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Fishin' Frenzy

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The catch of the day is just yearning for your attention!


Have you ever found yourself fishing in one of the most beautiful places on earth, only to find that the biggest fish in the lake has just say slipped your grasp? We personally have and it completely ruined our day, so much so that we had to hang up our rod and fishing equipment for a little while before we could get over it properly. Our faith in fishing was finally restored once we played FishinFrenzy, thus making every story have somewhat of a silver lining. Fish can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but little did you know that cash prizes are also quite as varied, and you need only play this slot to see that for yourself. Looking for fishing advice? You should consider playing this slot.

FishinFrenzy is a very basic 5 reel y 10 pay-line slot that comes to you via the power of developer Reel Time Gaming. The reels here move quite fast compared to other slots out there, so be sure to get comfortable with the pay-lines on a small bet before trying something a tad more fishy. There are quite a lot of nibbles for you to get your hands on in this slot, compared to other slots out there in the market, this is quite the creative one, encouraging repeated plays throughout the additional features that you’ve come to expect from a developer the likes of Reel Time. Be sure to check out the rest of our review to see if this is the right plunge for you!

Expectation vs Reality

Fishing slots don’t tend to be considered all that popular when compared to that of your Irish and Egypt themed slots. These slots tend to be few and far between, often appearing when you least expect them, almost like a fish! We can’t name off the top of our heads, more than 5 different fish themed slots, maybe we have a poor memory, but the theme tends to be avoided for whatever reason. FishinFrenzy is one of, if not the best fishing related slot that you’ll ever come across, which is a testament to the developer who clearly care in terms of what they are producing for the masses.

About the Game

You might have come across slots similar to this in the past. Ones that are very basic to understand, the types of slots that can capture ones imagination in a manner of different ways. If we were to liken this slot to other media, we would probably say that it reminds us of a mix of Finding Nemo and Shark Tale, which are two movies that star fish in various different predicaments. Each of the symbols on these reels are of a fishing theme, they all help in giving you the most bang for your buck. All of these fish are represented by various different colours and special outlines, making it very simple for one to identify which symbol they are prioritising over others. Symbols are matched in the left to right orientation, and will see that players get the most out of their wins with a 95% RTP percentage, a rating that is quite high compared to other slots out in the market presently.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

What would a Reel Time Gaming slot be without the various additional features that follow? Well it wouldn’t be a fun slot at all would it? Every additional feature helps move gameplay in a very fun way, a way that other developers should take note and follow. Hooking the highest cash prizes will be simple once you take into consideration these additional features, just keep in mind that it might take a couple of spins to see all of them in action.

SCATTER: Matching as little as 3 of these symbols on the reels will grant access into the free spins round. Free spins offer multipliers that push scores well up the table.

FREE GAMES: Once you have activated this free spins, players will then be given the chance to earn more via the fisherman symbols. For every fisherman matched, players will earn a number of free spins in toe.

GAMBLE: Want to risk it all and potentially win big? Then why not try gambling your victories. This feature will have players guessing on the next colour of a specific number of cards. Guess correctly and you win double, guess wrong and that money says bye bye.

Hit or Miss?

FishinFrenzy is without a doubt the catch of the day. We can’t recall the last time we were so joyed to play a slot before. This slot is like sitting out on a very peaceful lake, fishing (or in this case spinning) for hours on end. If you are yet to experience the fun and action of FishinFrenzy then what are you waiting for? Play today and reel in those big cash pay-outs!

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