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Blackjack Strategy Charts and Card Counting

Blackjack Strategy Charts and Card Counting

Blackjack players across the globe have spent their lives honing their skills on traditional casino tables or online – like the ones offered on cozino. Some say that many players are meditating up the in mountains just to count cards, doing anything to get better. Becoming efficient in blackjack is difficult but not impossible, especially if you are using a strategy. Today we’re going to be identifying some of the best ways you can play, and ultimately win.However, if strategic games is not your think you should check out some of the best slot games instead.

Some of the strategies we’re going to outline here are harder to execute than others. It might take some time for you to get the hang it. You have to think on the fly, play the game and keep track of everything that’s going on. Keep in mind that some of the following strategies are frowned on by certain institutions, so try them at your own risk.

There’s a lot of techniques out there to pick and choose from, suited to any playing style: from novices to veterans. Finding what works for you comes down to trial and error  — we’re all wired differently. So try not to panic if none of what we suggest here is to your liking.

The best thing about these strategies is that they can be modified to fit how you play, at least in the early stages. If you’re able to pull off these strategies successfully, then we see no reason for you not to reach success just as quickly. Just remember, practice makes perfect with these strategies; if you find yourself picking up these stuff quickly then consider trying out online roulette as well.


The answer to the question ‘which is the best blackjack strategy?’ will differ from person to person depending on who you ask. Novice players might suggest you make small bets and try to play the game in its basic state. There’s nothing wrong with this strategy if you like to play for fun, but if you play to win and to make money, then you should try counting cards. Now, counting cards is highly illegal in the world of blackjack, so count stealthily

This strategy is foolproof if you can successfully navigate the waters. Counting cards is almost like you’re juggling plates. You have to simultaneously play the game while not making it obvious that you’re counting cards. You Blackjack Table and Dealer photowon’t be able to count every card on the board instantly, no, this is going to take time to master, even years in some cases.

‘So what’s the benefits of counting cards’ we hear you ask. Well basically, counting cards allow you to predict the outcome of a game of Blackjack.  When we put it like that it might be hard to understand why it’s considered illegal. Casinos don’t allow this technique to be used at the table for a reason, and that’s because they’d lose money, and it puts you at an unfair advantage.

When counting cards, you want to be keeping track of the jackets presented on the cards as well as the numbers. There are only four cards in the same jacket, this makes it a lot easier to create a mental inventory of the cards presented when you think about it. Beginners should try to count cards in one jacket only and work their way up, trying to count all the cards as a novice will only cost you money.

Counting cards requires nothing but your undivided attention. If you lose count of the cards or your mind goes blank the game won’t wait for you — this is why we used the spinning plates analogy before. If your mind is prone to wandering, you might want to look for another strategy because this one probably isn’t for you. Roulette strategies like counting cards require respect, so be prepared or don’t bother.

Here’s a little tip for you: instead of trying to count the cards in their current state, try assigning a value on them in other ways. For example, attaching names to certain numbers will train your mind to get better at memorising each card that’s already been shown. Beginners should start by counting the ace card exclusively since it holds a lot of power in the game. The ace is a card that represents the numbers one and eleven, simultaneously.


Strategy charts in blackjack are a computer creation, utilised by players with great success as far as win/loss records are concerned. These charts were created when computers were asked to simulate millions of games of blackjack. The computers analyse every move and possibility of the game, and formulate these charts to act as a guide on how to play, and always win.

Like counting cards, there’s an element of mental gymnastics involved. You’ll need to memorise these charts in the same way that you would memorise certain cards when counting cards. We’d recommend you memorise certain phrases to help you remember specific charts/paths. Like we’ve mentioned, focus is a significant technique involved here. Find what works for you when it comes to keeping track of these charts and get ready.

Again, strategy charts are considered somewhat illegal in certain spaces. These dealers have been trained to spot people cheating, so although all you’re doing is reading from memory, you could still lose your seat at the table. On most occasions you will be expected to switch between charts as the game is played, this can be incredibly difficult as it requires an expert amount off knowledge.

One constant of these charts involves your starting hand. Each chart requires you to have a certain hand to begin, meaning if you aren’t satisfied with your current standing, you should almost always surrender. To surrender is to basically ask the dealer for a fresh set of starting cards. Not all casinos offer the ability to surrender, but they are incredibly helpful for obvious reasons.

