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Super Graphics Lucky Cat

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Anyone Up For Some Anime-Inspired Spins?

Super Graphics Lucky Cats is a very difficult slot to describe on paper, if you want to get the best idea of what you can expect then we’d recommend you just take a look at some pictures of the game — or, you know, load it up and take a gander. Super Graphics Lucky Cats is a classic arcade-looking slot from the good folks over at Realistic Games, you know, the developer responsible for all of your favourite online games; yeah, that one! Available at Cozino, you can also claim their top online casino bonuses before you start betting.

Releasing earlier this year, Super Graphics Lucky Cats has already gone and established itself as one of the most popular games coming out of the Realistic Games catalogue, which is pretty impressive when you stop and think about the amount of competition there is out there. This is a 5 reel, by 3 row, by 20 payline sort of slot, one that has quite a few tricks hidden away just waiting for punters to find as they play.

If you are a fan of quirky games that have a lot of bright/interesting colours involved, then you will no doubt take to Super Graphics Lucky Cats for that reason alone. We can’t get enough of this slot for some reason — something that is incredibly surprising given how we never thought we’d enjoy this one when first looking at it. Be sure to check out the rest of our written review below to find out more!

Realistic Games - The developer of Super Graphics Lucky Cats slot game

An independent software developer known for countless online slot experiences, the kind that is said to be unforgettable; we’ve played some of them, they are. This UK-based developer is one of the most influential names in the industry right now, a developer that has plenty of ideas/concepts that are just waiting in the wings to come to fruition. If you’ve ever played their slots in the past, then you know that they are more than equipped to entertain you for hours on end.

One of the best things about these guys is their penchant for success and wanting to change with the times continually. A lot of developers out there are stubborn, which has only led to a string of bad luck as a result. Devs everywhere could learn an awful lot from Realistic Games, but then again, there are only one Realistic Games! They began their journey in 2002, and here we are in 2019 singing their praises.

If you want to know which are the best Realistic Games titles to check out, then you might be in for a long conversation. These guys have quite a lot video slots games to offer, which is why we have gone and selected a few at random for you to check out — each just as good as the slot we are reviewing for you. Here is our list:

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About the Bonus Features of Super Graphics Lucky Cats

Like we mentioned at the start of the review, Super Graphics Lucky Cats isn’t your typical online slot, this is something new, something that will surprise you in all sorts of unique ways. Realistic Games has really gone above and beyond to give punters something different to check out. We just wish that a lot of other developers out there would do something like this more often; take chances, because you never know when they’ll work out.

Let’s begin by looking at what Super Graphics Lucky Cats looks like. If you have sensitive vision, then we’d recommend playing this slot wearing sunglasses since the reels here are incredibly bright and bold. The colour scheme looks like something you might see in a sweet shop of some kind; sugary reels to satisfy a sweet tooth in other words! It looks like a classic arcade game, and it feels like one too given the soundtrack!

To play you’ll first need to settle on a starting bet, you do this at the bottom of the screen. As far as bets go, you have quite a diverse set of options. You see, bets in Super Graphics Lucky Cats can be placed as little as 2p a spin up to £100. We should point out that the RTP percentage of this particular slot stands tall at 95%, meaning it pays to bet a little higher if you care about earning the most money possible when playing with skin in the game.

So what can you expect to see on the reels? On the board, you’ll find a mix of low and high-value symbols, symbols that all take the shape of various fruits/anime characters. Each symbol offers something different in terms of the scores they represent. Keep in mind that some of these icons score a lot higher than others, so be sure to check out the paytable before you even think about spinning.

As far as bonuses go, don’t go expecting there to be a lot on offer here. The bonuses in Super Graphics Lucky Cats are limited yes, which if anything, should heighten your experience of playing since you are given a lot less to look out for, and can simply enjoy the slot in its current state without worry. Expect to see wilds, scatters and free spins to be the only things you have in terms of bonuses in-game.

Wild icons are the most common of all bonus icons, matching wild symbols will cause the board to alter itself in some way, replacing certain symbols on the board with the scatter symbols. Scatter symbols unlock free spins when matched, which is why so many players will chase wild symbols, to begin with since they cause more scatters to enter the fray. Free spins are valuable in that they come with multipliers, the sort of multipliers that can help increase your score tenfold!