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UK Gambling Regulatory Bodies

UK Gambling Regulatory Bodies

Being a resident of the UK is great if you are someone who likes to place a bet, enjoys gambling and uses online casino sites. This is because there is absolutely no aspect of any of these that are seen as illegal within the UK. Not only is the legal side of things very simple within the UK but you also have the UK Gambling Commission at your fingertips which keeps you fully protected, safe and secure as you play slots online or other casino games UK. This does not matter whether you are playing the national lottery, visiting a traditional casino or playing casino games online, you are covered. But the UK Gambling Commission is not the only way in which you are protected, as there are actually many other Gambling Regulatory Bodies that help with this too.


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To be able to stay fully protected by the UK Gambling Commission and other Gambling Regulatory Bodies, you need to be aware that not every single gambling method is trustworthy, reliable or reputable. You are the only person responsible for determining whether it is safe for you to play or gamble in the way you are thinking of, so you need to keep this fact in mind. Though the UK is very well protected against bogus sites, there are still some sites of this nature that exist so you need to look out for certain thing that will determine as to whether or not you are safe to play. Considering the Whitelist of all of the jurisdictions that meet the standards of the UK Gambling Commission to ensure that gamblers are safe, secure and protected, is absolutely key. So take a look at the following to ensure that you are always safe when you gamble or game online or in a traditional casino setting.


This is the list of different jurisdictions who are legally entitled to provide UK gamers or gamblers with their services. All sites with certification from one or more of these jurisdictions has successfully applied for licensing and is regularly checked to ensure that fair gambling or gaming takes place and ensures that no risk is obvious to players. The countries who are Whitelisted are as follows:

  • Alderney – The Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Antigua and Barbuda – The Directorate of Offshore Gaming
  • Countries within the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Gibraltar – The Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner
  • Isle of Man – The Gambling Supervision Commission
  • Tasmania – The Tasmania Liquor and Gaming Commission

As all of the above have different regulations, similarly there are specific rules followed by each individual casino, especially when it comes to their promotions.


Anyone wanting to participate in gambling must be over the age of 18 years old. Any promotions and bonus offers should be carefully considered, with small print being read thoroughly, as these deals are not always what they seem. Ensuring that you are not gambling too much, for too long or too frequently is important, as these can be signs that you are heading towards gambling addiction. Only ever gamble if you can financially afford to lose all of the money that you have credited your account with. If you recognise that you need help, there are multiple support groups across Britain that can help you.