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Is Phone Casino More Popular than Online Casino Gaming?

Is Phone Casino More Popular than Online Casino Gaming?

With multiple different ways in which we can now play our favourite mobile casino games, there are plenty of options to suit everyone when it comes to finding the best way to game; click here to play them today. As we now don’t seem to go anywhere without our mobile phones or Smartphones, it seems that phone casinos are becoming increasingly more popular for gamers because of their convenience. But are there other reasons as to why the latest method for mobile slots gaming is on the rise with sites like Cozino?


As we live in a world where 3G and 4G enable us to connect to high-speed internet access, we have come to the conclusion that we are always connected.  This, in the phone casino world, is really beneficial because there is never a time when we are unable to play our favourite slots online games. Unlike online casino where we need to be in a specific place to play games, phone casino enables us to play on the go and from any location we choose, which is a great way for us to kill time, eradicate boredom and alleviate the stresses of everyday life.

This ease of use due to the connectivity levels is only going to increase with the new 5G connection only around the corner which will help to improve the speed on mobile casino games and the picture or graphics quality too. Players want to make the most of any free time they have so they do not want to come up against any issues with a bad connection or lack of connection which has increased the reason why gamers have turned to phone slots over online slots thanks to their ease and reliability of connection.


It is now official that more of us own Smartphones than we do any other device, including laptops, tablets or desktop computers. So games developers have had to find a way to capture the market so that they can capture the gamers who only have Smartphones to play their games on. Smartphones are the most convenient of the devices to play mobile casino online games because they are the easiest to transport wherever we are going due to their size as they are the most compact and they are with us wherever we go.  Find mobile slot promotions here.

As they can be used for so many other activities, we like to have devices that are multi-functional as this saves us having to carry around many heavy and space restricting items as we travel.  You can also use small devices such as Smartphones in small spaces, so if you are wanting to be able to play mobile slots games on a cramped tube on your way to work, the Smartphone is a lot better an option than trying to set up a laptop where there to frankly is not the space to do so and nor is it safe enough either.

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Another big pro to playing on mobile casino is the ease and safety of depositing credit into your casino account. This is because you now have so many ways in which you can pay by mobile and there is no need to have to dig around in your wallet or purse for the right bank card, try and enter the correct numbers and then pray that the transfer happens safely.

Instead, you can now pay by mobile directly which means that you can immediately add the credit you desire to your online casino account and it will be automatically be added to your phone bill at the end of the month.

This is a great addition to other safe and secure options that you could choose such as PayPal, where your details are already stored and there is a safe link to your bank to give permission for the transfer to go through. So instead of having to find account numbers and sort codes when you may be in a busy place, all you need to remember is one password and you can have credit in your online mobile casino account within seconds. It really is that simple, safe and secure.


The most popular of games to play on a Smartphone is that of mobile slots and there are thousands of different slots games to choose from. Whether you are looking for games with interesting bonus features for you to play with or huge jackpots available for you to try and win, there is something to excite and entice every sort of player when looking at pay by mobile casino sites. With constant new releases, there is never a time when players can get bored and feel as if there is nothing new for them to try out because there is always something new and exciting appearing on their mobile casino home screen that they are desperate to try out and play. With so many different themes, animations and characters to meet, there’s always plenty of fun to be had so you can break up any sort of mundane time by playing these mobile slots games.

Alternatively, if you are not a mobile slots games fan or if you want to shake up your game playing a little, then there are lots of alternatives that you can play on mobile casino sites too, such as Poker, Blackjack and Live Casino games that will keep you well entertained. These are very realistic and really do make you feel as if you are playing in a traditional style casino with other players, especially the Live casino games where you can actually see, hear and communicate with the croupier.


So whether you are in commuting, waiting to pick the kids up or wanting to find a great way to relax after a long and stressful day at work, the mobile casino has plenty to offer to any player. The selection is huge, it’s safe to deposit and it is so easy to access, that you will wonder why you haven’t been playing mobile casino on your Smartphone for years already!