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Free Spins No Deposit UK

Everybody wants free spins.

Whether you are playing a slot game and win some bonus spins in a feature or are signing up to a new casino site, you can always be sure to find some free spins. That is especially true in the UK.

Often, these free spins come at a price. Usually you have to play a slot games online for a while as I mentioned above or need to deposit and sign up to a new casino site. But can you get free spins with no deposit?

It turns out that the answer is yes.

Free spins for free?

Well, how do we get these free spins no deposit? Surely nothing this good can come for free?

That is where you are wrong. One very popular way to gain free spins with no deposit is by taking advantage of a welcome offer.

Free spins with a welcome offer at UK Sites

I know what you are thinking. I said that you need to make a deposit to take advantage of a sign up bonus. Isn’t a sign up bonus the same as a welcome offer?

Yes. But there is a big difference between a deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus. A deposit bonus is an offer that requires players to put down a deposit of real money before unlocking the bonus. That could be as little as putting forward £10 to get 100 free spins for example. These free spins are not free.

With a no deposit welcome offer, you do not need to put forward a deposit. All that is required of the player before receiving the free spins is signing up to the casino site.

This isn’t limited to just one casino site either.


The Best Free Spins Offers in the UK 2021

There is not just one type of no deposit bonus to take advantage of to get free spins either.

Take a look at what the offers by some new casino sites in the UK with no deposit just for signing up:

  • 70 free spins
  • 20 free spins
  • £10 free deposit plus 100 free spins
  • £50 cash to play with pus 10 free spins

As you can see by looking at these offers, the more of another type of offer the casino site provides, the less free spins the player will receive. If you are only interested in free spins no deposit, it is worth checking out different casino sites promotions pages for the offer that suits you best.

This is great, but what if you do not want to sign up to loads of sites just for some free spins. No matter. There is another solution.

Free slots can gift free spins

You may not have realised but there are certain casino sites in the UK that have free slots available. You did not read that wrong. If you look for an online casino that features free slots, you will most likely find one.

These are regular old slot games that allow players to play the full game in full. When you open up the menu to one of these slots you will be presented with a choice. You can click on the free mode or standard mode.

In the free mode you can play the game as normal with no deposit. You do not need to set a stake. This is pretty much a way to play with all the free spins that you want.

This does come with an addendum. Since you are no setting a stake, you will not win real money in a free slot. It is a sad fact but it is true. If you want to win money with these slots, you would have to play the standard mode. The standard mode requires you to make a deposit.

Free slots are a good way to use free spins with no deposit, however do not expect to win real money. You can still have fun though.


There you have it. Two perfectly legitimate ways to receive free spins on registration no deposit in the UK.

Using a no deposit welcome offer is probably the most common way to gain free spins however you do need to take note of one thing. These spins do run out. A casino site might give you up 100 free spins but remember, when that last one has tumbled round, you will need to make a deposit to continue.

Make sure you don’t get over zealous when handed some free spins.