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How to Play Blackjack


Sometimes known as 21, Blackjack is a card game that many of you out there have more than likely heard of. You could have played this casino game online yourself or know somebody who does, but in any case keep in mind that Cozino is one of the best online casinos for Blackjack or other games. You may have seen it played in your favourite movie, video game or tv show. When played right, Blackjack can be an incredibly rewarding game. You can make quite a lot of money, depending on where you play and how you approach the game overall.

You see, there are many ways to approach Blackjack. Each approach offers a different perspective on how you can outsmart your opponents, as well as the dealer. In this article, we are going to discuss blackjack 101, going over how the game is played as well as other titbits that will no doubt come in handy when it’s time for you to begin playing with real stakes.

We have been playing Blackjack for the better part of 15 years, both recreationally and professionally. We have honed our skills at the table using nothing but trial and error. We’re at a point now where we want to share with you what we’ve learned in the hope that you will become better players. Yes, you might have heard of some of the things discussed before, but a lot of you are only just finding your feet here.

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There are two ways of playing Blackjack, you can either play for fun, or you can play for money. We are guessing most of you out there reading this play for the latter. If you want to make money in Blackjack, then you need to be willing to put in place certain strategies. Strategies that are going to give you an automatic advantage the moment you enter the fray.

If you are playing Blackjack for the first time and aren’t sure what to expect when the best thing you can do is play the game blind. What we mean by that is: play the game without knowing what comes next. They say that failure breeds success, and every loss only pushes you to get better at something. All the best players at Blackjack have lost at some point in their lives, and look at where they are now!

Right now, there are quite a few blackjack strategies that you can try out for yourself. Although keep in mind: some strategies fit certain playing-styles a lot better than others. No matter which strategy you choose, know that there is a lot of skill required to utilise them effectively. It will be difficult, but it will definitely be worth it once you’ve mastered these strategies for yourself.

Later in the article, we’ll be talking about counting cards, so if you’re interested in that strategy then feel free to skip this part. Some blackjack strategies are far more complicated than some of the others. For example, strategy charts are a lot harder to use — since you have to memorise them — compared to basic strategies of doubling down on a hard 11.

Strategy Charts: Strategy charts are unique in that they exist due to a computer scanning millions of combinations and coming out with clear cut results. These charts findings of these computer scans. They advise players on how to proceed whenever certain things happen during the game itself.

Each chart poses something different to consider, so try to stick to one chart (there’s quite a lot of them out there). You can stick to one chart by knowing what sort of hands you have in your possession. To help memorise these charts, we’d recommend you create s system of some kind, one that allows you to assign value to certain outcomes to help remember.

On some occasions, you might need to switch between strategies to come out on top. This can prove difficult. Therefore, we would recommend you only use these charts if you’re confident in your ability to memorise all the information presented. Remember, rushing into things you aren’t ready for isn’t going to help you win here.

Double Down On Hard 11: We’ll be covering what hard/soft hands mean in Blackjack in the next section, but it essentially represents the value of your hand. If you have an 11 in your hand, you are then in a prime position to double down, which is to ask the dealer to give you more cards which will more than likely bring you closer to 21.

There is an exception to this rule. So if you are playing a multi-deck game where the rules state that the dealer must stand on a soft 17, you’re better off hitting against the dealer, rather than doubling down.

Split Pairs of Aces & 8s: Always split a pair of Aces and 8s no matter what the dealer’s up-facing card is. On some occasions, most players will avoid splitting their cards if the dealer is sitting with a 9, 10 or ace. If anything, you are in a much better situation here as you are less of an underdog, and actually, stand to make more money.

Yes having an ace to split is a lot more useful than an 8 given its ability to represent one of two numbers. However, that still doesn’t mean that an 8 isn’t effective in what it does! Try experimenting with this strategy, it’ll help.

Never Split Pairs of 5 or 10s: One of the most misplayed moves in all of Blackjack is splitting these cards. You are always better off here by drawing one more card rather than splitting them outright since a hard 10 puts you in a great seat, to begin with.

For some reason, players get really paranoid when they etch closer to 20 — probably because it can lead to you busting. You need to be able to walk a fine line with this strategy. Trust us when we tell you that it definitely works, you just need to have nerves of steel!

Always Hit On Hard 12: You should always hit on a dealers hard 12 up-facing cards, but only if these cards have a 2 or a 3 presented. In this situation you are almost always going to lose money, that’s a fact, which is why you should stand your ground and lose less money by hitting.

Most players fear of busting in this situation, which is why they either stand or hit depending on how nervous they are at that given moment. Sometimes you have to live to fight another day, which is why you should hit and take the loss.

Always Hit Ace 7: Do this only when the dealer’s up-facing card is a 9, 10 or ace. This hand is otherwise known as a soft 18 and is one that many believe to be bulletproof when it actually isn’t. You are the underdog in this situation since the dealer is in a much better position than you.

