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Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix

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You’ve played the regular Rainbow Riches, now try the PicknMix version!


If any of you out there have had the pleasure of experiencing the Barcrest title Rainbow Riches, will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a variation on the classic slot, although what you’ll be doing in this version is a tad different. The differences here are not that difficult to understand, basically there is an additional feature that gives players a chance to increase their winnings in a very personalised way. We would advise that new players experience the first Rainbow Riches first before they are trying out this version. This isn’t a requirement but will assist you in how you go about running these reels in the future. The amount of reels and pay-lines are again 5 reels by 20 pay-lines. The only real difference is the number of new additional features that can be found within this slot.

Like the original, Rainbow Riches PicknMix gives players all the opportunities in the world to come out on top with various wins, this of-course depends on the skills showcased by the player, and how they ultimately execute their skills on the reels. In total there are around 243 different ways of winning, making it very useful for players who happen to be playing this slot for its versatility. Slots such as this one were made for repeated plays, and thanks to the 243 ways of winning, we would agree. A fixed jackpot will also offer an incentive for players to reach for the high notes, the return to player percentage also offers players quite the reason to play too, a 95% return to player percentage is enough to get anyone interested. If you are still unsure, then allow us to convince you. Read the rest of this review to find out more.

Expectation vs Reality

This is an Irish-themed slot, meaning they are a dime a dozen, which can get a tad repetitive, especially when you consider the fact that even the most popular developers are getting in on the action. Rainbow Riches PicknMix is much like its previous iteration in that it goes against the status quo of a lot of these slots and is actually fun. Hopefully this slot, and others in the Rainbow Riches series, set a precedent moving forwards that Irish slots don’t have to be repetitive nonsense and can actually try something different. Playing this slot is an absolute treat, and should be played for hours on end in order to get the full experience.

About the Game

Developer Barcrest have a knack for creating experiences that are memorable due to the level of fun had on their reels. In order to win money in this slot you will be needing to match 3-5 symbols from left to right of the reels. All symbols in this slot offer something different when it comes to scores, with the more symbols matched the higher your base scores will ultimately be. But if you’ve played any online slot before in the past then you should already know this. This slot is washed out in greens and other lavish colours. This is a 3D slot so you can expect a lot of these reels to move without warning whenever successful combinations are found.

Bets in Rainbow Riches can be placed from as little as 0.1 to around 20 per spin, which is quite diverse considering there are other slots out there that offer you very little for quite a lot. The reels are again full of a mix of high and low value symbols. Each of these symbols offer something different in terms of scores.  Each of the symbols are in the shape of various Irish-themed symbols. These symbols all look very bold and are represented by a different colour, making them quite easy to spot on the reels when in the middle of the action!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Most, if not all of the original additional features make a return here. Each of these features help move gameplay in a very positive direction. The type of direction that will see your cash pay-outs double and even triple in certain instances. Playing this slot as often as possible will increase your chances of coming out on top, all you will need to have with you are your wits and courage. The Pick N Mix element to this slot come at the beginning of the slot, where you must choose up to 3 of 5 different features to be placed within.

POTS OF GOLD BONUS: Bronze, silver and gold pots will rotate on the reels, once it stops an arrow will be pointing to where your victories lye. The gold pot is worth up to 500.00 credits, making it incredibly worthwhile.

Hit or Miss?

This slot is without a doubt one of the best Irish-themed slots going today. Developer Barcrest have outdone themselves once again for your admiration, and we personally can’t thank them enough. If you are looking for a new slot to play that has tremendous upside then might we suggest you play this one? It’s a lot of fun. Play now.

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