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Online Casino 2021 – Play UK Casino Games

Howdy y’all, and welcome to Cozino – the wildest casino in the West. Buckle up and prepare for a barn-stormin’ casino experience like no other.

Here at Cozino, we’ve got all the best casino games (live or not!) and promotions than you can shake a stick at. There’s so much choice over here, you’ll be swimming in it.

So, quit barkin’ at a knot and come on into Cozino!

Promotions & Offers at Cozino

We wouldn’t be a good casino if we didn’t reward you for your loyalty now, would we? That’s why right here at Cozino, we’ve got one heck of a welcome bonus to thank you for choosing us, as well as our VIP Casino Saloon for the players who stick around a little while. What more could you want!?

Casino Welcome Bonus

Here at Cozino, we’re offering up a huge 100% deposit bonus up to a whole £50! This means, if you put down a deposit of £50, we’ll give you an extra £50 on top of that, to spend on any casino game in the whole entire casino. That’s enough of a bonus to turn the hardiest of eyes.

On top of that, you’ll get 10 free spins to play on some of the hottest slot games in the world right now.

Plus, we can guarantee that we will verify your account within just 24 hours so you can access our promotions.

Cozino’s VIP Casino Saloon

Stick around for a while at Cozino and the rewards will keep on flowing, courtesy of our exclusive club, the VIP Casino Saloon. Here, you’ll get ahold of a tonne of free bonuses as you move up the ranks of Platinum, Diamond and Red Diamond, just for playing our casino games.

But the fun of Cozino’s VIP Casino Saloon doesn’t simply stop there, oh no. You’ll get your very own, personal, VIP Account Manager who will make hella sure that everything runs smoothly with your club membership.

Being part of the club means exclusive privileges, and that’s why us here at Cozino will be regularly inviting you to the most elaborate events in Wild Wild West casino, and we’ll be sure to let you know about all the best bonus offers that you can take advantage of. Give yourself the one-up to win some gold with Cozino’s VIP Casino Saloon!

Online Casino Games Available

With over 3000 casino games to the good name of Cozino, it’s fair to say that we are one of the most populated casino sites across not only the West, but the whole world!

What do you love the most? Slots catch your eye? Bingo gets you excited? The spin of the roulette wheel fires you up? Well, fear not. At Cozino, we got all o’ that and then some.

Not only does Cozino have a whole tonne of online casino games just waiting to be played, but the casino games we have under our belts and in our holsters are some of the very best in the business. It’s safe to say that we stay on top when it comes to our choice of online casino games, so you’re not going to be missing out if you stick with us to find your games.

Live Dealer Casino

Cozino specialises in Live Casino. Why? Cos it’s great, that’s why! You can play along with real life bingo callers, roulette table spinners and blackjack dealers all from the comfort of your own home, or on your mobile phone while you’re out on the go, provided that you have a stable internet connection and a device that can handle the ULTIMATE power of the graphics that we have to offer in our casino games.

That’s not to say we don’t do non-live casino real good too, though. As we say, we got some of the finest slot games a man can play, so don’t miss out on checking those out with us today.

Strategies to Win at an Online Casino

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of online casino. Are there better ways to play than others, in order to maximise your chances of winning some of that gold? Well, sure there are! Of course, there is no sure-fire way to max out the wins all of the time, as is the nature of the games that we’re playing, but we can absolutely follow some simple tactics to make the most out of things.

The advice that we can give you is to not skip from game to game too much, as a lot of games, particularly bingo, will reward loyalty (just like we do here at Cozino, funnily enough!). That being said, it’s still good to be able to refresh once in a while, as playing the very same casino game for too long can absolutely get a little boring after a while.

On top of this, we would always recommend playing games with a decent RTP. For slots, in particular, a decent RTP comes in at around 96% whereas with bingo, the RTP is likely to be south of 90%.

Don’t worry though… we make sure at Cozino that we only pick the best games for y’all to play, whether it be slots, bingo or something else. So in that sense, the best piece of advice that we can give ya today is to just play your casino right here at Cozino!

Mobile Casino

What if we were to tell you that not just a few, yet all of our casino games are available to play on your mobile phone. You’d be swept off your feet, wouldn’t you? Well strap in, as it’s true. You got yourself a decent smartphone, partner? Cos you can use it on every single one of the games right here at Cozino. Don’t mention it…

Casino Deposits & Withdrawals Online

The team here at Cozino feel that you should have as many ways as possible to be able to deposit and withdraw on online casino games, so that you can decide which method is going to be the most convenient and effective for your own style of money handling.

