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Best Online Casino: Games and Tips to Consider


‘Which is the best online casino game?’: this is definitely a question we get asked a lot. The answer to this question will, of course, vary (boring answer, we know) depending on the sort of player you are, and what you like. Maybe you have stumbled across this article looking for advice, well, you have come to the right place. We have been in the world of gaming/gambling for as long as we can remember, and in this article,  we want to share our wealth of knowledge with you.

At the moment there are hundreds, if not thousands, of casino sites out there. This makes it a lot harder for punters to find a site that they like, but isn’t that just part of the fun? Most sites feel the same as others you might come across. For example, the welcome bonus promotions tend to be incredibly similar. Some enjoy the art style of certain sites, and there’s plenty of those around, that’s for sure!

The best advice we can give you is to not rush into it, finding your perfect online gaming site will take time, and it will take patience. It took us a couple of years before we settled on a few different sites; the length of time obviously varies, but you get the point. We’re going to cover quite a lot of topics in this article. Hopefully, it will be encouraging for new players who want to experience something fresh and interesting! Now, let’s get into it! Ah, and don’t forget that not all casinos have online jackpot games, so be careful if you are after these in specific.


The UK loves their online casinos that’s for sure, especially if stats and figures are anything to go by. A lot of the more famous developers hail from the UK, which has got to say something, right? Online gaming has been around for quite a while now, and there have been advancements in technology which continue to take the industry further across the globe. The UK (and to a lesser extent the US) is one of the founding fathers of this industry, and to that, we are forever grateful.

There’s plenty of sites to choose from as far as the UK is concerned. Some examples include: 666Casino, Thorslots, Umbingo, Cozino: Saloon Casino, Wizard Slots, Slots Mobster and Dream Jackpot are but a few that you might have already heard of. Each of these sites offers something different. This includes the games they promote, as some specialise in better areas than others. For example, those wanting to play table-based games will find that Cozino is far more equipped than Wizard Slots.

Casino sites tend to be quite stacked in terms of what they have on offer for players. Video slot games, table games, scratch cards and much, much more! Look on the front page of these sites, and you’ll find featured games, the sorts of games that the site thinks are worthy of your time and your money. If you’re chasing games for money and money only, try out some of the jackpot-specific games here, they’ll keep you on your toes!

Keep in mind that most of the time it’s the games found on these sites that dictate the best payouts. RTP (return to player) percentages is what you should be on the lookout for.

RTP is very important — especially if you play for monetary gain exclusively. Say a casino offers an RTP percentage of 94%, that would then mean that for every £100 wagered players would then earn £94 back. Dunder Casino offers players 97.85% in pay-outs, which is the best you’ll find right now in all honesty.

Some sites will offer greater welcome bonuses (Mega Reel for example), meaning you will be given a lot more leeway when it comes to making money for the first couple of turns on specific games featured.


Are you a fan of card games? Well, you’ve got to try the online versions of some of your favourite games. Poker and blackjack games are some of the most played games to this day! Not only that, but there are multiple variations/versions that you can choose from too. There’s honestly quite a lot going on in terms of themes and styles; want to play a game classic poker? Visit some of these sites and do just that.

Some of these card games are incredibly realistic, making it even harder to work out the real from the fake. Online variations of some of your favourite card games can be played at any time and practically anywhere — including on your mobile phone, in some cases, which is great for players who are on the go!

To play these games, you are required to set up your games a little differently. Rather than communicate with a dealer of some kind, you will need to use arrow keys to select bets and selecting other options. You’ll be playing against CPU opponents in most games you come across which is also quite strange, to begin with, if this is your first rodeo playing online.


Arguably the most popular game on these sites are the many online roulette games that players have access to. Like online card games, online roulette takes players into a very realistic environment where they can win boat-loads of cash rather easily, all they need do is be willing to check it out!

