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Vikings Go To Hell

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Vikings Meets Doom, What’s Not To Love?

Any fans of the Vikings Go series will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a new edition to the franchise, one that burns with hellfire and brimstone in many ways than one! It appears that our Viking friends have been pillaging a little too much lately since they’ve earned themselves a ticket straight to hell (let this slot exist as a warning to any of you with anger problems). Honestly, before we get into anything else about this one, know that if you liked the previous games, you are going to love this one too! Available at Cozino you can also grasp the online casino bonus available on our site to boost your winning chances.

Vikings Go To Hell is a 5 reel by 25 payline slot, one that you can play from as little as 10p up to around £100 per spin! Yggdrasil Gaming is the developer mastermind behind this one — the same dev behind the previous iterations in the franchise too. If you enjoy nordic-themed slots — or games that are gritty in general — then be sure to give this slot a shot. Expect free spins, exclusive bonuses and so much more from Vikings Go To Hell!

Like the other Vikings Go games, there is quite a lot to get into, so if you do want to go into this slot with no surprises, then be sure to check out the rest of our written review below! As we said, there are bonuses here that are exclusive to this slot, and having any info on them is going to help you out in some way, right?

Yggdrasil Gaming – The Developer of Vikings Go To Hell slot game

Malta’s Yggdrasil Gaming is one of the most popular developers going today, a developer that has worked very hard over the past couple of years to bring nothing but unforgettable experiences to the world and beyond! Founded in 2013 by Fredrik Elmqvist, a name you might recognise as the former CEO of Net Entertainment. Fredrik’s vision was to create incredibly immersive games, and we have to say that he’s definitely done that.

Yggdrasil has quite a few games in their catalogue, games that are as immersive as they are fun. HTML5 code is used in every new game they put out, something that most heavyweight developers do. Vikings Go To Hell is but one example of how far their talents can take them, where they go in the next couple of years will be interesting, to say the least!

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About the Bonus Features of Vikings Go To Hell

Vikings Go To Hell is just as bloodthirsty as the other slots in the series, if not more if such a thing was possible! Demons have now joined the game, which does sound frightening at first, but the Vikings Go series has always used graphic novel esque graphics in its appearance — so it isn’t all blood and guts, it’s very clean with an emphasis on immersion. Some of the bonuses from the previous games have also made the jump to this slot too, which should please the Vikings Go fanatics out there!

The visual elements from the previous games make a return here, dark blues and moody tones can be felt throughout no matter how many spins you partake in. Since this slot does take place in hell, you can expect to see flames and other hellish elements make an appearance here as you play. At the top of the screen, you’ll find an old face looking back at you as you play too; a possible ally to help you face the new dangers you face perhaps?

To start the game, you will first need to select your bet amount, or offering to the game. Bets will change the way you look at each spin, so make sure that you are paying attention as the more money you play with, the more you’ll earn (money that you could lose too). Use the arrow keys at the bottom of the reels to increase/decrease your bet until you’re happy. If this is your first rodeo, then we’d suggest you play on a low amount to get a feel for the game before stepping up.

One of the major highlights of Vikings Go To Hell comes via the rage collection feature, a feature that will collect points as you spin, filling a meter up in the process. At the start of each spin, you will begin with 150 rage points — keep in mind that these points are progressive and will carry across multiple games no matter what. You earn more points whenever you find certain symbols on the board!

Wild symbols are incredibly common here, symbols that will allow you to substitute symbols in one fell swoop by simply matching them. Wilds will lead to scatter symbols, and matching the scatters the gateway to earning free spins in return! Free spins are one of the easiest bonuses to get the hang of, a bonus that will give you multipliers that all have the ability to turn good scores into legendary scores!

Be on the lookout for treasure chest symbols on reel 5 exclusively, since it’s these symbols that will reward players . This tablet can net you 60 rage points if you are able to find all 4 vikings. Not only that, but finding this tablet can grant you up to 120x your initial stake — finding this bonus on a high bet will make you a lot of money, but we didn’t need to tell you that did we?

This tablet comes with a seemingly endless list of bonuses too, the kind that will help your financial standing as you play. Know that the tablet can award players with free spins outside of scatter symbols too! Just remember, if you are going for the highest of high scores in Vikings Go To Hell, then you should be looking to utilise as many free spins as humanly possible, or sizzle in the burning pit of hell, your choice…