That’s why we have just about every method of deposit or withdrawal under the sun available to use at our site. PayPal? Check. Mastercard and VISA? We got you. Skrill? Don’t even worry about it! And those three are just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also got all of the following, that you can use to your heart’s content:

  • NetEller
  • MuchBetter
  • Paysafe Card
  • Sofort
  • Fast Bank Transfer
  • AstroPay
  • Instant Payments from Citadel
  • Eco Voucher

What more could you possibly want? We sure as heck make it as easy as you like. Just make sure you allow up to 72 hours for the funds to be available in your own bank accounts after you request a withdrawal.

What’s more, being a part of the awesome VIP Casino Saloon at Cozino will allow you to be able to take advantage of early withdrawals, and faster ones, if possible at any time. If you’re the impatient type, who wants their cash when they win their cash (why would you not, folks?), then get on board with the mighty VIP Casino Saloon to get the best out of this.

Always Gamble Responsibly

If you find yourself in a hole, the best thing to do is to stop digging. A wise cowboy once said that, and it reigns just as true as ever in this day ’n’ age. When you stop having fun, take a break. That’s one of the most important rules of gambling full stop and here at Cozino, we endorse this as much as the next man.

So, remember, don’t let your yearnings get ahead of your earnings too much. If y’all need some help with that, you can take advantage of the safer gambling tools that we have available here at Cozino. We can set up a notification system to stop you from spending any more cash than you would have wanted to, so if you are the impulsive type of player, you might wanna think about setting this up for yourself. It’s real easy!

Did you know this about Online Casinos UK? (FAQs)

Below, we are addressing the most important questions that we receive from our players, all related to UK casino sites.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Back in the Wild West, the casino business was filled with crooks. But that don’t fly no more! There is an awful lot of security on the internet, and thanks to the likes of the UK Gambling Commission staying on top of all gambling-related activity, it is near-on impossible to rig an online casino game of any variety.

But what exactly do we mean by a ‘rig’? Well, back in the days of old, the crooks who owned the casinos would make it real difficult to win casino games, particularly slots, as they would manipulate the mechanisms of them so that they never paid out. Sneaky, right?

Sure, it could be possible to do this with an online slot game as well, but each slot that comes into the business is carefully scrutinised by a crack team who make sure that everything is running smoothly and legitimately. A random number generator is apparent on all games offered through legal casinos, ensuring fairness and transparency for players.

And if they don’t pass the test, the guys who made them are going to find themselves in a whole lot of hot water…

Can I Win Real Money at an Online Casino?

Remember, money is never a guarantee in any casino, and that is, of course, the case at Cozino too. So play within your limits, and make sure that you’re doing it for the fun rather than for a real source of income – it just ain’t reliable enough for that, as much as we love it!

Are the Casino Bonuses Legit?

At Cozino casino site, we pride ourselves in our wild casino bonuses. That involves both our welcome bonuses and our barnstormin’ VIP membership club. In fact, they’re so heckin’ good that a lot of folks wonder if they’re too good to be true.

The short answer is, of course they’re not! Our casino bonuses are as real as they can be. The only thing else we have to say on that short matter is that we thoroughly recommend checking out the terms and conditions for our bonuses, just so that you can make sure that you’re on the same page, and that you understand what you’re getting and what you gotta do to get it.

How do I Know that a Casino Site is Safe?

All good casino sites will be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. Take it as a sign of safety. When you see that a site is regulated by those guys, you can pretty much assume that you’re going to be in the clear. Of course, Cozino has the seal of approval, as we do our business as legitimately as can be!

Which Online Casino Game has the Best Odds?

New to the world of online casino, or bored of the game that you’ve been playing for donkeys’ years? Maybe it’s time to try something new, and a good place to start is a game that gives back good returns.

In online casino, the game that offers the best odds to players is slots. The Return to Player percentage here is usually around the 96% mark, just like we talked about earlier on. Still, there are some casino games variants that have even lower house edge, such as classic blackjack.

See y’all at Cozino soon!


VIP account management benefits are subject to initial and regular assessment of your financial circumstances.

Best Casino Slots & Developers 2021

With 3000+ online casino games to choose from it can often be hard making that tough decision on which games to play first or which of our newer games you want to try your hand at. So, if ya’ll just happen to be a tenderfoot we’ve listed some of our best slots and developers below to get this hoedown underway!

Casino Games

Casino Developers

  • Eyecon
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Yggdrasil
  • NextGen

Our Payment Methods offers a range of payment methods to ensure that we can satisfy all our customers payment preferences.

We accept the following here in the wild west: