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How to Play Roulette: The Basics, Numbers and Strategy


Go to any reputable casino, like Cozino, and you’ll find the roulette table waiting for you. Although slot games have become the most popular casino activity – classic games maintain their prestige. Roulette is the ultimate game of chance, one where there’s no way to cheat the system, a game where every player joins on an equal playing field. Hundreds upon thousands of pounds are exchanged on a daily basis, that’s money that will change your life forever! This article is for those of you out there looking to take their first steps into the world of roulette in an online casino, players who have all the opportunities in the world to come out on top, all you need is the right information which is going to help you on the table. We’ve spent our lives honing our craft on the table, meaning our advice is not only credible, but helpful too!

How to Play Roulette Online?

Ask any avid roulette player, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: the game is incredibly fun to play whether you’re winning or losing. Yes, winners generally feel a lot happier as participants, but in roulette, every spin on the wheel is the right kind of intense, one that will have you coming back to the table again and again without fail. For those that don’t know, roulette is French for: “little wheel,” a game that’s been around for quite some time now (17th century), one that’s played globally each and every day — why, there’s probably at least 100 games being played right this second. The odds are always going to be up in the air with games like this — as we’ve already mentioned, there’s no way of cheating this game.

You might have seen the game played on some of your favourite tv shows and movies — Casino Royale, Looney Tunes: Back In Action and Casablanca, for example — although in other forms of media they tend to make the game feel a lot more complicated than it actually is. The gist of the game is simple, all one needs to do is bet on which numbers/colour a ball is going to land on. In total, there are around 36 different spaces that the ball could land on, with each space having the same number of odds depending on when you entered the game! Players will be asked to hedge their bets before the game begins, this is where you should be smart with your bet as there’s plenty of ways to go about it. Bets can be placed in various different ways:

  • 1st 12
  • 2nd 12
  • 3rd 12
  • 1-18
  • 19-36
  • Even
  • Odd
  • Black
  • Red

The Roulette Dealer

A croupier (dealer) will control the game as you see it, taking bets as well as paying/taking chips away from players for successful/unsuccessful bets. To place a bet, you will need x amount of poker chips (some casinos require a minimum buy-in price to play). Placing the chip/chips down on any spot on the table will signify your chosen bet for that turn. The more chips you put down on the table, the more money you’ll earn/lose depending on the outcome of that round. New players might find the idea of making bets slightly confusing, there is a lot to choose from after all. Know that there are two different bets one can make: “inside bets” and “outside bets.”

Each bet plays out just a little differently across the board. Insider bets basically cover number-orientated bets, essentially these are bets that are more likely to have higher paying odds. Outside bets consist of bets that try to determine non-number-specific outcomes — for example, betting on the colour of the pocket that the ball lands in are an outside bet. It’s a lot easier to make bets like this versus insider bets as the odds are more in your favour, hence why you make less money for successfully coming through with an outside bet. It’s worth noting that there are no limits to the number of chips you can put on the table with each turn. Of course, betting with more chips does mean that you could be at an overall loss, this is why it’s more cost effective to make limited, smart bets that you have a feeling are going to help you come out victorious.


There’s plenty of different roulette strategies that you can implement that will actively help you as you play, each requires a different level of focus depending on the strategy chosen. Different players like to play the game in their own way, so if this is your first roulette rodeo you might find that trial and error will help you pick a specific strategy that works for you, and you alone! Before you even begin to implement a roulette strategy, we’d advise players first understand the odds. In every game, the house always has an edge.

With roulette, there are two popular variations that punters like to play, there’s the French version and the American version. Both play the same in that a roulette wheel determines one’s fate; the differences lie in the numbers across the board. So how can you best navigate this, well, the best way one can read the game is to play the game on a few low bets for a turn or two. By doing this, the player begins to familiarise themselves with the game and can begin to form long term strategies that will no doubt help them once they begin to raise the stakes. Once you’re ready to make money, it’ll then be time to implement the appropriate strategy.

