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A miniature version of the desktop version that you know and love!


Launching yourself into space has never looked so good in the NetEnt developed mobile game: Starburst! This slot plays in a very similar way to it’s online slot counterpart, but remember that this is a mobile only version so there are a few changes in order to fit the mobile gaming model. The changes here are not too drastic that they might question why you are playing, not at all. If anything these changes offer variation to how you hope to play moving forwards. The original Starburst slot was a very popular slot indeed, bringing in players from all parts of the galaxy in order to experience this adventure. What this slot promises is a lot of what the original had, only a little bit more refined to fit its current setting. We would advise taking the time to play a few spins to get a hand of this mobile environment as it can be a little confusing at first.

StarburstMobile is a 5 reel by 10 pay-line slot, exactly the same as its desktop counterpart, giving players all the reason in the world to continue where they left off, especially if these people find themselves on the commute to and from work with no form of entertainment. In space no one can hear you scream, although you will find a way when you’re jumping for joy when spinning these reels (see not everything has to be bleak). The jewel symbols also make their grand return to this slot, giving players the chance to find and locate them on the reels for the chance to gain a very hefty cash bonus. Still itching to learn more about StarburstMobile? Be sure to check out the rest of our written review below, there’s still a lot to cover before you consider jumping in.

Expectation vs Reality

We went into this slot, after playing so many different NetEnt slots and playing the original Starburst (the desktop one). So we went into this slot expecting a similar if not better experience. What you can expect from StarburstMobile is a lot of the same, developer NetEnt have again gone above and beyond to best replicate the same emotions felt in the original, which is exactly what one should be expecting with this slot. StarburstMobile is a very good adapted mobile slot that is basically what we wanted from this slot. There was no need to try to deviate too far from the path, since this is a Starburst slot only on mobile. The graphics are crisp and the gameplay is as fluid as playing on desktop, don’t believe us? Play this slot and find out more.

About the Game

This slot is a very well-designed one, granted the template was already there in the other version but that doesn't always guarantee a good version. We would like to bring to everyones attention the great use of purples and golds against a black background. This makes the slot look very professionals well as inviting compared to the dull washed out colours of any other slot that you can find out in the market presently. NetEnt are very good at their job, which is why they are renown as one of the most reputable developers to date.

There is so much we could say about NetEnt but we cover them at the end of this review. Matching symbols on the reels still cause the screen to flurry in a variety of different coloured animations. Symbols are again matched from left to the right of the screen, with symbols on the reels all offering something different in terms of value. Bets again can be set from around 10p up to £100, even on mobile NetEnt are coming through with the great gameplay choices. The atmosphere in this slot is very well done, again the music and look of this slot do a great job in creating a sense of relaxing.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Basic gameplay is only heightened by the additional features that also make the transition into this mobile version. There are no additional free spins here, but there are still plenty of other features to keep you interested for hours on end; just make sure that you have plenty of charge in your phone. The features here will look familiar, as they can be found in many different online slots, but what they lack is style and StarburstMobile has that in droves.

EXPANDING WILDS: There are basic wilds here that will substitute the symbols on the reels, but there are also expanding wilds which will take up most of your phone screen if you happen to let them do their thing whenever matched on the reels.

RE-SPINNING WILDS: Matching wild symbols on reel 4 will allow you to re-spin the same spin for free, this is a great way of earning yet another victory at no additional cost.

JACKPOT: Looking for added incentive to keep playing? A 250 coin jackpot will see to that. Finding certain symbols in this slot will have the chance to unlock this jackpot. These symbols appear on the reels randomly, so don’t think that this is going to be easy.

Hit or Miss?

How many times can you say that you’ve managed to take a trip out into the stars from the comfort of your own mobile? Not that often we’re guessing, well in StarburstMobile you are given all the opportunities in the world to make your own adventures out in space. If you were a big fan of the desktop version and were looking to play this on the go, then you can rest easy knowing that there is a mobile version out there for you. Play StarburstMobile today!

Other Games by NetEnt

If you have every played an online slot before then you will have heard of NetEnt, and if you haven’t then allow us to educate you. NetEnt are one of the most popular online game developers going today, a reputation that they have earned through hard work and creativity. Not every developer will meet the benchmark that is NetEnt, but oh how they try. NetEnt’s slots have a tendency to be widely popular, no matter the theme, they are always going to attract players from near and far. Those looking for guaranteed experiences should always put their money on NetEnt, for all the reasons we’ve outlined in this text. NetEnt have so many different slots that it could take a while to pick your poison. We would personally recommend any of the following if you are looking for a certain NetEnt title:

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