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Free slots no deposit UK

The idea of free slots must sound completely alien. It is a juxtaposition. The point of slot games is that a player makes a deposit that is their stake. They then spin the reels to match the appropriate symbols and then win a multiplier of that initial stake depending on the type of symbol matched and how many on a pay line.

In that respect, slot games aren’t free. What if I were to tell you that there is a way to play free slots without making this type of deposit. It sounds crazy but there are ways to play slot games with a free slots no deposit bonus. Let’s find out how.

Free slot sites UK

To get players to grips with slot games, there are free slot sites. This is an online casino where the player is allowed to play the slot games completely for free. There is no deposit necessary. You set a stake and start playing.

The slot games on these sites can be played in a free mode or played with a deposit as normal. This is a great way for players to try out slot games before playing them with a deposit and playing for real money.

Plus, there are players that like to play slot games for fun. They might not care about winning, therefore free slots are a good compromise. That leads to my next point.

slots uk no deposit

No winning with Free Slot sites

Winning is a broad term. Yes, you will win a multiplier if you manage to line up symbols in a pay line on a slot game using a free slot site. However, you will not win any real money.

That’s right. Free slots without deposit on a casino slot site will not reward players with real money multipliers. You will have to play in the standard mode for that. Free slots tend to be aimed at those new players that want to try them out for the first time. Or, as I mentioned above, free slots can be used by those that just want to play for fun.

If you are a player that wants to play slots games for the chance to win real money, this is not a method I would advise.

Speaking of new players.

Welcome Bonuses

Another way to play free slots in the UK with no deposit is by taking advantage of a welcome bonus. An online casino wants players to use everything that their site has to offer and so will gift them with bonuses in order to get them registered and playing their slot games. Some of these bonuses do not require a deposit.

These no deposit bonuses consist of:

  • Free Spins- An online casino will gift players with an amount of free spins to use on their catalogue of slot games. Since the slot games require players to spin the reels to play, you are essentially playing free slots when using a welcome bonus that offers free spins.
  • A Free deposit bonus- This is a no deposit bonus that will give players a certain amount as a deposit to use among the hundreds of casino games on the site. That includes slot games. You are far more likely to encounter more free spins than free credit out there but the free deposit bonus is still worth your time if you are looking to play free slots.

Both of these welcome bonuses are legitimate ways in which we can play free slots with no deposit. However, they are limited. Once the free spins or deposit amount runs out, the player will need to make a deposit of their own to continue playing slot games. The bonuses are nice but they won’t last forever.

Another thing to consider when using a welcome bonus to play free slots is that, like the free slot sites, you may not be able to win real money in these slot games. It is not set in stone but the decision to let players win money with a no deposit welcome bonus varies between each online casino. If that is your aim you may want to check before committing to a site.


There are ways in which to enjoy free slots with no deposit in the UK. However, there are stipulations with every method. That is unless you just want to play slots for fun.