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What are the different varieties of slot games?

Slot games are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. This is partly due to the mass increase of slot games that are now available to play online. Cozino alone houses hundreds of slot games and that is just one casino site.

The sheer abundance of slot games is not the only reason that they are so popular however. It is also because these games are all different from one another. Slot game developers work hard to ensure that the games that they create are different to anything else on the casino sites market. But are all of these games that different from each other? Let’s take a look at the different varieties of slot games to find out.


One way to make a new slot game stand out from all the other slot games on the market is by decorating the game with a certain theme. If you search through the hundreds of slot games available on Cozino you will find all sorts of weird and wacky ideas.

There are slot games based around pirates, fantasy kingdoms, space, the old west and even licenced properties like Game of Thrones and James Bond. The list is endless and theming is the best way to make your online slot game stand out from the rest. If you make a slot game eye-catching, you are bound to draw players in before they have even begun to spin.


Something that goes hand in hand with theming is the variety of different scatter symbols you can implement in a slot game.

The scatter symbol is a unique symbol that players can land on the slot games reels whilst playing. This one symbol is a developer’s tool to make their slot games play differently. The variety of what this symbol does is so extensive that it can be different in each and every game. It can add in a bonus round, shake up and transform the rest of the games symbols, turn every symbol wild or even add to the player’s multiplier.

As with a slot games theming, the uses of the scatter symbol is endless and can really add to a slot games charm. Why not go scatter hunting at Cozino to see exactly what I mean. You won’t be disappointed. But the most important reason that people play slots is their chance at winning some real money, while being entertained. Surely that element can’t be varied?

slot game themes


Another way to add some variety to online slot games is by adjusting the games stakes. You can make the game bets as low or as high as you like. Perhaps place it somewhere in the middle. Some slot players like to play for fun, others want to win big. By adjusting the stakes through the corresponding buttons you can enjoy the game just as you fancy.

You can also adjust the stakes by offering a different jackpot. Set it as high or low as you like. The limits are endless. Try this for yourself at Cozino.

Bonus rounds

The basic round in most slot games are usually similar. The idea is to match up identical symbols across a pay line and then spin again to try and win more. Where most slot games bring in their originality is in a bonus round.

A bonus round is separate from the main game and can utilise a number of different features. You can add on more reels, have an animated click adventure or just fill the reels with wilds. This is where great slot developers really get to flex their creative muscles and make their slot game stand out from the pack.

They aren’t rooted to just one bonus feature either. Some slot games have as many as seven bonus rounds and free spin features, others much more. With so many features it erases the need for players to switch games. Cozino has hundreds of slot games but factor in the bonus material and that number is closer to one thousand.


As you can see, there are so many different ways that developers can add variety to their slot games. From the coat of paint that they add by theming to how the game plays in its bonus features. There are hundreds of different slot games on Cozino and, judging by this blog, many more to come.