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Online Casino Offers Explained

Online Casino Offers Explained

Players are supposed to be encouraged to play games, right? Well, that idea has been behind the wheel of casino operations for decades. Casino offers are different perks that players get for patronizing an online casino operator. These offers vary in scope, duration, and requirements and target audience.

However, one thing cuts across all of them: they aim to draw more patronage from players. In other words, a good number of online casino offers have done really well at achieving this objective, while some just aren’t enough to turn one-off players into customers. This goes to establish that the market is highly competitive, with every online casino trying to get a fair share of it.

In this light, therefore, we seek to explain different online slot offers players mostly get, and they include:

  • Welcome offers;
  • Deposit offers;
  • No-deposit offers;
  • Free spin offers;
  • Match offers;
  • VIP and Loyalty offers.


In recent times, welcome offers are by far some of the most common casino sites offers that players get. Welcome offers are special offers targeted at new players only, to get them on board. A welcome offer is mostly subject to fewer wagering requirements compared to some other offers. These welcome offers are subject to the time lag attached to them by the casino and can lapse at its expiration.

One peculiar thing with welcome bonuses is, they are mostly attached to “select games”, and this could be slot games, card games, live games, roulette games, bingo games, keno games. So, to claim the welcome offer, new players after creating and updating their account, have to opt-in for it, read up the terms and conditions, stick to them, and play only the games they apply to. For instance, at Cozino welcome offers are available for new players with respect to some slot games that they apply to.

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Deposit offers are more general in scope as they apply to all classes of players in online casinos. Welcome offers entail that a player has to deposit a certain amount of money at a particular time to qualify for them. That is, they are casino offers that require players to deposit a minimum amount to be eligible to claim these slots games offers.

Deposit offers apply amongst other requirements to both new and existing players of an online casino, and the players have to deposit to claim. Deposit offers may be incorporated with other offers in a casino, while wagering requirements may be quite more. This means that you can see deposit offers being intertwined with different variants of online casino offers.


No deposit offers are online casino offers made to entice new players. No deposit casino offers are promotions provided to players upon registering a new account with an online casino, which mostly brings them in. These offers allow players to even withdraw funds that they win but subject to some wagering requirements. Yes, no deposit offers are free to claim, but eligible players have to ensure that they stick to and meet the conditions and wagering requirements attached to them.

Most often, no deposit offers are attached to some online casino games that players have to play for their wins to be paid out. Also, no deposit offers are targeted at players with dormant accounts at an online casino. In an effort to bring them back on board, casinos send them no deposit offers that they can activate and claim, should they come back to the casino.


Match offers require players to deposit a stipulated and defined maximum amount of money to claim the maximum bonus available. That is, such offers are open to players who only deposit a specific maximum amount to match up an exact maximum amount to be won. Typically, you would see appearing this way ‘100% match bonus up to $1000’, ‘80% match bonus up to $100’, etc.

These offers are mostly accompanied by wagering requirements that you have to keep to be able to cash out. Match offers can be available to both new and existing players at most online casinos. However, you have to ensure you are appropriately guided to claim them.


Free spins are online casino offers that are exclusively attached to slot games offered at an online casino. These offers can be substituted for cash offers or provided along with deposit offers. So, instead of getting real money from an online casino, you get free spins with which you then proceed to play and win real money.

At the time of opting in for the offer, a number of slot games are made eligible and provided for players to play the free spins on. And this must be the case for every player, as strict adherence is mostly the case when it comes to payouts. One very positive thing about this kind of offer is that it mostly comes with no wagering requirements attached to it. In this case, you go ahead to claim and play and get paid out provided you win on the slot games provided.


VIP and Loyalty offers are an exclusive kind of online casino offers provided to a select few players. VIP and Loyalty offers are mostly aimed at encouraging long-existing customers of an online casino. These promotions usually run on some games primarily stipulated by the online casino.

One peculiar thing about VIP and Loyalty offers is that the casino, in most cases, decides who is eligible and who isn’t based. In essence, eligibility could be on the grounds of having deposited a certain amount of money with the casino or played consistently for a particular period. The value provided by these offers is mostly weighed against the value brought by the eligible players. However, as with most casino offers, some terms and conditions also apply.


Online casinos continue to innovate and restructure their business models to be on top of their game with players. Without a doubt, casino offers have put the vast majority of online casinos on the map, ensuring they meet the bonus needs of players. Cozino is an example of such casinos that pride themselves on providing top-notch offers. In effect, you could claim most of the offers explained hereinabove at Cozino, and see how your story could be tellable.