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Online Casino Bonus No Deposit

There are so many online casinos out there, with so many options for us to choose between; so many casinos out there trying to get our attention. It makes perfect sense that they will do things to try and get our attention over their other competitors. After pushing advertisement for us to see and paying for preferential placement in search engine results, what else do they have to do separate themselves from the pack? The answer is bonuses and there are a huge plethora out there for us to take advantage of varying value.

UK casino bonuses can come in many forms, but first, let us take a look at the most eye catching of them all, no deposit casino bonuses.

What is a No Deposit Casino Bonus?

So what are no deposit casino bonuses?

They are sign up deals that most casinos offer to entice us into choosing them over their competitors. These deals come in many different forms with pros and cons to each one, so lets try and improve our understanding of what is on offer and how we can best take advantage of them.

No Deposit Free Spins

We should probably start by looking at one of the most common bonus offer that are in the market. The biggest offer out there is free spins, letting us get into slot games and make some winnings for no cost at all!

So what exactly are no deposit free spins? They are a bonus offered with no deposit, meaning you get it for free!

It sounds too good to be true, right? Well there are some catches that we will talk about soon, but in principle it is a really good bonus. Allowing us to get into a variety of slot games with absolutely no risk at all!

They can vary in their real term value when you are using them to play your slot games. The average value they are given is 0.10 so if it is a lot less than then there are probably better deals out there. If it is significantly more, then you might want to worry that it is too good of an offer.

One thing that some people can find a little annoying when they play is that free spins tend to be directly tethered to specific games. One of the reasons that online casinos tend to do this is to encourage us to try out different slot games, but there can be a large variance across different casinos of the slots the bonus free spins will be tied to. You can shop around if you are looking for free spins on a specific game and the likelihood is you will find what you are after.

How does this casino bonus work?

Another thing online casinos might do is restrict the flow of our free spins. If for example they have an offer of 200 free spins on sign up, they could have the caveat that you will receive them spread out in increments of perhaps 10 to 20 per day. Whilst this can be annoying, there are a few reasons casinos do this.

It means that we have to keep coming back to get all that they have to offer, establishing the habit for us to return and have us a step closer to becoming a player that is loyal to that specific online casino. Whilst they are trying to get our commitment to stay with them, it also means that if we really love playing, that there is the chance we might not want to wait till the next day to get access to those juicy free to play slots online. The obvious solution to that is to make a deposit and start playing with real money, which brings a whole set of potential juicy bonuses take advantage of which we will get to soon.

Free spins come in a variety of amounts; they are most commonly seen in offers of the following sizes:

  • 10 free slots no deposit
  • no deposit 30 free spins
  • 50 free spins no deposit required
  • 100 free spins no wagering
  • 150 free spins upon sign up
  • 200 free spins no registration

No Deposit Money Bonus

Now we have covered why we might want to play the free spins, we should take a look at another really common bonus used to bring us into the online casinos.

The next biggest bonus on offer is actual free money. Casinos will offer varying amount of free money for you to be able to use on their sites meaning you can make totally risk free money if you are lucky enough! Some of the usual amounts to see will vary quite a lot, but here’s some of the most common:

  • £10 no deposit
  • £15 upon sign up
  • £50 on specific slots
  • £100 no deposit
  • £200 free bonus
  • With some even offering £1000!

For those of you that are sceptics of deals so good, there is reason to have a weather eye on deals too good. There can be hurdles that make it incredibly difficult to actually make real money.

Other Common Online Casino Bonuses in 2021

If you that was everything you will pleasantly surprised that there are still plenty of different kind of offers for us to take advantage of, so we can get some real money from the online casino games we enjoy so much.

Deposit Match Bonuses

If we are feeling like we want to put some skin in the game and deposit some real money into our online casino accounts, then it opens up a few other options for us to be able to maximise our profit potentials.

A really common special bonus that is offered is deposit matching, for every penny you put in, they will match it. So if you put in £50, you’ll actually be getting £100 to play with! It can be a really superb deal!

There are often conditions around how much any casino will match though, so it is likely there will be little point in depositing hundreds or thousands of your money. Common caps that are placed on deposit matching can vary quite drastically, so get online and have a search for the best ones! They can often range anywhere between a deposit matching limit starting at £30 ranging anywhere in the region of £100 or £200.

