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Online Casino Bonuses No Deposit Required

There are many ways to receive a bonus code from online casino sites. You can be a fist time customer, receive it as a loyalty bonus or there could be a promotion on at the site.

But why do we need a bonus code? Surely signing in to the online casino should be enough to get the bonus. However, there are many benefits to the online casino and the player a bonus code provides. Benefits that you may not be aware of.

Here are all the different reasons that you need a bonus code for online casino bonus no deposit.


To start things off, let’s look at the most popular and most common way to receive a no deposit bonus, the welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus is given out to players that sign up to use an online casino for the first time. It is a promotion that is used to tempt player into signing up to that site. But why provide a bonus code?

Simple. It gives the player a reason to create a new slots account. They need to sign in to enter the bonus code and without an account, they cannot get the bonus.

It is quite clever really. It ensures that new players are signed up and adds to their customer base. Once the no deposit bonus runs out, they will need to make a deposit to carry on playing slot games. Now that they already have an account, that action is so much easier.

It may seem devious to us players however, can we live without no deposit bonuses.

Setting up this account is what’s called a wagering requirement. So, what is a wagering requirement?

no deposit required sites

Wagering requirements.

A wagering requirement is something that a player must do or have to unlock a bonus.

As we saw above, for the player to receive their Online casino bonus codes no deposit they had to create an account and enter the bonus code. In this example, the creation of the online casino account was the requirement.

With this in mind, we can see why a bonus code is used for certain promotions and bonuses. They are used to ensure that a player meets all of the wagering requirements for the bonus to work.

Let’s look at another example to see how this works.

The loyalty bonus

As I mentioned above, another reason an online casino will give out a no deposit bonus is to reward players who have been using their site for a long time. It is given to players to reward their loyalty and keep them playing on the site.

This can be a free deposit amount or some free spins. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the player will be given a bonus code to enter.

When entered, this bonus code will acknowledge why the player is receiving this gift. The code will check if the player has met the requirements, in this case that they have been logged in for the period of time stated for the bonus to work, and will then have the no deposit bonus added to their personal account.

There is another reason that these codes are used and you may have guessed it already.


As we saw in the example above, the player entered the bonus code into their personal online casino account. This verified that the player that uses that account has met the requirements to use the bonus.

That means that the bonus code will not work on someone else’s account. If a player somehow gets hold of somebody else’s bonus code and then enters it into their own casino account, it will not work. They will not have met the requirements for the bonus to work.

This means that players cannot take advantage of or steal other player’s bonuses. A tempting thought when the idea of no deposits is floating around however online casino bonus codes helps to keep players safe and secure.


You might get a bit confused when confronted by an online casino bonus code however these digits are needed for several reasons.

They make players set up an online casino account to help casino sites monitor their player base. They are a tool used to ensure that players getting the bonus meet all the requirements needed for the bonus and they add a little bit more security to the online casino experience.

Another way to look at it is, lets all be thankful for online casino bonus codes and no deposit bonuses.