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Top 10 Online Casino Games in the UK 2021

Top 10 Online Casino Games in the UK 2019

Casino games are as fun as they are rewarding, just ask the tens of thousands of people who walk into casinos across the globe if you don’t believe us. When picking which is the best casino game out there, most people have their own opinions on which is the best, after all, we’re all wired differently, so we’re always going to have conflicting views. This is why Cozino has tried to gather all the top games in one place.

It’s never been a better time to get into this industry, an industry that is currently going through a boom, given the amount of money exchanged on a daily basis, as well as the number of players visiting casinos/online casino sites. Slots, table games, scratch cards, you name it, you can win money in it!

We’re going to be looking at the top 10 casino games that you can check out today. Each of the games we’re going to be talking about play slightly different from one another, so if you’re looking to get into this industry but don’t know where to start, you might find that just playing these casino games will help you decide on which is the best.

*Disclaimer* Keep in mind that in the name of fairness, this list is in no particular order, so don’t go jumping straight to the number one spot thinking that it’s rated any better than the others!


Any variant of Blackjack is worth checking out, in our humble opinion. It is one of the most popular table games in the world, and it is available in both online and offline formats, depending on how you like to play. Some believe that Blackjack has been around since the dinosaurs walked the earth, and we believe them! Arguably one of the easiest table casino games to get the hang of… Blackjack!

To win in Blackjack, you need to beat the dealer by having cards which, combined, add up, as close as possible, to the number 21. You begin with two cards — as does the dealer, one of which is faced up. You are then given multiple options to choose from with each round depending on how you want to proceed. The great thing about Blackjack is there are various strategies that you can implement here to come out on top, meaning every game offers you something different.

Online versions of Blackjack do play a lot like what you would see in an actual casino, but if you want an upgrade from that, then there are quite a few live versions of the game, a version where you play against human opponents, in a completely different setting.


One of the most played online slot games in the world right now, a game that will keep you on your toes that’s for sure. Aloha Cluster Pays is an online cluster game; NetEnt’s magnum opus if you will. Look on any reputable online casino site, and you’ll see this particular game front and centre on the homepage.

Cluster slots play a lot like regular slots, the only difference is how wins are strung together. Most slot games encourage you to match symbols from left to right on the board, in a cluster slot you are essentially forming honeycombs and coming out with flaming magma-hot cash. The game’s theme has you playing on a remote island of some kind, one with an active volcano just sitting off in the distance.

The features and overall attention to detail shown here are incredible and are one of the main reasons as to why NetEnt is on top of the world right now — as far as online slots are concerned. With incredible bonus features, progressive jackpots and hypnotising visuals, it’s a surprise you haven’t played this already (unless you have and then you’ll know what we’re getting at).


Live Roulette is very similar to the live version of Blackjack that we mentioned above. In Live Roulette, you are basically combining online/offline Roulette in unison! You play using a mouse and keyboard, but are playing against an actual board somewhere in the world — you’re merely live streaming it as you play!

You must have been living under a rock if you don’t know how to play Roulette. Roulette is the game where you have to bet on which number/colour an ivory ball will land on a roulette wheel. Your bets can be as small or as large as you like, just keep in mind that the higher the bet, the more money you’ll make.

Live casino games like roulette and other popular table games are only getting more prevalent by the day; it almost feels like these casino games are the future of the industry, it’s only a matter of time before they become VR operated, trust us.


NetEnt’s Starburst is regarded as one of, if not the most iconic online slot games that’s ever existed, a game that jettisons you out into the farthest reaches of outer space in the hope of coming back to earth with a lot more money to your name. Casino games like Starburst are the kind that you can keep coming back to again and again without fail since they’re so easy to master!

Starburst is a slot that takes a lot of what was great about classic fruit machines and repurposes them for a modern audience. The gameplay is incredibly simplistic in that all you have to do is lookout for the sparkly gems and you win! There are plenty of bonus features found here too, the kind that will change the gameplay up a little.

Almost every reputable online casino site out there has Starburst; it probably has something to do with the games 96% RTP percentage, one that should definitely appeal to a lot of players out there who are chasing serious cash in big doses! On Cozino, you can also play mobile starburst!


