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Safe Gambling in the UK

Safe Gambling in the UK

Gambling is one of the largest economies in the UK along with other economies such as banking, travel and retail. It is hugely successful for many reasons but one of the largest in its safety, and particularly when we are talking about online casinos. Gambling has been one of the most popular past times to occur in Britain for centuries and the UK is home to some of the largest, oldest, and most popular bookmakers around the world.

The UK sees that both the players and the punters are fully protected by the laws surrounding gambling so the UK remains one of the safest places in the entire world that gambling can take place and this due to the gambling regulations that are set and enforced consistently. For instance, players deposit at online slots and if they win they can get their money within just a few days.


Gambling in the UK can take place either in a land-based casino or in an online casino by anyone over the age of 18 years; in other countries players can engage at casino games only after they turn 21. Any casino must legally provide a safe and fair environment for a player where no physical risk can occur.

Interestingly, though the UK is very hot on tax, there is absolutely no tax paid on any sum of money won online or offline in a gambling capacity. There are lots of ways in which the players and punters are protected and the legalities surrounding gambling are just some of the ways in which these occur. These apply to protect any type of casino players, from roulette to slots and blackjack online or offline!


Gambling was designed to be a fun and sociable event and should be kept this way always. Whether you are a visitor or a permanent resident of the UK, you are fully protected by the laws surrounding how the UK sees gambling. The UK gambling market remains one of the most well-regulated markets in the world, with continual testing being done on every gambling providers as well as the necessity for licenses to be requested by every provider, too.

If there is no license, no play should occur as there is a high chance that a gambling provider with no license is not participating in legal activity and should be avoided as you are not protected as a player. Keep in mind that there are also more specialised regulations that are applied to individual casinos by the providers, to set rules around online jackpots or online casino promotions.


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There is always the ability for you to find a license when it comes to gambling and gaming in the UK. If you are attending a land-based casino, then usually the license needed for you to learn that the casino is well regulated and legal, should be clearly displayed. It is very often near the front door or the registration desk for your observation. If it is not, then you have every right to ask a member of staff to show you the licensing.


If you are playing a gambling orientated game online then you need to look out for any icons that show you that the site in question has been regulated, evaluated and is legal for you to play. Finding these logos are your responsibility to protect yourself and you should not participate in gambling online unless you have seen these icons.

They can either be the commissions’ logo or the logos of any of the Whitelisted jurisdiction areas. Finding these mean that the site you are using is reputable, you are safe and protected as you play.