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We promise you that this will be the most gold that you’ve ever seen!


The luck of the Irish is forever strong in Slots O Gold. Have you ever stopped to wonder where this saying comes from? We have and had to do a little digging before we could fully appreciate what developer Blueprint Gaming were aiming at. Turns out that many years ago in the US, most of the miners there were Irish and were apparently pretty good at finding all the right kinds of treasure, who’d have thought it ey! Now that you know of the origins of this phrase, maybe now is the time to discuss details about this friendly green slot. Slots O Gold is a 5 reel slot played out over 3 rows and 10 pay-lines, a rather basic slot that can be used to rack up massive victories should you let the reels do all the talking.

In the background you will find all sorts of Irish-themed memorabilia and hallmarks, the likes of which have existed for quite some time now, and see to emote feelings of happiness from all who experience it. It wouldn’t be an irish slot without the rainbow with the pot of gold at the end now would it, the rainbow can be found off in the distance, looking on as you spin to your hearts content. All of the symbols In this slot also work towards providing players with the most memorable spins possible, which is what any avid player should want from a slot made by the likes of Blueprint Gaming. Be sure to check out the rest of our review below to see if Slots O Gold is the right kind of game for you!

Expectation vs Reality

Try and count the amount of Irish slots there are out there and you will need a full day. The current online slot market is jammed full of these slots and most of them are carbon copies of ones that have proceeded them. The slots in question do nothing to appeal to your creative spark, all they seem to do is make it so that you put money down and instantly lose it or lose interest. Slots O Gold is thankfully, not one of these slots. Blueprint Gaming are one of the most trustworthy developers out there, so you should always invest time and effort into anything they offer you, whether that be a classic fruity, to this Irish masterpiece.

About the Game

Slots O Gold is one of the better Irish slots that there are out there, the experiences on offer here are very memorable, and the gameplay overall is incredibly satisfactory. Let’s start by talking about the look. This is a very green coloured slot that uses a lot of bright and bold colours in order to tell a story. All of the symbols here too are there in order to convey the chosen theme. Symbols in this slot are matched in the left to right orientation, and each offer something different in terms of scores. Some symbols have hidden features, but we’ll get to those in a second. Symbols here include: pots of gold, harps, lucky horseshoes, toadstools and the illusive four leaf clover. These symbols are very well designed, and do a great job at inviting you into this world. We would recommend playing this slot wearing some sort of green clothing, as who knows, it might help you win big!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Slots O Gold is chocked full of additional features that all assist you in coming out with the highest scores possible. These features might look a little familiar and that’s because most of them can be found in other Blueprint Gaming titles. These features can play fast and loose with your emotions, although having a level-head should give you enough opportunities to win big on the reels.

WILD: The leprechaun symbol is the chosen wild, matching him will grant you a big score increase, and will also begin to substitute out for other symbols on the reels (specifically the scatter symbol exclusively). Landing the symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4 will trigger a re-spin, which is great for big scores that require your un-divided attention.

RAINBOW GOLD: This symbol will automatically turn into a random symbol on the reels at various moments. This symbol does appear randomly, so don’t think that there is some way of pulling it from the ether.

AUTOPLAY: A great way to keep those wins coming in is via the autoplay feature, this feature gives you the ability to run as many spins as you wish off in the background. This feature can be stopped and started at any time. All you will need to do is simply select your bet amounts and the number of spins you wish to complete.

Hit or Miss?

Slots O Gold is not like the other Irish slots that exist in the market, this is one that clearly works for the player in getting the highest scores possible, remember that before you decide whether or not this is the right slot for you (spoiler alert: it is).

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