Martingale Strategy

One of the most common strategies around, the Martingale Strategy requires you always to double your bet after a loss, thus recouping any losses and making the player somewhat of a profit at the end of it. To begin, players must find a table with a small minimum bet and a high maximum bet. Players should always start off small using this strategy as you will want to be doubling your lost bets as much as possible — playing with high amounts will drain your cash very quickly. Place a bet on a small wager such as black or red, win on this bet and then make the same wager. If you lose you should then bet double the amount on the same wager.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

Pretty self-explanatory if you read the above strategy. So, in the reverse various of the Martingale strategy players are encouraged to bet high whenever they win and lower them after losses. The idea of this strategy is to take full advantage of any potential hot streaks — something that could make players a lot of cash if done right. This strategy works only when players have given themselves an official starting bet, a bet that players can return to when they are constantly at a loss and aren’t making any money/finding a reason to double-down on their winnings. Timing is everything with this strategy, as is patience as you could be waiting a while for a win here.

D’Alembert Strategy

Arguably a much easier strategy to implement when compared to the others we’ve mentioned already. This strategy involves increasing and decreasing a bet based by one rather than doubling it outright. To begin, players should first make a small wager on the table. Increase your wagers by one after every loss and decrease it whenever you win. The idea here is that players are constantly coming out without money lost if anything you’ll be making a profit by using this strategy and not wavering. Fibonacci Strategy: A strategy created by a very famous Italian mathematician by the name of Leonardo, a strategy where players are encouraged to combine their last two bets together in an attempt to come out with a profit, regardless of whether or not they win or lose on that bet. This strategy — like the others mentioned — should start small and end big depending on the outcomes presented. You want to be making bets based on a specific sequence — for example, say you bet £1 and lose, players should then bet another £1 if they lose that hand again, then they should then bet £2. Once you begin to win, you should then move back two numbers in the sequence and bet that.

The 007 Strategy

Yes, this is a James Bond bet, one that was created by 007’s creator Ian Fleming. To utilise this strategy, players will need a minimum of £200 in chips. It’s worth noting that this sort of strategy should be reserved for high-rollers only, the sort of players who aren’t afraid to take chances in the hope of reaping all the rewards! Okay, so this strategy involves betting £140 on high numbers only (19-36), betting £50 on numbers 13-18 and then placing a final £10 bet on 0, as insurance. You are risking quite a lot of money if this massive bet does not come through for you. Using this strategy, you can increase your profits tenfold — or lose a lot of money, it depends entirely on the luck of the draw, unfortunately.


You win in roulette whenever a bet you’ve placed has come to fruition on the roulette wheel, it’s really that simple. There are various ways that one can win in a roulette game, which is perfect as it means that there’s a ton of replayability on offer here, meaning there’s always going to be something new to learn! Roulette — as mentioned — consists of two types of betting options: inside and outside bets. Inside bets do make you a lot more money — since successfully betting on the right number is a lot more complicated than betting on colour like in an outside bet. If you really wanted to, you could easily place both kinds of bet on the same turn, but as we said, this leaves you at a loss. One of the great things about roulette is the dealer will actually give you time between rounds to strategise/pledge your bets. The dealer will actually utter the words: “no more bets” to let you know when you’re locked in whatever bet you’ve placed. He/she will place a marker on the previous number, which is quite helpful when you think about it. How much you can earn in this game depends entirely on the amount of money you put on the table with each turn.

Some casinos do have a much higher minimum bet — this is to ensure that the quality of the game is heightened depending on the location/reputation of the establishment. The best advice we were ever given in roulette is to just pay attention to what’s happening around you – oh and try not to rush into things! There are a few things you’ll notice when you begin paying attention to the game, the first is how the dealer releases the ball into the wheel. If they are releasing the ball at a certain height and at a certain angle with the same number coming out again and again, then this is clearly going to help you successfully predict an upcoming outcome, isn’t it? On occasion, the wheel can slightly go off-kilter, meaning it’s slightly off balance which can affect how the game is played; think about it, what if your number was where the ball was landing, but something intervened costing you money! Let the dealer know if this is the case and you’ll probably be moved to another table.


