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How Pay by Phone Casino Works

How Pay by Phone Casino Works

Welcome to your complete guide of how pay by mobile casino works. In this detailed guide, we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about pay by mobile. Everything from what exactly pay by phone is, how to make phone deposits and what the advantages and potential disadvantages are.


Like PayPal and Visa, Pay by phone is a payment method you can use when making deposits in a mobile casino. Instead of using one of the typical payment methods that require using an e-wallet or debit card, pay by phone lets you pay with your phone credit or phone bill. Over the years, the popularity of pay by mobile has grown due to its ease and convenience.


Pay by Phone is so quick and easy, that’s why so many gamblers love it. Making deposits with pay by mobile is also one of the safest and most secure ways to quickly make a deposit. There are a couple of different billing methods with pay by phone. First of all, you can choose to pay with your phone bill. This is the most popular option. If you don’t have your debit card with you, pay by phone is so convenient and allows you to play phone slots anywhere at any time.

If you choose to pay with your phone bill, you will be charged all of the deposits you have made within the month when you get your next phone bill. The other pay by phone billing method is paying with your mobile phone credit. If you have a pay-as-you-go phone contract, this is the payment method you will use. This allows you to limit your bankroll as you don not want to spend all of your phone credit in one go. It’s a great option if you want to limit your spending and control your betting. Also, no matter how you get billed you will still have access to our slots promotions!


There are lots of reasons why people choose play online slots on a pay by phone casino. What perhaps draws people in the most is the fact that it’s super convenient. You don’t have to worry about remembering your card details or typing in lots of information, you just make a deposit and pay with your phone bill every month. You have access to hundreds of exciting phone slots and casino games in a flash.

Another thing that makes pay by phone so great is that it is the most secure payment method when playing mobile slots. It’s safe because you don’t need to add your debit card or e-wallet details to a mobile casino. Being so secure means that there isn’t the risk of your bank details getting stolen.

Pay by mobile is great as you can play your favourite phone slots in an instant. When you make phone deposits, they will go through instantly as all of the deposits are added to your phone bill. This means that you can play slots whenever you like without worrying about remembering your debit card details.

A big advantage of pay by phone casino is that it sets a limit on the amount of money you can deposit. This is great if you want to set yourself a budget or time limit for responsible gambling. It is also attractive to many players that you can play mobile slots now and pay later. Most pay by mobile methods don’t have fees attached which is also another plus.


The positives of playing phone slots far outweigh the bad. If you like placing big bets and have lots of money to spend gambling then pay by mobile is probably not a suitable option for you. There is usually a deposit limit of £30 a day. That’s perhaps not good if you want to place a big bet. One other disadvantage is that not all online casinos offer pay by mobile as a deposit option so make sure to check before you sign up and play. Cozino is a pay by phone casino so that’s good news!

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Most common UK mobile network operators provide the use of pay by mobile. Some of the top operators include O2, Three, Vodaphone, EE, and Virgin. There are a few others too. Before you sign up for phone deposits, make sure to check that your mobile phone is compatible.

If your mobile network operator supports pay by phone then you’re good to go. Make phone deposits today with ease at Cozino. Cozino does have pay by mobile as a payment option. To access it, simply make an account with us. Log in at any time and choose pay by phone when picking your deposit option. Next, select the amount you want to deposit (remember there are limits with pay by mobile).

Once you have made your deposit, you will go through a three-step payment process. You’ll receive a code which will be texted to you to confirm you have made a deposit, your mobile network operator will receive a request, and your deposit amount will be added to your phone bill. When you get your next phone bill, you will see the deposits you have made and will pay for them with your phone bill.


Hopefully, you now understand everything you need to know about pay by mobile casino. There are many reasons why people choose it over e-wallets and debit cards so why not make the switch today? It’s super easy, convenient, fast, and secure. Everything you want when you’re playing phone slots!

Whether you choose to pay as you go or pay with your phone bill, it’s a great choice if you like playing slots regularly on the go or at home. With the three-step payment process, you can relax knowing that pay by phone is safe and secure. There so many great mobile slots to play at a pay by phone casino too!