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Ninja Master

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Get Yourself Down To The Dojo For A Few Spins!

To become a ninja master, one must first master the art of online slot gaming, this much is true! Ninja Master Slots from developer SkillOnNet is by far one of the best martial arts themed games out right now, especially when combined with Cozino’s online casino bonuses! Think of this slot as a way of living out all of your wildest Karate Kid fantasies across some of the most challenging reels you’ll come across in any online title!

Ninja Master Slots is a 5 reel sort of challenge, one that plays across 20 paylines total — the paylines here aren’t adjustable. The RTP percentage of Ninja Master Slots is quite high at 95%, which does mean that you will earn a lot more money simply for playing the game as normal, so if you are the sort of player who likes betting big and winning big, then this is the slot to do it in for obvious reasons.

It’s quite strange to us that this sort of theme isn’t fleshed out more in the world of online slot gaming, but then again, they would have Ninja Master Slots to contend with which puts them at an automatic disadvantage. If you wish to learn more about this martial arts-themed slot title, then be sure to check out the rest of our review, you might learn a thing or two!

SkillOnNet - The developer of Ninja Master slot game

A purveyor in all sorts of games and experiences, allow us the pleasure to introduce to you SkillOnNet a very capable hand in the world of online gaming. These games have been honing their craft for the better part of a decade now, which should tell you an awful lot about the developer before you even play their games outright. If you are a fan of progressive online games, then this will be the developer for you.

SkillOnNet actually started out by making nothing but backgammon games, granted they were somewhat popular, but it was only when the developer started trying something new that they began picking up steam. Their goal at the end of the day is to entertain, which is something that we know they more than pull-off!

There are quite a few online games to choose from with SkillOnNet, which can make it somewhat difficult to find one that works for you, which is why we’ve gone to the trouble of picking out a few personal picks for you to check out. Each of these video slot games offers you something a bit different, so enjoy:

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And many, many more!

About the Bonus Features of Ninja Master Slots

You’ve heard of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, well with this slot you too can join them in legend! Ninja Master Slot is full of surprises and unique gameplay elements that all offer punters something fresh and original with every spin spun. If any of you have played a SkillOnNet title before then you should already know to expect the unexpected from Ninja Master Slot that’s for sure; just remember to focus, and you’ll be fine!

Let’s begin by talking about the look and feel of the slot in question. Not only does this slot have a really fun soundtrack, but the visuals are also top-notch — maybe one of the best looking slots we’ve played this year. Ninja Master Slot takes place within a dojo of some kind, one that has a very dimmed feel to it. Chinese lanterns hang from the right of the screen, all presenting multipliers available too.

Look on the left of the reels, and you’ll see a helpful ninja who’s here to assist you — since this is a video slot, you can expect the ninja to move and react differently depending on what you do on the board. Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt has something similar where a character stands to one side of the reels; it just goes to show that details like this are what punters are looking for in their online slot experiences.

To play this slot, you’ll first need to select your bets and coin amounts — keep in mind that once set, these amounts cannot be changed until after the reels have stopped spinning. Use the plus and minus keys to select your bet, once you’re happy all you then need to do is hit the spin button, and the game will commence. On the bottom of the screen is where you’ll find quite a few buttons come to think of it.

Ninja Master Slot does have an autoplay mode, which is probably what a lot of you out there were wondering. Autoplay is a feature that is included in pretty much every online slot game released nowadays, a feature that allows punters to select a number of games for the CPU to play for them, only they get to keep all earnings for themselves! Simply select the number of games you wish to spin and the amounts for each to utilise this feature.

If you are coming into Ninja Master Slot looking to make some serious coin, then you have come to the right place. This slot has various ways of earning money, depending on how you like to play. It goes without saying, but if you are chasing the highest of high scores, then you will want to be playing on the highest bet amounts possible to take advantage of the games high RTP percentage (the number we mentioned before).

Wild icons are the most common additional symbols found on the board, matching these symbols will cause the reels to rattle, replacing certain symbols on the board in one slice. The more wild symbols you can find as you play, the better off you’ll be in terms of your final score. Matching wilds will also give players access to free spins instantly too!

Free spins contain multipliers, this is why you should be looking to match wilds as often as possible. The number of wild icons you match will determine the amount of free spins you earn, so it really pays to pay attention! Again, utilising the games autoplay mode could take advantage of some of these bonuses, which could cause your scores to increase even more.