Take your time and think about what you could lose with this hand. The chances of you winning here are much better if you simply hit and hopefully draw a smaller card which could push you closer to 21, without going bust.


The rules of Blackjack are simple, all you need to do is get as close to the number 21 as possible without going over. Blackjack is a game played by multiple players as well as a dealer who acts as the controller of sorts, despite having skin in the game themselves. The game begins with the distribution of cards across the table to all players. Each player is given two cards, while the dealer places his two cards in front of himself.

Players should then look at their cards, it’s at that moment they must decide on whether they want to hit, split, surrender or double down. Each decision will affect how you play going forward. Here is how each decision alters the game in some way:

Stand: Player stands tall with their own cards in front of them.

Hit: The player asks the dealer to draw another card to pass to them. Keep in mind that you should only hit when you have a low amount in your hand. You could end up busting if you go over.

Double: Player doubles his initial bet and gets one additional card to add to his/her hand instantly.

Split: To split is to take two identical cards in their hand and plays them as two separate hands outright rather than a combined number. Should the player get a ten and ace after splitting, then it counts as 21 points and not an automatic win. Usually, the player may keep re-splitting up to a total of four hands.

Surrender: The player basically forfeits one of the cards in his deck and keeps the other. Keep in mind that this option is only available to players on their first hand. Some casinos do not have this rule and will actually force players to play on the hand they’re dealt.

The goal is to beat the dealer rather than get to the desired number of 21. There are many ways you can play to win. We’d advise you to check out some of the various strategies we’ve mentioned in this article to give you an idea on how you can do that. We only cover a few of them here, so be sure to check out some of our other articles that cover other techniques that you can utilise to come out on top.


Card counting in Blackjack is the easiest way to make money in this game, albeit illegal. You see, counting cards in Blackjack allows you to predict where certain cards are going to be at all times, this is the reason why all casinos have it banned. If you’re ever caught counting cards, then you will be asked to leave the table and could suffer a ban if you’re not careful.

So how does it work? To count cards, you need to have an expert-level attention span since you’re going to be memorising where all cards are across the table. You then need to assign value to each card shown, keeping track of where it is and the number of cards that are left in the deck still to be shown.

If you want to master this skill, then you should begin by counting certain cards specifically. We’d recommend starting with counting aces since they pose the biggest threat to you as a player. You know that in the deck there is a total of four ace cards. So, if three of these cards have already made themselves known and the dealer’s second up-facing card is down, you then know where it may be.

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21+3 Blackjack plays exactly the same as the basic game of Blackjack with a twist. At the beginning of the game, players will be asked to make a side bet, meaning they take a card and put it to one side. This side bet plays exactly the same as three-card poker. Rather than receive three cards to make a hand, the player will play as normal utilising their cards as well as the one card shown by the dealer. Here’s how the combinations work:

Suited: Three cards all fall into the same suit, thus triggering a win! For example, if you have three cards that are all Queens, you’ll win no matter the value of the card itself.

Straight Flush: All three cards presented must be in an order of some kind, e.g. 5-6-7 of Hearts.

Straight: Three cards in the consecutive rank of mixed suits.

What to Expect from Mobile Blackjack?

Mobile Blackjack is the phenomenon that’s seemingly taken over the world! Every reputable developer has a mobile version of Blackjack that punters can check out. Some are a lot better than others, but isn’t that just how it is normally with these sorts of games? Forget Candy Crush and all that sweet-tooth rubbish, and why not check out a real mobile game!

Mobile gaming tends to get a bad rap for the number of micro-transactions there are in these games. Thankfully most mobile blackjack games don’t have them! Yes, you will need to put some money down on a few of these games to enjoy them, but don’t you have to do that to play them in the real world anyway?

Some of these mobile games look incredibly realistic too. Their accessibility allows players to come in and make quite a lot of money as they commute to and from work. Look on the App Store right now, and you’ll find thousands of them to choose from.

If you are going to dabble in mobile Blackjack, then we’d definitely recommend that you check out the ones with the best rating. There’s a lot of waffle out there, and you don’t want to play anything short of the best, trust us on this one. If you like mobile Blackjack, then there are other mobile versions of some of your favourite card games out there too! Check them out.


Live blackjack has been around for what feels like a minute, but already it has taken the industry by storm. For those that don’t know, Live Blackjack is a hybrid of both online and real-world Blackjack. Like the online version of the game, you play using a mouse and keyboard — the only difference is, you play against actual dealers via a live stream. It’s best you check out this variant of Blackjack sooner rather than later because it’s the future of this game.

With Live Blackjack, you are given a lot more options to pick and choose from in terms of how you play. For example, card counting is a lot easier to get away with playing the live version. Keep in mind that bets will need to be placed within an allotted time period, so it’s not the same as playing the regular online version.

It’s a very immersive experience, although it can be a little confusing at first since you’re playing against people that actually respond to you. You can look at live odds on how your hand is looking in live Blackjack compared to previous rounds too, as well your win/loss record. There is not a lot that we don’t like about live Blackjack, it is that good!