it’s good to see that trend continue here in this 5 reel by 40 payline game! Variety is the spice of life they say, which is probably why you can play Lightning Leopard from as little as 40p a spin up to £50! One of the greatest things about this slot, in particular, is the fact that it comes with multiple variations on a jackpot — so if you are someone who plays for monetary gain, know that there are multiple ways to earn big cash here.

Lightning Leopard has a few hidden tricks hidden in the mountains, which is why you should take the time to read the rest of our review below to make sure that you are staying ahead of the curve in every which way possible! We go into a lot of detail here so that you don’t have to flail around aimlessly!

Lightning Box Games – The Developer of Lightning Leopard slot game

Founded in 2004, developer Lightning Box Games aims to create online slot experiences that are second to none! These guys specialise in all sorts of games — most notably, games that allow you to play from a mobile phone. When you have been in business longer than a decade, you need to be able to change with the times like a chameleon, or risk falling behind and going out of business, just as Lightning Box, they wrote the book on changing their spots.

To pick one slot as the best out of their category would be a cruel thing indeed, since every slot/game they produce is masterfully done, allowing punters to enter worlds unlike their own and come away with quite a lot of coin! Their peers admire them, and still, they continue to push with new ideas/concepts; it goes without saying, but Lightning Box Games is one of the best developers around right now!

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About the Bonus Features of Lightning Leopard

On the surface, Lightning Leopard might just look like any standard slot, but that isn’t the case we promise you. It’s like we said before, this mountain has a few hidden tricks amidst the snow, tricks that are sure to make you a lot of money if you can take advantage of them often enough! Never judge a slot by its cover as the old saying goes, as it could cost you quite a lot of money in the process. Remember, Lightning Leopard has a high RTP percentage, which should tell you a lot right away!

The look and feel of this slot do look a little dated compared to other games in the Lightning Box catalogue, which might turn a few players away, but we like it. Slots don’t always have to look like oil paintings to be interesting — especially when they fill the reels with bonuses galore! Lightning Leopard takes place atop a snowy mountain, one that you must traverse to find the secrets that lie here.

Look on the reels, and you’ll find all sorts of symbols waiting for you. Every symbol presented here offers something different depending on the number of symbols involved in the winning line and the symbol itself. The Native American Woman is the highest scoring symbol on the board, paying out x7.5 your stake if you can find 5 of them in the same line. Be sure to look out for the snow leopard himself, since this is the chosen wild symbol.

Wilds are incredibly common in the world of online slot gaming, which isn’t to say that they aren’t powerful! Wild symbols will cause the reels to shockwave in ways you never knew were possible until now (matching 5 wilds on the same line will award you x15 of whatever your stake is)! Wilds substitute symbols, causing new ones to enter the fray. Scatter symbols are left behind thanks to the matching of wild symbols.

Matching the lightning bolt scatters will definitely help you out in more ways than one. Not only will you be granted a great boost to your scores, but you’ll be given access to the lightning re-spin feature to boot! This bonus will be triggered whenever you land 6 or more of the lightning bolt symbol on the reels at any time. Certain symbols will lock themselves in place as you spin here, which will prove very helpful for obvious reasons.

If you can find 15 lightning bolts on the reels at the same time — which is every space on the board — then you will be given access to yet another retriever that will flip the entire game on its head. The many jackpots in this slot appear only when taking advantage of the last two bonuses we mentioned, making it a lot harder to get into than one might expect. The grand jackpot is what you should be aiming at if you want to make the most cash possible here, just know that it isn’t as common as you’d think.