Become the god of thunder himself in this truly electric online slot from developer Microgaming. Thunderstruck is an online slot that rides that Marvel trend all the way to the bank, giving players every opportunity to come out on top with some fantastic wins! Thunderstruck came out in 2004, yet somehow, it’s managed to stand the test of time, check it out for yourself and see why!

Microgaming has always had their finger on the pulse when it comes to casino games like this, games that don’t take themselves too seriously but offer you enough to keep you occupied for hours on end. Thunderstruck is one of their more popular games, a game that later got a sequel in Thunderstruck 2 a few years after the first got its initial release.

Some of the features you see in the more modern Microgaming slots were originally perfected in Thunderstruck. If you want to go back to where it all started for this developer, then look no further than Thunderstruck for obvious reasons – or maybe Thunderstruck II!


A game that takes you to the carnival for some summer fun! In Fluffy Favourites, the only limits come via your imagination. If you’ve never been to the carnival (funfair if you’re from the UK), then there’s no excuse to not play this addictive online slot from Eyecon for yourself! If bright colours are your forte, then you’ll really enjoy this one too.

The bonus features on offer in Fluffy Favourites do an excellent job in pushing you just a little harder to spin and spin you will! As of the day that this article is being written, Toy Story 4 is soon to be released, and the story revolves around the toys going to a funfair of some kind; we like to think that they took the idea for the movie from Fluffy Favourites.

Look out for the pink elephant symbol on the reels, this symbol has a few hidden tricks up its sewn sleeves! We can’t recall ever playing two games the same with Fluffy Favourites, which is why you should check it out!


Harkening back to the days of online slot gaming where all you had to do was spin and win, 7s To Burn is very similar to Starburst in what it is able to offer punters. Playing this game is like taking a time machine back to the early 2000s, a time when everything about the casino game industry was relatively simple, where anyone could enter and become successful.

At first glance, you might not think that a lot is going on here, but what people don’t understand is this is all a part of the charm of the game. It has a 95% RTP percentage and comes with a few hidden extras that players are expected to find if they want to make some serious moolah, including a hi-roller mode that is sure to push players beyond their limits!


The goal in Bonanza slot is simple: blow everything up and rummage through the wreckage! It’s a six-reel game, one that lets you be the demolition man to your own end. The graphics here work incredibly well despite all the devastation that spreads itself across the screen with every successful sortie; sometimes it’s just really fun just to blow some stuff up and win some cash!

Bonanza is one of many games from the Big Tim Gaming catalogue that you can play whenever and wherever thanks to the ability to play on mobile. Big Time Gaming does make a lot of their games mobile optimised, but there’s just something about this one that really does it for us.

One of the best things about Bonanza is the avalanche feature, one that is constantly dropping new symbols onto the board at regular intervals, keeping you on your toes in the process. Chaos ensues in Bonanza, that’s the main reason you should be playing!


Like Blackjack, Poker is as popular online as it is in person. The game where your main objective is to bluff your way to victory is just as popular now as it ever was. Casino games like Poker should be played as often as possible if you like making money, ask any gamer and they’ll all tell you the same thing. Poker is a game of luck, strategy and skill, one that not a lot of people can master.

Online versions of Poker play exactly the same as their real-world counterparts, if not better. If you’re someone that can’t afford expensive trips to your local casino — or you just want to get better at the game — then look no further than online variations of the hit table game. The number of cards dealt in most games of Poker differs, which is why most online versions let you choose how you want to play.

When played correctly, there’s no greater feeling in the world when playing Poker, that is for sure. Poker plays with multiple players who take turns in either matching or folding depending on the amount presented by the previous player in the rotation. If there are players left at the end of these rounds, then a showdown will take place where the winning hand will prevail.


An Irish themed online slot game with an interesting twist. In Finn and the Swirly Spinn, players are dumped into a world of sunshine and rainbows, a world they must navigate successfully if they have any hopes of finding pots of gold. Irish themed casino games tend to get quite repetitive, but Finn and the Swirly Spinn try to do something a little different, which is why it stands out to us.

It’s a 3D casino game meaning certain things on the reels will shift around as you play — including Finn himself who sits on the bottom of the reels towards the left of the screen. This is yet another cluster slot, in that you’ll need to honeycomb symbols together in different shapes to win! There’s a tonne of bonuses and quirky gameplay elements here that all go into a truly memorable experience.

Ah, and also don’t forget to check out the Finn and the Swirly Spin mobile version!