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Pink Elephants

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You Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up Even If You Tried!

Pink Elephants ladies and gentlemen, some called them fake, others believed but never actually saw one for themselves. Developer Thunderkick has gone and lifted the veil on these mysterious animals once and for all, and the result is something breathtaking! We will always flock to slots that try to do something different, and Pink Elephants is certainly something different, go ask the tens of thousands of people who have already played the game if you don’t believe us. Available on Cozino, you can also claim our top 2019 online casino bonus to try out this game.

Pink Elephants is a rare slot indeed, one that plays across 6 reels and comes with 4,096 different ways of winning! Not only can you experience this slot from the comfort of a desktop, but it is mobile compatible too, which means the fun can continue plodding on no matter where you are just as long as you have signal. Pink Elephants can be played from as little as 10p up to £100, which allows you to approach the game multiple ways outright!

Thunderkick is a developer that likes breaking taboos and general conventions, so if this is your first rodeo — or you are someone quite new to the world of online slot gaming — you might want to consider reading the rest of the review. We go into a lot of detail here, information that could prove extremely helpful in making you a lot of money in this slot!

Thunderkick – The Developer of Pink Elephants slot game

Known across the globe as one of the most influential developers in the world, Thunderkick is a name that if you didn’t know before, you should do now! Thunderkick has quite a few games in their catalogue at this point, games that all take punters places, whether that be in the middle of the desert, a jungle, or across the stars in outer space! Honestly, you are seriously missing out if you’ve never played a Thunderkick title before!

Established in 2012, Thunderkick has gone on from success story to success story, something that a lot of developers out there are chasing themselves, yet never seem to do it as well as these guys. Thunderkick began their journey as a leading name in the world of mobile gaming, but today they specialise in all sorts of enticing experiences that exist outside of a handheld device, now honing in on casino games in both Java and HTML5 forms.

If you’ve never played a Thunderkick game before then, we are just going to assume that you’ve been living under a rock! These guys make it their mission to bring players something memorable/rewarding. If you don’t know where to start, then allow us to step in — here are 3 of the top slot games from the Thunderkick catalogue that are worth checking out:


Carnival Queen

Rocket Fellas, Inc.

And many, many more!

About the Bonus Features of Pink Elephants

When playing this slot for ourselves, we donned a David Attenborough sort of voice, since the theme of the slot kind of called for it. You are going to have tonnes of fun in this slot, especially if you are someone who likes experiencing wacky titles that offer you something new to experience. The bonuses and overall gameplay in Pink Elephants are fantastic; definitely, a slot that you are going to want to come back to again and again; just remember, you aren’t a hunter in this slot!

In Pink Elephants you are a tourist on safari, on the search for a mysterious pink elephant by the name of Magic Peanut. You appear to be somewhere in the African desert, a place that looks to be scorching, so you best have some sun lotion on standby if you burn easily. There are plenty of bright and bold colours on offer in Pink Elephants, which does make you want just to sit and soak in the slot before you actually start spinning it properly!

To play Pink Elephants you first have to select a starting bet, you can set this at the bottom of the screen using the plus and minus symbols to lower and raise your bet as you see fit. Once you are happy with the amount presented simply hit spin and the reels will begin to move. Keep in mind that the more money you play with, the more money you’ll earn if you can successfully match symbols on the reels. Autoplay is an option too, which can be useful to newbies who might not be sure about what to do.

Autoplay is a feature found in most, if not every online slot you come across. In autoplay, you essentially hand over the controller to the games computer who will play for you for as long as you like. You get to keep everything the computer earns — the perfect bonus to take advantage of when at work, maybe? Autoplay can be stopped/started at any moment, so don’t go thinking that you are locked into a specific bet.

Expect to see a menagerie of different animals running around the reels here posing as symbols, Every animal here offers something different in terms of scores and appearances. Symbols are matched in a left to right orientation and can be grouped together in blocks of 3 or more! The pink elephant symbol is obviously the highest scoring symbol on the board, matching as many as 6 symbols can award you 100x your initial stake which is pretty high when you think about it!

Be on the lookout for the green peanut symbol, this is a mystery scatter, one that can trigger a mystery feature that comes with multipliers attached. This bonus is otherwise known as the free spins round in other Thunderkick games. The free spins bonus will award players multiple chances to utilise multipliers that will allow them to increase their scores tenfold! The amount of scatters you match will determine how many free bonus games you get to play with, so be sure to remain focused.