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Tiki Fruits

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Come Taste The Fruits Of Your Labour!

In Tiki Fruits, you are the one in control. Tiki Fruits is a Polynesian-themed slot, one that takes you to a jolly island paradise where you are tasked with clustering as many winning symbols as possible with every spin! You read that correctly, Tiki Fruits is a cluster slot, an alternative to what you might be used to in the world of online slot gaming! If you’ve never experienced a cluster slot in the past, well, now’s your chance to try it out with one of our top online casino bonus offers.

Tiki Fruits plays out over 8 reels and is chocked full of bright/colourful surprises! Like we mentioned at the top of the review, this is a cluster slot, so there aren’t any paylines involved here, just reels and plenty of symbols to find as you play! Punters can experience this slot from as little as 20p a spin up to £40 depending on how they like to play! There is a real playful vibe to this slot, it makes you want to keep spinning over and over again!

There are certain elements to this slot that evoke the same sort of feelings that you might find in classic fruit slots; it’s something you’ll feel when you get around to playing this one for yourself! If you want to stay ahead of the curve, then we’d recommend you read the rest of the review below or risk missing out on certain features, etc., etc.…

Red Tiger Gaming – The Developer of Tiki Fruits slot game

Red Tiger Gaming is a developer on the rise, a developer that in just a couple of years has gone from success story to success story. Their HTML5 offerings have captivated audiences across the globe in more ways than one! Red Tiger Gaming is made up of a very tight-knit group of individuals, people who all share the same creative drive/spark that has led to countless unforgettable slot experiences!

These guys are an award-winning developer, one that has plenty of ideas that are just waiting to come to fruition. There aren’t a lot of award-winning developers out there, which should be even more of a reason to check these guys out! There are plenty of top online slots games to pick and choose from out of the Red Tiger Gaming library. If you enjoyed Tiki Fruits and would like to continue spinning then be sure to check out the following games:

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And many, many more!

About the Bonus Games of Viking Runecraft

Like we’ve already mentioned above, Viking Runecraft is the perfect amalgamation of all your favourite online MMO’s mixed into one! If you have played Runescape or World of Warcraft — and have a penchant for online slot experiences — then you will find that Viking Runecraft ticks a lot of boxes from the get-go! Fans of mythical slots will also find this slot highly entertaining too, so don’t go thinking you need to have experience in these other titles in order to play!

To play this adventure, you will first need to present an offering to the game, in other words: place your bets. Bets in Viking Runecraft can be placed from as little as 10p — the perfect amount for those who just like playing for fun/training. The most you can play with per spin is £100, which should appeal to those who like playing with big stakes in the game. Know that the more money you play with here, the more money you’ll ultimately earn, just try not to get carried away!

Look off in the background of this game, and you’ll find a series of icy mountains, a place where all sorts of creatures lurk, thankfully you’ve got friends here! On the right of the screen, you’ll find a norse warrior, someone who will move as the game carries on. If you learn victories on the reels then he will appear a lot more joyful than his current brooding demeanour — if you have played Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt before then, you’ll already have an idea on how this bloke operates.

Symbols in Viking Runecraft are varied, to say the least, symbols that do offer punters something different when it comes to scores. You’ll find a mix of low and high-value symbols on these reels, a mix that is sure to help you in earning some of the most money you’ve ever seen in an online game before. Axes, hammers, necklaces, and helmets are all high-value symbols found here. Be on the look-out for the character symbols when playing, as it’s these symbols which come with bonuses!

Each of these character symbols serve as different wild symbols, symbols that will react differently whenever players enter the gift of the god's feature. Wilds generally will substitute symbols across the board, adding scatters to the fray. The overall goal in Viking Runecraft is to discover 4 gods who will make themselves known if you are able to match certain symbols during the run of play.

The aforementioned gift of the god's feature is one that activates on random, a feature that will create even more wild symbols, this time in the form of some of the gods we touched upon above. Each wild reacts just a little differently, which can confuse you at first — the best advice we can give is to be patient and wait as everything comes to you simply. Viking Runecraft is a cascading slot game, meaning symbols will drop in place rather than simply appear; honestly, everything about this slot is breathtaking!