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Online Casino Bonus Codes No Deposit

The terms no deposit and casino bonus codes are terms that are thrown around a lot in the world of online slots.

We know what no deposit means. No deposit is just the term used when a player gets to play top slot games without putting forth a stake. In other words, for free.

Sometimes these methods allow players to win real money and other times they don’t. We are all familiar with the no deposit bonus.

But what is an online casino bonus code? How does it link with an online casino bonuses no deposit required?

What is an Online Casino Bonus Code?

An online casino will always be offering bonuses and promotions to either keep players using their site or to lure in new players. This is just a fact of life.

These bonuses aren’t just given out to players to use though. Instead they take the form of a bonus code. This is a series of numbers and letters that the player needs to enter to unlock the bonus. It is almost like entering a password.

But why do this?

bonus codes

Why do we need bonus codes?

The most important reason a player needs a bonus code is for their own security. If they receive the bonus from an online casino personally, either due to a loyalty bonus or reload bonus, this code will only work on their unique casino account.

The strand of digits and numbers stop other players from using your bonus in their own casino account. It might be a rare occurrence however online casino bonus codes stop it from happening entirely.

What about players that receive a bonus code for a sign up bonus?

Bonus codes on registration

Players still have to use a bonus code when they receive a bonus just for signing up to the online casino. That doesn’t seem right.

It is true and this is mainly for the online casinos benefit. It means that the new player needs to actually register and create an account to input the code to receive their bonus, no deposit or otherwise.

This account becomes active as soon as the person logs in and therefore the player counts as being registered with the online casino.

If the player does not want to continue using the on line casino, they can still delete the account. However, if they feel compelled to carry on and make a deposit, the step of registering an account is already taken care of.

What has all this got to do with casino bonus no deposit?

Bonus codes as a deposit

It might sound strange but the bonus code that you receive as part of a no deposit bonus acts as your deposit. It is your confirmation that the online casino has allowed you to play their games this way, either with free spins or free deposit credit.

Think about it for a second. Receiving a no deposit bonus would be tricky without inputting a bonus code. How will players get their free credit? The code acts as a mechanism. You type it in and the credit or free spins are added to your account. You do not have to talk to anyone or wait for assistance. You just input the code and you are away. That makes this bonus code your deposit.

There is one last reason that we use bonus codes and it is extremely important when using a no deposit bonus.

Wagering requirements.

The last and most important reason that we use online casino bonus codes is it acts as a security wall to ensure that you have met the wagering requirements.

The code being put into your account is extremely clever and can match up its data with what is present in your casino account.

If you are receiving a loyalty bonus, the code will match up the loyalty bonus data with the date on your account. Since the amount of time you have played is your requirement for the bonus, this code does a quick check to make sure that you have met the requirement necessary. In other words, a no deposit sign up bonus will not work to unlock the perks of a loyalty bonus.

Once again, it acts as another line of security.


There we have it. If you were ever unsure of what an online casino bonus code is or why we use them, you can now see that they have many benefits to both the online casino and the player. The most important of all being security.