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Free spins on registration no deposit

Free spins go hand in hand with slot games. There are many bonuses at casinos that can be given out when playing a slot game but free spins are the most common.

There are many reasons for this, one being that they act as free go’s in the slot game. Essentially, the player gets to spin the reels for free and can win whatever the pay line they land. That is fantastic. However, in game that come with one major caveat. You have to deposit real money to play.

If you only win on a free spin, that won’t add up to how much you have deposited to get the bonus free spins in the first place. That almost makes the fact that they are free spins irrelevant.

But what if I told you that there was another way to get free spins, a way that requires no deposit.

Registering with an online casino

Before we get to look at those free spins no deposits, we need to consider how one goes about playing slot games in the first place. After all, it is essential to how we get these free spins.

To play slots online, a player needs to visit an online casino. When doing this, the casino will ask players to register an account with them. This happens for several reasons.

One is that it sets up a unique password for you. That means only you can log in and have access to this account. That is crucial for the next reason.

Secondly, this account is where the player deposits there funds to play casino slot games. This is usually where the money that they win is stored as well. That makes password access imperative for security.

This is all well and good but every online casino offers this password security. How do they ensure that players register with their casino?

no deposit spins

No deposit Bonuses 2021

To lure people into registering with them, online casinos will offer players a registration bonus that usually means that they pay no deposit. For a certain period of time, the player can use this sign up bonus to play slot games for free.

A registration bonus comes in many forms. There is:

  • The matched deposit bonus- this bonus matches the amount that the player initially deposits, therefore it lengthens how long they play the slot games.
  • Free deposit bonus- this acts as a free amount of credit to play with. It can be used on any game on the site but when it runs out the player has to make a deposit of their own to continue.

These are both great registration bonuses to encounter or use but there is one that I know you are waiting to hear about.

Free spins as a no deposit bonus

Yes, we have finally got here. Free spins can be given to players as a registration. In fact, just like free spins being the most popular in game bonus, they are the most popular registration bonus.

The main reason for this is because they functions as part of the slot games themselves. It is all well and good giving a brand new player a load of credit to use at the online casino but if they don’t know how slot games work, it could be a bit overwhelming and of putting.

Free spins are a nice way to hold the players hand and show them exactly how slot games work. They can be used on the online casinos entire range of slot games. This means that the player is likely to discover a slot game that they will enjoy and that means they are more likely to make a deposit of their own once their free spins run out.

This makes free spins a no deposit registration bonus that is beneficial to both the new player and the online casino.


As you can see, there are ways to get free spins no deposit uk. The most prolific way is by taking advantage of a registration bonus. Since these bonuses are synonymous with online casinos, there are hundreds out there.

For all you new players, free spins are by far the best no deposit bonus is a bunch of free spins. You get a tutorial in slot games. For experienced players you may discover a new slot game without losing a deposit amount. You really can’t go wrong with some free spins.