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Mobile Casino vs Online Casinos

Mobile Casino vs Online Casinos

Mobile casinos and online casinos are one of the most successful innovations of the Internet age. Certainly, if the original 17th century Venetian casino-goers could see us now, they would be amazed with our captivating casino methods (although they might have a few other questions first). Indeed, mobile and online casinos take many of the best elements of brick and mortar casinos and catapult them into our living rooms via our beloved technological devices which guide us through this modern age.


It has been an exhilarating journey for on line casino-lovers closely following the emergence of mobile casinos, along with those delving into the mobile casino online landscape for the first time and being left stunned by the wealth of choice available for phone slots and other casino games. Indeed, the online casino market worldwide was valued in 2019 at a whopping USD 53.7 billion, with growth of 11.5% expected annually until 2027.

To break down the mobile and non-mobile spheres separately, recent years have shown mobile casinos overtake their laptop and desktop counterparts for the first time. The years between 2012 and 2015 saw the proportion of online gambling being played on mobile rise from 3% up to 35%. This figure reached about half in 2017, with the ever-improving smartphones taking precedence ever since. This has been helped by developers as NetEnt adapting flawlessly to the ever-expanding smartphone market, ensuring new phone slots being released each year offer the same quality experience as on other devices. However, as we all know, laptops and computers are used daily in most homes and will continue to be, so there is a lot of weighing up to when deciding how to approach your next exhilarating online casino experience.


Mobile casinos offer a great deal of benefits which contrast with playing casino online on other devices and vice versa. Nonetheless, the two methods share many similarities as they are essentially different formats of the same online casino experience. What online and mobile casinos share is their implementation of digital gambling away from the traditional brick and mortar casinos.

Mobile casino and online casino gambling come with a variety of pros and cons when compared to land-based casinos. Firstly, for many, there is nothing quite like the thrill of going to a real casino with a group of friends and making a real night of it. Naturally, it is difficult to replicate the buzz of the casino outside of its unique settings. The flashing lights, the clinking of chips, the cheers of the punters, it all makes for an unforgettable experience.

Nonetheless, mobile and online casinos have been crafted with this very notion in mind, and therefore do a pretty decent job of replicating the traditional casino experience. For instance, chat rooms are available whilst you play the slots games to keep the social side alive and interact with fellow players. In addition, live versions of table games with real life hosts played online offer punters the chance to have that live casino experience any day of the week, across all devices.


So, how do we decipher between mobile and online casinos? The difference essentially comes down to the device you are using, with mobile slots being played on mobile and non-mobile online casinos utilising all other devices such as laptops and desktop computers. There are various pros and cons to each method, beyond just the device you are using, although this does come into it.

A big reason to opt for mobile casino is the pay by phone casino deposit option. With sites like Zimpler who team up with Cozino, all you need is your phone number to deposit money in a safe, secure and timely fashion. Your deposits will simply be added to your phone bill at the end of the month or deducted from your balance if you are on pay-as-you-go. An added benefit is that similar sites often come with a reasonable £10 a day deposit limit, which means that you are helped to play responsibly right from your first deposit.

Mobile casino online gaming also comes with the additional financial benefit of having a multitude of free slots available right from the app store. If you are keen to try out some phone slots with no cost then this really could not be easier than on your smartphone. Phone casino gaming also comes with the benefit of being able to play just about anywhere, thanks to the portability of your mobile device. This is a clear benefit when compared to playing on your laptop where you will need to be at home.


Mobile slots, for some, can just be a little too fiddly on the smaller device. Many players will therefore opt for more traditional online casino methods and play on their laptop or desktop computer. After all, most slots aficionados reportedly prefer to play at home anyway, so you may not mind the lack of portability which is made up for with the larger screen. Those with eyesight problems will find this particularly beneficial, but players who really like to appreciate all the ins and outs of the slots settings and pay lines information may find this easier to navigate on a larger display

Another downside of mobile slots on the go is that they are data intensive. Playing online casino games at home keeps things simple as you use your standard Wi-Fi at home, without having to worry about using up all your mobile data or losing connection whilst accessing the casino sites. Phones also have limited storage space, whereas this is much less likely to be a problem when playing on a laptop computer.


Mobile casinos and online casinos therefore offer a variety of benefits. The downsides of each really aren’t so significant in the grand scheme of things and we believe that both options offer a great alternative to trekking out to a real casino, thanks to developments by trusted casinos and game designers. Try some of our mobile slots today over at Cozino with exciting promotions, you won’t regret it!