Remember though, even in this plethora of superb deals, if a deal looks too good then you might want to look into it further. We will take a look at what you can do to protect yourself in a little while, but first lets look at some more of the sought after bonuses!

Deposit Bonuses

Next we have deposit bonuses. As I’m sure you can guess, these are fairly similar to deposit matches, however with a slight difference.

That difference is that they are offered out at pre-set values, this works by the online casino giving you minimum deposit sizes for you to meet. For example a casino could offer you £50 of bonus money to play with when you deposit £100. They also come in smaller amounts.

Depending on how much real money you are wanting to play with, you can use these offers across multiple casinos to maximise your free money. For instance if you had £200, then you could potentially spread that across  a reasonable amount of different online casinos.

If for example we say there were a bunch of offers for £20 of free money when you deposit £50. That would mean you would have gained an extra £80 to make those sweet profits! This is a common deal that is on offer, so with a bit of work you can really make your money go the extra mile with some savvy deposits to get the most of the special bonus offers.

Deposit Free Spins

As we talked about before, free spins are one of the most popular offers out there! The slots industry is booming so casinos are trying to give us what we want.

There isn’t a great deal of difference between the free spins that are on offer when you give a deposit in comparison to when you choose not to. However deposit free spins can come in a greater number of free spins. This is because the online casinos are rewarding us for the commitment we have already shown the them. It is after all a relationship of balance between us, the players and the casinos.

Loyalty Casino Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses come in all variety of bonus types, it will vary across each casino. The aim of the game with loyalty bonuses is to incentivise you to keep coming back to their casino and play the games you love through their service. As we’ve spoken about, it could be free spins or additional deposit bonuses, they are usually scheduled around specific membership milestones, such as three months.

Is It All Too Good To Be True?

The quick answer is no, but also kind of…
We must first remember that online casinos are businesses and whilst they offer great deals to make us choose them, they also would be foolish if they allowed us to make all this free money. What business that simply gives away free money could stay open?

So where and what are these catches that we need to look out for?

It is all in the fine print, the terms and conditions. There are quite a few ways that you can get caught out and miss out on taking full advantage of the bonuses on offer.

  • Free Spin Value – As we mentioned earlier with free spins, they can potentially be valued at small amounts, making them practically worthless.
  • Expiry – On top of that they can have expiry times wherein you have to have used all the free spins with a given time – pay attention to this, some of them are as short as 24 hours!
  • Eligible Games – It is common for free spins to be restricted to specific games, so make sure to find out which one you are being offered.
  • Wagering Restrictions – Restrictions placed on the minimum bet that you can place, this can mean you burn through the bonus deal really quickly!

No Deposit Bonus vs Deposit Bonuses

Now that we have looked at all the kinds of bonuses that are on offer, we should be wondering which is best and the main difference between all of the bonuses is whether or not you are putting your own money in to get access to your favourite casino games. As always there has to be a level of generality to comparisons as there are just so many different casino providers out there. So lets think about the business models that they both have.

No deposit bonuses are casinos that are placing themselves at a greater level of potential exposure to risk, this is because they are the only ones putting anything in. We are all take. So to mediate that risk they could have more restrictive rules around how you are able to use your bonuses, but this varies between each casino.

Really the thing we should ask ourselves is how we want to play, with such variance between casinos we can find reasons to opt to go for each. If we want to have the rush of risk involved in our play then go for the deposit, if not, then don’t.

How To Get Access To Bonus Deals

Now that we have spoken about all the different kind of bonuses that are available to choose from, we have to talk about how to actually get them! Fortunately, it is really simple. You sign up. Casinos are always wanting new players to join which is why they offer such good deals, as  new players you are an untapped resource and they want us to try what they have to offer.

no deposit bonus

Online Casino Offers vs Brick and Mortar Casinos Bonuses

Offer better deals – low overheads and more people can access

Available anytime and anywhere

There are three significant differences between brick and mortar casinos and their digital counterparts. One of the biggest conveniences of being online opposed to brick and mortar is there is no longer the need for annoying trips to the ATM to get out money for your next round of games. You can simply deposit it straight from your chosen platform into your account, even it does mean you don’t get to enjoy the physical experience of pulling on the slot machine.

