Wish Upon A Jackpot

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Wishing on jackpots isn’t really going to get you anywhere, you will need to put the effort in if you wanna win big!


If any of you out there are big fans of anything and everything Disney, then you might find that Wish Upon a Jackpot is your cup of tea. Everything about this slot is on the whimsical side, from the bright and bold colours, to the graphical choices made, everything has a job in pushing players towards this theme. If you enjoy fairies and everything that they stand for then you might have found the perfect online slot for you. This is a Blueprint Gaming slot, meaning there is many avenues for one to find success in small spaces (literally if you count this slot). Although these characters are small, this does not then mean that the characters are not larger than life. Wish Upon a Jackpot encourages players form their own wishes across the reels, wishes surrounding big pay-outs and things of that nature. We can’t stress enough how imaginative this slot is, you will have to play it for yourself in order to see where it takes you.

Like many slots in the Blueprint Gaming format, this is a 5 reel by 20 pay-line kind of game, where players are tasked with finding various fairy symbols on a very magical lot of reels. We would advise one try out any of the other Blueprint Gaming titles, many of them play the same but the themes that they carry seem to be quite diverse, often rising to the occasion depending on what is asked of them. This is one of the telltale signs of a good developer, the type of developer who clearly know what their audience expects of them. This should tell you a lot about this slot before we’ve even gotten into the nitty gritty of what to expect in this slot. If you still find yourself un-convinced, then we advise you read on, below you’ll find all the information you need in order to find your way.

Expectation vs Reality

First impressions can make or break an online slot. There will be those of you out there that take one look at the fairies and will want to turn your computer off. To those people we say why? Why when this is an incredibly well-thought out slot that takes a theme and runs with it. It could have been very easy for the developer to make a Tinker Bell slot and change a few things in order to appear more original. Blueprint Gaming have once again gone above and beyond to offer players a very satisfying experience. Some developers are so torn in their ways that they can lose sight of what’s important. Blueprint always have the gamer in mind, which is why this slot exists, and is why it is one of the most played slots going today.

About the Game

The reels here are expertly crafted if you don’t mind us saying, the very heavy nature feel works well in creating interest from players everywhere. In terms of specifics, there isn’t a lot in this slot that is different to any other Blueprint Gaming slot you’ve played before. Symbols are matched in the left to right orientation once again, and each symbol on the board has a different score depending on however many of those symbols you can implement within those winning pay-lines. Each and every symbol in Wish Upon a Jackpot is represented by a different fable character, each successful combination will emote something different via animations that are very well produced and are very crisp. We would always encourage players to familiarise themselves with the pay-table, doing so will make it a lot easier to sift through the symbols on the reels in order to identify which are the more valuable ones, and can ultimately make you the most money. The frog prince symbol will pay-out 500 coins when used within the winning line, which is one of the higher scoring symbols on the board.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Seeing as this slot lives within a fantasy realm, you can imagine that all of the additional bonus games and features are quite creative too, and well you’d be right in thinking that to be honest. All of the additional bonus games and features work towards building interest in playing more spins on these reels, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering the fun there it to be had in this slot to begin with. Some of these features might look similar to those found in other slots, but trust us, in this slot, anything is possible…

FAIRY GODMOTHER BONUS: At random intervals during gameplay, the fairy godmother will appear to cause havoc on the reels. The fairy godmother feature will place pink orbs on the reels that when matched, will unlock one of 5 different bonuses all of which happen to be based on a different fable.

PUSS IN WILDS BONUS: This bonus is triggered through the fairy godmother, and will see that various wilds will fill the screen, giving you plenty of opportunities to match them. There are actually multiple different wild-themed bonuses you can get yourself into, such as ’Pinocchio Wilds’ and ‘Wild Reels’.

Hit or Miss?

Wish Upon a Jackpot allows you to live within all your wildest fantasies whilst coming out with very generous cash pay-outs. Who wouldn’t want this? Play now.

Other Games by Blueprint Gaming

You’d think that with a name like Blueprint Gaming you’d get the most thought-out slots going, and you’d be correct in thinking that. Blueprint Gaming are amongst the most creative developers going today, and this is not without hard work and dedication. With every release comes the anticipation of what comes next. Blueprint Gaming’s touch can be seen through many online slots that aren’t even from the same developer. They are trend-setters, and have clearly proven themselves worthy of your time and your money with each and every release.  If you are looking for a reputable developer who clearly have a great interest in their work then why not give them a shot? Games in their catalogue include:

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