Over the past couple of years online roulette has taken the stage as one of the most popular games online, the sort of game that punters can experience anywhere and at any time (thanks to most of these games being mobile optimised). Online versions of games often get a bad rep for some reason, which is strange considering there’s a lot of money on offer in some of these games and they’re relatively easy to play. We’d even go as far as to say that online versions of classic table games are the best entry level to new players, as it gives them a chance to move at their own pace and read the game in their own time. Online roulette is just as immersive, it’s just that players are playing against the computer, which to some, loses the appeal of playing the game. In online roulette, the rules are exactly the same; you place bets on a table of numbers, and a wheel determines whether or not you’re successful in your prediction. To place your bets, you will need to hit arrow keys to increase/decrease your bet accordingly.

Once you’re happy with your offering all you need to do is hit play/spin, and the game will begin. Some of these games contain rather large RTP (return to player) percentages, meaning players can earn quite a lot of cash from playing! You hear of players making boat-loads of money from the comfort of their home all the time. One player in 2018 earned well over 100,000 in one online roulette game which is crazy when you stop to think about it. We would be daft not to mention the auto-play mode that you can find in some of these experiences, which basically lets the computer play for you with you keeping all the earnings; as we said, tonnes of advantages to online roulette guys. There’s plenty of online roulette games to pick and choose from, ranging from the realistic to the outlandish depending on what you’re after.

What is Live Roulette?

Live roulette is a weird hybrid of a game that bridges the gap between the online and real-life versions of roulette. Basically, you’re streaming a game live with a real-life dealer from wherever your computer is. There is a digital element involved here too, as players are placing their bets/collecting their winnings off of a screen. All major casino providers have some version of the live roulette experience. Each like to offer punters something a little different, but the crux of the game remains the same. Since this is a live version of roulette, you are expecting to follow the same rules as if you were actually there in person. This means that there is a lot less time between turns to place your bets and whatnot. In most online versions you are given a little bit longer to decide since you’re playing against a CPU; not here.

One of the great things about both the live and online versions of roulette is the ability to look at actual odds for the table, odds that have been gathered for as long as the games’ been rolling. Seeing the odds in front of you makes it a hell-of-a-lot easier to place your bets on certain numbers, if you know how the wheel is behaving, trust us. This is the future of this game, that’s just a straight-up fact given the recent news that a VR version of the game is already in the early stages of development; we can just picture it now, you sitting/standing there making bets with your hands like in an actual casino with players across the globe all seeing the exact same thing you are.


Each roulette number is slightly different, as we’ve already stated. All numbers will pay the same amount, the one deciding factor that changes this is via the number of chips you’ve bet on the number in question. This covers inside bets exclusively, bets that are known to make you a lot more money if you are successful in your prediction. Each number is coloured differently, for example, 1= red, 2 = black, 3 = red and so on and so forth. Betting on the colour of the number/whether it’s an on/even number is known as an outside bet. You have between 0 – 36 numbers to bet from, so there’s plenty of options out there for you.  Players obviously have an option to bet on numbers within a certain margin — again, this sort of bet falls in the outside bet category.

If you take a look at the numbers on the wheel, you’ll notice that they’re all jumbled up and aren’t in the right order, this makes the game a lot more entertaining, in our opinion. One of the hardest bets you can make in roulette is betting on 0 or 00. These are numbers that don’t have a red or black colour and only fill two spaces on the entire wheel, thus it a lot less likely to be landed upon by the ball. Winning bets on these numbers tend to skyrocket your earnings instantly, it’s just up to you if you’re feeling lucky enough.


We’ve covered quite a lot of tips already in this article, but if you wanted a refresher then allow us to gloss over them one last time! Remember that these tips will all vary depending on the outcomes of certain games, as well as the strategies implemented.

  • Bet low, to begin with, to get a feel for the game.
  • If in doubt, use outside bets to your advantage.
  • Pay as much attention to the game as possible to stay ahead of the curve.
  • When implementing a strategy, don’t be afraid to change on the fly if you’re losing.
  • Always be ready to step away from the table if you’re on a losing streak.
  • Patience and time are two key allies when playing, both will help you tremendously.
  • Always place bets with the dealer and not yourself on the table (this could get you kicked out).
  • If you’ve won a few times in repeat succession, increase your bet and play your hot streak.