Another great benefit of online casinos is that is available to you at any time, with desktop and mobile casinos, you can access your favourite casinos no matter where you are or what the hour is, but you do miss out of the nice service that is offered at most physical casinos.

Finally, what should be considered the most important of difference between them both. Online casinos can offer much better deals. Physical casinos have a greater amount of bills to pay to provide you somewhere to play, whereas online casinos have a website and the team of people to maintain that. That means they can share those savings with us players in the form of more and better bonuses.

Common No Deposit Casino Games

Whilst you can play most types of games that offer a bonus no deposit feautre, such as the many iterations of table games and card games. The most common ones on offer are the slot games simply because of those tantalising free spins!

A few good games to check out are:

  • Eye of Horus – this a classically themed Egyptian slots game that smashes it out of the park with an RTP of 96.31%, a jackpot of 10,000x your stake and a maximum wager of £100! All this brought to you over 5 reels with 10 paylines. With symbols from the hieroglyphics, the graphic aren’t over done, just enough for feeling of the setting, letting you focus on the game at hand.
  • Book of The Dead, this slot game has an interesting system where we have to choose how many coins we would like to use (between 1 and 5), then set the value of those coins, starting at £0.01 sup to £1. Then choose whether you want to play across 1 or all 10 paylines. Stake per spin between £0.01 and £50. With an RTP of 96.21%, though there are variable versions out there ranging as low as 84.18% so do your best to check. Whilst you’re playing you will get to do it to top quality graphics accompanied by characters such as Rich Wilde, Osiris, Asubis and Horus. And it will come with no surpise that the scatter symbol is the book of the dead, a glistening golden book.
  • Gonzo’s Quest is a highly popular game. Following the games namesake, Gonzo who is on a search for vast wealth from the city of El Dorado. This game comes with 5 reels and a whopping 20 paylines, a minimum bet of £0.20 and maximum of £50 and an RTP of 96%! The symbols are softly carved profiles of human faces and animal, with the humans being worth more and they are delivered in the unique way of tumbling down into place opposed to the standard spinning of reels.

Wagering Requirements that Apply

We briefly talked about wagering requirements early, lets get it into a little more than just a few sentences, it deserves it. So just to recap, Wager requirements are restrictions on how small your wagers are allowed to be when playing individual games.
Unfortunately, they are unavoidable, it is simply a practise across the board when dealing with bonuses, however this could change in the future with every casino trying to outdo their competitors. That being said, when you balance wagering requirements against the bonuses you receive. They are largely outweighed, provided the requirement are not set too high.

Terms and Conditions

One final thing that we should discuss is once we have found the bonuses we would like to take advantage of, check the terms and conditions. This can’t be stressed enough. There can be conditions which make it incredibly difficult to be able to make real money. Luckily checking them should be easy, online casinos are legally required to make this information easy to find, it is usually displayed clearly on the sign up page, if it’s not there then there may be something amiss, so in that situation, it is better to eer on the side of caution and avoid the site.


So let’s take have a quick summary of what we have learnt.
We have taken a look at the no deposit deals; what we are more likely to be offered and what utility they each have.

Then compared them against deposit bonuses, look at the value for new players that of both of them have. As well as coming to understand that at the end of the day it will come down to personal preference and what risk exposure we are comfortable being subject to. After which we took a look at some of the other great offers out there to help us play to our hearts content. Such as loyalty bonuses and got an overview of how they could function depending on the different casinos.

We also learned to keep a weather eye out for nasty risks that will get in the way of us playing some of our favourite games! These can be in the form of wagering requirements, but there are also a myriad of other terms and conditions that you need to look out for, but thankfully we now know how to check on those pesky little terms!

One thing I had not mentioned before is this. If you are ever in doubt of the validity of an online casino, check to see whether they blacklisted, the government keep a public list of all blacklisted gambling establishments. Using this will go a long way in helping to keep us safe from potential fraudsters, leaving us to relax and get into the thick of it with our online casinos in safety. Remember, we are here to have fun and enjoy our community as players of some of the best online casino games around. Be smart and be safe.