To know how online roulette is played, you should first know how regular roulette is played. Now, there is two versions of the classic roulette game: French and American variants. Both versions play incredibly similar to one another, so try not to get too distracted by their differences. Roulette plays with 36 numbers in total and a roulette wheel. A dealer will take bets on the numbers before spinning a white ball around the wheel — bet successfully, and you win!

Online roulette is pretty much identical to that with a few changes here and there to make it more of an online experience. For example, normally between turns, there is a certain time limit in effect, those that don’t bet within that allotted time don’t get to play, whereas in some of these online versions you have all the time in the world between rounds, since you’re playing against the computer.

One of the best things about online roulette is, more than any other online game, you’re the one in control, and you’re the one that has the chance to play whenever you feel like it! Newbies will find that using a games autoplay mode is great at studying roulette — or any other game played. All you need to do is select the number of games you want to be played and for how much, then hit play.

Those of you looking to try something a lot more rewarding might find that the live roulette games are for you. Live roulette is very similar to the online version, the only difference is you play against/with human dealers and other human players! You’re essentially streaming a game of roulette while also being involved in the outcomes.

Live roulette is the future guys, which is why most casino sites right now have their own variation of the game for punters to play. You’ll find different dealers on the screen during different times of the day. This is a very interactive version of roulette, one that actually displays odds, and whatnot, as you play, which should only enhance your enjoyment of it, tenfold!


Casino games are always going to be popular no matter what, they’ve been around too long not to be. Online versions of these games expose them to younger generations who want to relive the fast-living gambling lifestyle but in a more modern format. Most people can’t afford trips to Vegas anymore, so playing these games from the comfort of their own home is the next best thing.

Casino games are always pretty varied on these sites, although some like to offer a lot more than others. What we mean is that some sites might only have one or two blackjack games on offer, whereas another might have half a dozen! This is why we always recommend you have a site in mind when you want to kick back and relax for a little while.

Speaking of blackjack, it appears to be quite popular at the moment, as is roulette — although you could make a case that all casino games right now are very popular given the attention that these sites have been getting as of late. Across the board, developers are seeing a record number of players entering their games for the very first time (especially in the 18-24 market). It’s never been a better time to experience these games for yourself.


When you gamble and win you feel great, everyone who’s ever played a casino game and has come out victorious will tell you the same thing. Sometimes it can be difficult to draw yourself back when you’re on a losing streak, this can be worrisome for a lot of reasons. Gambling can be an addiction to a lot of people out there, which is why it’s best to nip it in the bud as soon as possible if you’re starting to neglect other things in your life for just one more turn.

Look on any reputable online casino site and you’ll find a section that talks about responsible gaming. Sites advise that when the fun stops, stop, a very simple and easy message to remember. We play these games to escape from certain standings in life, but that doesn’t mean you should disconnect from everything else around you.

By law, regulators and sites work side by side to make sure that players aren’t being taken advantage of in an attempt to limit addictions to gambling. If you were to ever set up an online casino site of your own, you’d have to follow strict guidelines in what you can/can’t do as a business. Gambling can change lives, but not always for the better.

Think about the amount of money and hardship you’ll save by backing away every now and again. We understand that you feel like your next bet will lead to a win, but how do you know that, truly? Identifying any habits in behaviour is the first step in looking inward to look at any problems you might have. There are a few things you can do if you’re not too sure:

  • Self Assessment Test: A very simple test that you can take that looks at your gambling habits and tells you what you can do to help address your problems before they get out of hand. These tests are anonymous in nature, so feel free to be as open or as honest as you like.
  • Reality Check Mode: A few sites do this (Unibet especially), a mode that tells you how long you’ve been playing a certain game for. These pop-ups will also contain info on your current win/loss record too.
  • Deposit Limit: Take a look at how much money you’re spending on these sorts of games. If the amount shown is too high, then you should set a deposit limit. Remember that these games are meant to be fun and not to be taken too seriously.
  • Exclusion Blocks: Want to take a break for a while but don’t trust yourself? Block yourself and your card for up to 6 months on the site; out of sight out of mind, it’s good for recouping.