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Guide to Online Card Games


They say that some of the most rewarding games in the world are played using cards, which people tend to favour even over online themed-slots. Games like poker and blackjack are said to weed out the best from the rest. They are games that require a lot of skill and discipline to master. Online card games are just the latest phenomenon to take the gambling industry by storm, especially when it comes to online card games — you’ll come to know why that is once you read this article in full. To find the best available right now, click on this link!

Online card games have made it so accessible to experience these games, that’s why they are held in such high regard; you go on any reputable online casino site, and you’ll find pretty much anything game-wise, including various card games to live roulette. With online card games, you can almost guarantee that future generations will be able to keep playing these games, and maybe create new ones off of the back of the ones we already have thanks to the advancements in technology!

If you are somewhat sceptical when it comes to online versions of any game, then we’d advise you first play one of these games for yourself before you go passing judgement. It’s easy to ridicule something that you’ve never sat down and experienced for yourself. A lot of veteran players we speak to have made the jump over to online card games and have never looked back; maybe you should join them?


Blackjack and poker are two of the biggest card games in the world and have been for quite some time now. These are games that are somewhat basic by nature and have very rarely changed since their inception — yes, there are alternative versions of both games, but they do play mostly the same. We aren’t ruling out some of the other card games out there, but for the most part blackjack and poker are far more universal.

Don’t worry if you’ve never played a game of either before, both are relatively easy to get the hang of and only require a few games to get the basics down. There are techniques and strategies that you can implement to these games that will help you win a lot more, but you need to learn how to walk before you can run. Take your time to learn these games, read as many articles as you can and then, and only then, will you be ready to implement effective strategies.


Let’s begin by going over the rules of blackjack. Blackjack is a game that sometimes goes by the name 21 — to win, you will need to beat the dealer in getting as close as possible to the number 21 or risk losing that particular round. Most believe that you have to get as close to 21 — or land directly on 21 — to win, when in fact you are actually trying to beat the dealer.

In blackjack, you play with chips rather than cash. You place your bets by handing your chips to the dealer at the start of the game — the more chips you place, the more money you’ll ultimately earn if you come out on top. The game begins with the dealer drawing two cards for you and two cards for themselves — one of the dealer’s cards will sit on the table face up. From here, players will have the chance to hit, stand, double down, split or surrender their cards.

Each decision you make will drastically impact how the game plays out in front of you. Players should always base their decisions on the strength of their hand outright. You can either be in possession of a hard hand or a soft hand. A hard hand is a hand that one that is around the number 11, whereas a soft hand is one that is equal to a much smaller amount.

Each hand has its positives and negatives, although owning an ace sets you up for victory almost every time. Ace cards represent both the number 1 and the number 11 simultaneously, which makes it a lot safer to play with. Card suits have no meaning in blackjack, meaning the total of any hand will be the sum of the card values in hand. The more cards you have in your deck, the harder it will be not to bust, which is why the desired effect is a mix of low and high-value cards.

Like we said, each decision impacts the game in a completely different way. To stand is to proceed as normal with the cards you have in your deck. To hit is to ask for another card from the dealer to add to your hand, and to split is to take two identical cards and play them as two separate cards versus the dealer. Try to aim for the number 17 since this number puts you in a prime position for victory. Busting in blackjack is to go over the number 21, which will lose your hand.


Poker plays a lot different in comparison. Poker begins with two cards dealt face down on the table. Players are then expected to pick two cards from a shuffled deck in combination with a couple of community cards — the goal is to form a five card hand that puts you ahead of all other players seated at the table. We’d recommend you look up some of the best poker hands out there since there is quite a lot of them.

Four rounds take place in poker, and in each round players are given multiple options to choose from depending on the state of their hand. Players can choose to stay, raise, fold or go all in. As the game goes on, players have the chance to bluff. To bluff is to pretend, to act like you have a killer hand when the reality of your hand could be the complete opposite. Tricking your opponents when you don’t have the best of cards is the best way to win.

Keep in mind that every choice at the table runs alongside your bluff. For example, let’s say you raise your bet despite having a bad hand, this indicates to other players that you have something that could topple theirs.

You always want to appear to be in a position of power, this will still help you in controlling the game how you want it.

Poker has a lot of strategies to it — in the same way, that blackjack does. Bluffing successfully is one of the most common strategies that you can implement into your game and have it help you. In blackjack, strategies tend to involve memorising strategy charts or counting cards — the latter of which is considered quite illegal but will almost always lead to victory.


Card counting, you’ve probably already heard of it in regards to online casino games, most likely via careful whisper. You see, counting cards is considered illegal in all casinos. Counting cards puts you ahead of all competition, in that it allows you to know your opponent’s moves before they even make them. With counting cards, it’s a case of asking for forgiveness rather than permission, if you can count cards without the house knowing, we see no issue in doing it to make a bit of cash.

Counting cards allow you to identify where all cards are as you play, that’s why most casinos don’t like you doing it since it puts you above the house in terms of the odds. You’ve heard of the term “the house always wins” well if you win too much it’s going to raise alarm bells. This strategy works with you creating a mental inventory of where each card is located with each turn.


Know that counting cards take time; veterans of these card games have spent years honing their card counting craft and are still training. When counting cards, you should assign value to each card that is shown as the game plays out. Using your knowledge of the number of cards in the deck, players know that there are only four cards in the same jacket, this allows you to predict where certain cards are going to be.

We’d recommend that you begin by looking for certain cards specifically — just as practice before you start trying to count multiple jackets. In blackjack you should be looking for the ace card specifically, why that comes down to the dual numbers it represents and the power, it possesses in the game. We should state at this point that you can only count cards in blackjack, it is impossible to do so in poker.

You can’t count cards in online versions of blackjack, unfortunately, as some most online blackjack games have safeguards in place to prevent players from doing so. If you are going to be playing online versions of blackjack, we’d advise you do so to train legitimately and save the card counting for the real thing — although in live blackjack you can if you want to.


This is somewhat of a subjective topic; after all, the best to one person is something entirely different for the other. In our opinion, poker and blackjack are two of the best card games in the entire world. These are games that you can play both in the casino and from the comfort of your own home courtesy of online variants.

If you look at the numbers, poker and blackjack are two of the most played card games across countless sites. These games can be played for free as well as using cash, thus appealing to a lot of players out there who like to play for fun and with a financial incentive. Honestly, if you’ve never experienced the thrills of playing blackjack or poker, then what on earth are you waiting for?


Online versions of some of the card games we’ve mentioned are just as inclusive as what you see in actual casinos, this is just a testament to the advancements in technology and the accessibility of these games outright. All you have to do is go on your smartphone or on your laptop/desktop, and you can play some of your favourite online games in an instant.

Playing these online games allows you to get better at these games, this is why you should personally be checking out these games, to begin with, if you want to get better. Most online card games you come across play the same, the only differences come via how it looks and the RTP (return to player) percentages on offer. There’s definitely money in these games too, which should provide an incentive for you to check them out on your own accord.


UK casinos across the world wide web all have online card games for you to pick and choose from. Some sites focus on showcasing specific games outright — this means that there are a few sites out there that promote online card games exclusively. Finding the right site for you can take time, so try not rushing into one site straight away; try out a few and then decide on which ones you like the most.

Some sites actually have welcome bonuses only enhance your experiences when playing many of these games. This could come in handy when you take to the digital table for yourself! There are quite a few sites out there offering similar bonuses, so again, go out and see what you can find! New sites are always popping up, so there is no shortage of experiences out there for you to discover; with plenty of cash to earn too!