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Adventures Beyond Wonderland

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Adventures Beyond Wonderland is the most recent live dealer entertainment game show by Playtech. It’s a spin-the-wheel game inspired by Lewis Carroll’s renowned Alice in Wonderland novel. The game is similar to the wheel from another famous live casino game, Spin A Win, but with four thrilling bonus rounds and different number segments, and you can play it here now once you sign up to Cozino.

The greatest potential house edge in the Adventures Beyond Wonderland casino game is 3.18%, although various bets have different house edges. You can play on all devices for as little as 0.10 coins or as much as 1,000 coins for each spin. When playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland, you may win up to 1,000x your total stake, with a maximum payout of 500,000 coins.

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How to Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland (Playtech Live)?

The Adventures Beyond Wonderland live casino game operates on a ‘Spin the Wheel’ mechanism, with bets placed on the betting grid displayed on your screen. A modified version of the Spin A Win gaming wheel with 54 number fields and many bonus rounds is included in the game. Simply place bets on where you believe the wheel will stop. You may put bets on all seven possibilities and wager as little as 0.10 coins for each option.

You can place a bet on one of the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, or 10. You may also gamble on three different bonus bet segments on the wheel. The Adventures Beyond Wonderland wheel will be spun by the live dealer after all bets have been placed. If the wheel stops on a 1, 2, 5, or 10 segment that corresponds to your bet, you win the multiplier.

The game round ends, or a bonus round begins depending on where the wheel stops. Additionally, the wheel has also two Mystery Segments; if the wheel stops on one of these mystery segments, all players get a bonus reward.

Min/Max Bet 0.10 – 1000 coins
House Edge 3.18%
Gameplay Money Wheel with 54 Segments
Theme Wonderland story
Bonus Features Autospins, Live Chat, WonderSpins, Magic Dice, Mystery Bonus
Developer Playtech Live
Max Win 500,000 coins
Release Date November 2020

Betting Options

You may wager on four numbers in the Adventures Beyond Wonderland casino game: 1, 2, 5, and 10. The wheel includes 22 segments with the number one, 15 sections with the number two, 5 segments with the number five, and only four sections with the number ten. Each number multiplies the amount of your stake. The first part is the most common, appearing more frequently than the others. You may bet on all of these with as little as 0.10 coins and as much as 1000 coins.

In addition, there are three bonus rounds in the Adventures Beyond Wonderland live game, each with a distinct way of awarding the prizes.

The bonus rounds are WonderSpins, Magic Dice, and Mystery Bonus Spins, all of which can be gambled on. Mystery Bet occurs twice and activates a random mystery bonus round. In contrast, Magic Dice appears twice and triggers the Magic Dice bonus game. 2 Wonderspins appear three times, whereas 5 Wonderspins appear just once, and they trigger either 2 or 5 Wonderspins. Furthermore, it is here that you will see the much-loved White Rabbit, Catapillar, and Card Soldiers in action.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Odds & Payouts

Number bets pay off at a multiple of your bet multiplied by the number. The house edge for this game is 3.18%, which is calculated at number one. However, the house edges for the remaining segments vary. There are also bonus rounds or bets, such as WonderSpins (2 and 5 spins), Magic Dice, and Mistery Bonus Spins, including two games: Catapillar Mystery Multiplier and Card Soldiers. Let’s see in detail what these bonus rounds have to offer:

  • WonderSpins (2 and 5 spins): The Wonderspins bonus round has a special wheel, and it starts when 2 or 5 Wonderspins are given on the regular wheel. Then, the rabbit appears and spins around on its axis, revealing two other wheels. Each section of this wheel has a different multiplier and features renowned Alice in Wonderland creatures. The Queen of Hearts, Door Mouse, Dodo, Rabit, Mad Hatter, and Cheshire Cat will all be present. The Rabit is the most valuable, with a 50x multiplier, but it only takes one field. In addition, the inner wheel may include multipliers or more spins that may be added to the gaming round.
  • Magic Dice: A grid of 6 columns and 4 rows is shown in this bonus round of the Adventures Beyond Wonderland game. Each field has an arrow, a multiplier for that field, or a multiplier for the entire board. The goal is to make it to the top and collect a 100x multiplier. To achieve this, choose a white or red dice that is rolled in an automated shaker. The number that appears on the dice indicates either a Move Up arrow or a multiplier.
  • Mystery Bonus: The final bonus game is Mystery Bonus Spins, which brings everyone good fortune. The Catapillar Mystery Bubble and the March of the Card Soldiers are the two sections of the game. The games are picked at random, and both provide fantastic multipliers.

In the table below, you can also view the payouts and probabilities of each number bet and bonus:

Bet Payout Probability
1 1:1 40.74%
2 2:1 27.77%
5 5:1 9.25%
10 10:1 7.40%
2 Wonderspins Up to 500,000 coins 5.55%
5 Wonderspins Up to 500,000 coins 1.85%
Magic Dice Up to 500,000 coins 3.70%

Special Features in this Casino Game

The Adventures Beyond Wonderland casino game takes place in a live studio that combines engaging visual reality and cutting-edge technology to bring famous Alice in Wonderland characters to reality. The hosts, dressed in antique costumes, play the two main characters, Alice and the Mad Hatter. In addition, the animated White Rabbit and Caterpillar incorporate in the bonus rounds. Playtech Live used an original Alice in Wonderland theme and slot graphics to create an interesting, engaging live gameplay experience.

The playing interface of Adventures Beyond Wonderland live casino game comes with the ability to have auto spins, which allows you to select your stake and repeat it for 99 straight spins. Loss and win limitations can be set here as well. You may also connect with the hosts by using the live chat feature, which allows you to interact with them and improves the gameplay experience. Also, the developer has designed the game to completely operate on small displays such as mobile and tablet devices, allowing you to enjoy the same experience as on PCs.

Playing Adventures Beyond Wonderland Online

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live game by Playtech is a thrill to play with its creative combination of fantasy and high-quality gaming fun. The characters make you feel as though you’ve fallen onto a mystical realm, and there’s the possibility of some significant prizes.

Although 1,000x multipliers are uncommon, they are possible, and you’ll have much fun attempting to get them. The game’s object is to guess where the wheel will stop after a spin, and this game show is all about bonus games. So, follow Alice down the rabbit hole in Adventures Beyond Wonderland live game and discover whether luck is on your side as you spin the wheel here at Cozino, and while you are at it, why not test your luck on some of our other notable casino games, like Power Blackjack.