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Become the ninja you know you can be, all the while earning some very fun cash prizes!


Have any of you out there ever wondered what life might be like as a ninja? We have, and we’ve tried everything in our power to live like one. Our quest was a shallow one, until we discovered NinjaMaster, a slot that allows you to play out all of your deepest shuriken-filled fantasies from the comfort of your own home. Ninja Master is not like most of the ninja-themed slots you’ve experienced before, no not at all. These reels have been perfectly designed in order to provide players with the most memorable experiences possible. This is a 20 pay-line game that is played out across 5 reels. There are a tonne of additional features to this slot also that make it incredible worthwhile to experience first hand. We would always advise that players new to these types of slots play a couple of spins in order to see where it takes them NinjaMaster comes to you from developer SkillOnNet, a developer who dabble mostly in creating slots such as this one, the type of slot that is action-packed and is full to the brim of additional features that will help push your scores into the higher territories. Players who are looking for incentives to keep spinning will find that the jackpot of 1500 coins should be enough to get them salivating at the mouth. If any of you out there have never played an online slot for yourself, then we would suggest you read the rest of this review to see if anything stands out to you. There is a lot to get through so the more you know the better you will inevitably be when it comes to spinning time!

Expectation vs Reality

First impressions in online slots are everything, they can either make or break interest. In NinjaMaster’s case, we weren’t all that excited from what we initially saw. The look of this slot looked relatively generic and the gameplay didn’t really look all that appealing compared to other slots out there in the market that can arguably do it better. Our opinions quickly changed once we were deep into the gameplay. NinjaMaster is a very smooth and calculated slot that requires you at your best if you are ever going to come out on top with the highest possible scores, which in turn will lead you to the promised land of big cash pay-outs. Trust us when we tell you that this slot is a lot more fun once you have played it for yourself.

About the Game

As with any online slot, in order to begin one will need to select their minimum coin and bet sizes per line. In NinjaMaster coins per line can go between 1-5, with coin sizes being around 0.05 to 5. These offer great incentives for players to keep spinning those reels until they are ultimately dried out with all the action! NinjaMaster might not look all that fancy especially with the quite dull and dingy colours, but once you look past that you will find the beauty is within the gameplay and additional features, the likes of which we will get too in due time. The return to player percentage in this slot is around 95.05% which is incredibly generous to those who are looking to reap the financial rewards of this slot quickly without hesitation. You will require the reflexes of a ninja in this slot, which is why its name is so prominent, and is also why the word master is involved in the title. This is a 3D slot, meaning the graphics will move at a very fun and fast pace.

In order to win in this slot you will be needing to match symbols from the left to right of the screen. Combinations will pay-out differently depending on the symbols involved in the winning line as well as the amount of symbols that are included in the winning combination. Each symbol is clearly outlined by its shape on the reels, thus making it very easy for you to spot what symbol you want to match in the heat of gameplay. Symbols are made up of both low and high value symbols, with low value symbols taking the shape of various letters. High value symbols can be found in the form of fish and tablets, to name but a few. We would advise you look at the pay-table before spinning in order to pick out the symbols you want.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

NinjaMaster would not be one of the most popular online slots going today if it didn’t have any additional features that help bump it up. These features all change gameplay in some way, normally to the benefit of the player and their score. Some of these features will look familiar to veterans of the online slot gaming world, but to new players these can be a tad confusing at first.

RE-SPIN: A re-spin feature here allows you to simply do just that: re-spin. Once you have unlocked free re-spins from the matching of scatter symbols, you will then have the opportunity to re-spin your winnings with the chance of repeating the same victory.

WILDS: The NinjaMaster symbol himself is this slots chosen wild symbol, matching him in the same winning line will give the player the chance to substitute various symbols on the reels for the scatters. All symbols aside from the scatters are moved around in this feature.

DOUBLE ROUND: Matching certain symbols on the reels will grant players access into the double round, where players will be taken to an alternate screen where they must then locate certain symbols. These symbols have multipliers attached which will help build up those scores!

Hit or Miss?

Despite its shortcomings graphically, NinjaMaster is a very fun and enticing slot that is greater than the sum of its parts. With slots such as this one, we would always advise a few couple of spins to get a feel for it. From there you can put a higher amount down and try it a little more seriously. If you are yet to experience the power of NinjaMaster then what are you waiting for? These ninjas aren’t going to ninja themselves are they?

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