There’s a lot of charts out there for you to pick and choose from, some more complicated than others. Counting cards require you to be in the moment, whereas strategy charts require you to have revised beforehand, that’s the main difference between the two.  There’s a better sense of progression with charts too since you’ll start off with a beginners chart before upping your game.

Look online, and you’ll find a mix of free charts and paid charts, we’d advise sticking with the free ones for now before you go speaking with so-called experts. One of the most common charts is the 4 to 8 deck “Dealer Stands on Soft 17 chart.” This chart offers a very basic guide on how to play, here’s an example of how these charts help you strategise:

When to Surrender:

  • Surrender hard 16 when the dealer shows a 9, 10 or an A.
  • Surrender hard 15 when the dealer shows a 10.
  • Do not surrender a pair of eights, regardless of what the dealer shows.

When to Split:

  • You should always split all pairs of A’s & 8’s
  • Split 2’s when the dealer shows a 4-7
  • Split 3’s when the dealer shows a 4-7
  • Split 4’s when the dealer shows a 5-6*
  • Split 6’s when the dealer shows a 3-6 (and 2’s*)
  • Split 7’s when the dealer shows a 2-7
  • Split 9’s when the dealer shows a 2-6
  • Split 9’s also if the dealer shows an 8-9
  • Never split a pair of 5’s, or a pair of 10’s, regardless of what the dealer shows

What are the rules of blackjack?

Blackjack is a straightforward game to get the hang of. It starts with the dealer handing out cards to all participating players. Each player is given two cards each. You’ll then be asked to place your bets accordingly. In blackjack, game chips are used as currency, each chip representing something different as far as value is concerned. When playing blackjack you never hand your chips straight to the dealer, it’s one of the old rules of the game that could see you ejected from the game for bad etiquette.

The dealer will also place two cards out in front of them. One of these cards will be faced up, and the other faced down. At this moment the player will then be asked on how they want to proceed based on the cards in their hand. Before you pick what happens next, you should identify whether or not your hand is a hard or soft hand.

Those of you that have an ace in your hand will always have a soft hand — since the ace can represent one of two numbers, both big and small. If you draw two cards that when combined equal a number over eleven. Hard hands make it a lot harder for you to play as you go into later rounds since you could risk going bust a lot sooner than you’d like. Having an ace in your hand almost always equals victory.

Once you’ve looked at your hand, you’ll be asked on how you want to proceed. Now at this point, there are quite a few options to pick and choose from. You can stand, which is to say that you don’t want another card and just want to continue with your two starting hands. We’d recommend you only stand if you have a hard hand or have a hand with 17-21 in it.

Say the word “hit”, and you’ll be given another card from the dealer, say the word “double down”, and you’ll ask for another two cards. Say the word “surrender”, and you’ll be given a new pair of starting cards. And finally, say the word “split”, and you’ll take the two identical cards in your hand, and you’ll play them as two separate hands.


Counting cards is an effective way of making money in blackjack, but it does require spy-level focus and discipline. You’ll need to be aware of everything about the game as it’s happening in front of you. Start by focusing on one or two sets of cards to count, this will be a lot easier than trying to work out where all cards are at all times.

We shouldn’t have to remind you that the skill of counting cards is illegal in practically all establishments. Getting caught will get you kicked out, and sometimes, banned. If you want to learn more about counting cards, then read the section above, we cover it more in detail.


Blackjack tournaments bring players from all walks of life to the table! Tournaments put big money on the line, which in turn brings elite-level competition to the forefront. Becoming a veteran of blackjack will take time, so don’t go thinking that you can just waltz into a tournament and come away with the prize money, because that won’t happen.

Most blackjack tournaments are shown on television or can be live-streamed. Honestly, if you want to learn how to play this game effectively, you should watch how some of these guys play, they’re so talented and utilise their own strategies with great success.


Online blackjack, as most new online casino games, is identical to the games you play in the real world, the only difference is you’re playing on a screen! Mobile gaming has completely revolutionised how we experience blackjack, as well as many other table games.

If you’re looking to get better at blackjack but just don’t have the time to go to a casino, try out an online version of the game, they are perfect to train with. We personally play online blackjack for that reason and for the amazing online promotions. Our skills at the table have definitely improved, even our card counting abilities have gotten better.

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