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Pirates Plenty

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We Hope You Aren’t Seasick Or Are Afraid Of Ghosts!

They say that parts of the ocean are indeed haunted, haunted by the spirits of fallen sailors/pirates, you know, those who have spent years on the high seas only to meet an untimely doom! Unfortunately for you, these ghosts are sitting on-top-of quite a lot of coin that is just sitting there waiting to be snatched from their cold, dead hands. Feeling up for it? Keep in mind that any bad spins could result in getting a couple of curses placed on your head — don’t say we didn’t warn you…Maybe claim first one of the best 2019 online casino bonus to add some protection.

Pirates Plenty is a 5 reel online slot sporting 3 rows and 20 fixed paylines total, an online slot coming from the Red Tiger Gaming camp. Red Tiger Gaming should require no formal introduction, especially to those who consider themselves avid online slot gamers. Fans of pirate-themed slots have probably already heard of this slot/played it for themselves, which is excellent as it means you already know how great Pirates Plenty is!

If you only just say stumbling into the dark waters of Pirates Plenty then we’d have to recommend you read the rest of the written review in full or risk joining Davy Jones’ locker — a place where a lot of lost souls end up. So what will it be? Are you to read on, or float to the bottom of the briny?

Red Tiger Gaming - The developer of Pirates Plenty slot game

A software house that has created some truly unforgettable online slot experiences over the past couple of years, ladies and gentlemen it’s Red Tiger Gaming. Founded in 2014, these guys have had more than their fair share of successes across countless online slot/casino titles, and they show no sign of slowing down — something that should be music to the ears of avid online slot players!

Almost every slot they produce has something new in it, whether that be visually or buried somewhere in the gameplay, this is what has established a worldwide audience, something that has eluded a lot of talented developers out there. Red Tiger Gaming is a force to be reckoned with that’s for sure; don’t believe us? Look at the hundreds of thousands who happen to play their slots regularly.

Red Tiger has quite a lot of interesting online slot game titles for you to check out right now, which can make it somewhat difficult to pick ones that appeal to you the most! This is why we have picked a few of our favourites for you to check out if you loved Pirates Plenty. So here you go, knock yourself out:

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About the Bonus Games of Pirates Plenty

Those of you who are fans of scary stories and anything to do with ghosts might want to leave Pirates Plenty by the wayside and play something else from Red Tiger Gaming… We’re obviously joking since slots aren’t out to spook you! They exist to make you as much money as possible, keeping punters entertained for hours on end. Pirates Plenty is a cartoon-looking slot for this reason alone, one that is full of enticing bonuses and even better visuals.

To play Pirates, Plenty one will first have to offer something up to these ghouls — in other words, place their bets. You select your offering by using the various arrow keys found at the bottom of the screen. Once you are happy with your selection, all you need to do then is hit spin and watch as the reels take on a life of their own. Those who wish to watch the action unfold simply can do so using the autoplay mode, one that is a staple of most Red Tiger Gaming titles.

Just looking at this slot tells you something, you are experiencing something different. This slot here takes place within the hull of some sort of ship — we are going to assume that it is a ghost ship we are playing in here. Everything is incredibly detailed, and does a great job in grabbing your attention with both hands and holding on to it for hours on end! Since this is a video slot, you can expect certain things to shift on the screen — such as the two oil lanterns you see.

So what can you expect in terms of symbols? Quite a lot actually, everything from gold coins to pirate skulls. Every symbol you see on the reels offers something different depending on the number of symbols you are involving in the same line. The gold coin that we just mentioned is the least scoring symbol on the board (unless you are the many low-value symbols you see on the board too). Be on the lookout for the monkey if you want to see some serious shifts in your scores.

There are quite a few wild symbols on the reels here, the kind of wilds that will help your scores fend off those pesky ghosts all the way to the bank! The pirate's monkey symbol will loot other symbols on the board when matched, the message in a bottle wild acts more like a traditional wild in that it will simply substitute symbols in one fell swoop — a symbol that will only appear during the base game. Players can earn a lot more wilds during the ocean spins round!

Ocean spins are essentially free spins, free spins will give players multipliers instantly, the kind that can cause you to earn a lot of money from only a couple of spins played! Be sure to unlock the treasure reel whenever you can too, a reel that is only unlocked through the matching of the various x marks the spot symbols that you see across the board. Unlocking the treasure reel will actually open you up to a lot more multipliers in turn which will only prove dividends to your final score.