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Impact of Mobile Gameplay on the Slots Industry


One of the biggest developments in the casino slots industry over the past several years has been the increasing prevalence of mobile gameplay. Rewind only a few decades and all slots had to be played in casinos, bars or pubs, but now you can play from the comfort of your own home. And if this isn’t enough you can even play on your mobile phone from literally any destination in the world – providing there is a good enough signal of course.

The impact of mobile gameplay on the slots industry cannot be underestimated, it has thrown the game wide open for developers far and wide to contribute to an exponentially rising number of titles, some of which have been made uniquely for mobile devices. Alongside this, naturally, public interest has peaked – the convenience factor of mobile gameplay is a driving force in pulling more and more people into a good old gambling session on the slots. Who can blame them?


From a technological viewpoint the advent of slots mobile gaming has done wonders for the programming software inside slots from across the world. In order to make titles such as Rainbow Riches work on a smaller screen with much less processing power available developers had to make subtle tweaks in their software. In doing so they inadvertently discovered a multitude of ways they could increase the user experience on all slots, not just mobile dedicated ones.

Anything, from speeding up gameplay to increasing the level of graphics, will make slots much more appealing to play. Whilst developers have always been on the look out to improve these things – just look at Yggdrasil – it was mobile gaming that gave the impetus for the necessary strides to be taken. And now it really seems to be paying off.


Following from the advancements made in software programming as a result of mobile gameplay, the popularity of playing these games has well and truly skyrocketed. There’s no wonder there is there? If an avid gambler can now play on the beloved slots even when they are on the move it is bound to have them coming back far more frequently.

Moreover, if a passer by happens to see an outrageously colourful and fascinating screen that keeps offering monetary rewards do you really think they wouldn’t at least do a bit of research to see what it was? Along with mobile gameplay the slots industry’s visibility has grown tenfold, and this has done wonders for its popularity.


You know what increased popularity means don’t you? Yeah that’s right, more money. Not just for the developers but for us humble gamblers as well. The amount of money being paid out has risen dramatically since mobile gameplay burst onto the scene and the answer why? Well, it’s simple, there are just far more people spinning those reels.