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Double Triple Chance

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How many chances does one need in order to succeed? Find out in this slot…

Double Triple Chance Slots Review

If you were looking for a take on the retro slots of old, then might we suggest you play Double Triple Chance from casino developer Merkur Gaming? We have personally missed slots such as this one, slots that go back to basics and focus in on what made this industry so important in the first place.

This is a 3 reel slot by 5 fixed pay-lines, which plays on the vintage slot theme. Merkur have quite the catalogue of games behind them, all of which tend to reflect most of the slots that you see today. That would make Double Triple Chance somewhat of a risk, does this risk pay-off? That’s the most important question, we would say yes, but if you’re conflicted, you might want to try this slot out for yourself to see!

This online slot games has a very generous 95% return to player percentage, which is a very good percentage when you compare it to other slots out there that emote similar themes. Players can spin from as little as 0.5 to around 10 coins, personal preference will play a factor in what you choose, but keep in mind that there are never two spins the same. The core of this slot looks at the simplicity of fun, which in todays slot landscape, is a very welcome change indeed. Be sure to check out the rest of our review below, you might find that you are more likely to play this fruity because of it.

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Expectation vs Reality when playing the Double Triple Chance Slot

You might question why you would play a vintage slot, when there are so many other up-to-date slots out there for you to choose from. Taking a step back in time to enjoy the slots that paved the way for the more modern ones is so often written off as something nostalgic. So few believe that these slots offer money on a grand scale.

If you are one of these people then it’s clear that you’ve never played this slot before. Merkur are a developer that we tend to trust whenever they come out with a new slot, so we played this slot for that reason alone without reading up on what to expect here. Simplistic slots provide a very fun balance to slots that tend to go all out, much to their own detriment.

How to Play Double Triple Chance

We’ve already said it, this is a very basic slot to behold. If you are after a slot that has a lot to that is hidden under the surface, then you might want to go and play some of the other slots on offer from Merkur. This is the type of slot that is best played on a lazy afternoon between other slots.

If you are looking for a slot that rewards players handsomely then you should find your feet in this one. Double Triple Chance is actually a great slot for beginners to get a feel for this industry, an entry level slot if you will. To win cash in this slot you will be needing to match symbols from left to right of the reels. Each of the symbols on these reels offer a window into something different in terms of scores. You will only be able to match symbols in combinations of 3 here, with symbols here taking the classic shape of various fruit.

The look of this slot is very cartoon-like which again reverts back to the vintage slots of old. Each symbol is clearly outlines by a separate colour and basic shape. Looking at the pay-table before you spin will hep you in choosing which symbols you are after. We can’t recall having two spins the same; variation in spins add interest in each spin for this reason alone. The background makes this slot appear like it’s moving at a very rapid speed. Some of these reels do move quite fast, so this is probably a reflection of that. The colours are bold and the symbols look great, shall we move on?

Double Triple Chance Free Spins and Bonus Features

Okay so we’re going to be honest. There isn’t a lot of additional features for you to use in this slot, in-fact there is only one. Other features such as wilds and free spins aren’t an option, but you can spin this slot for free without any monetary rules, which is nice as it makes this slot just a game with no stakes.

SCATTER: The scatter symbol will cause the reels to spin once more, this time in a way that potentially adds to your score.

MAX BET: Get those reels spinning instantly with the use of the max bet button. This is a self-explanatory feature, as all you have to do is hit a button and spin away.

Hit or Miss?

Although there isn’t a lot going on in this slot for players to get excited about, that does not then mean that this slot is worthy of skipping. We live with the idea that any fan of this industry should try every slot at-least once. You might find that you miss out on something special otherwise. Double Triple Chance might not have all the shiny features that you’ll find in other slots out in the market currently. But what it does have is heart, and that’s something that is priceless.

Other Classic Slot Games by Merkur Gaming

50 years in the making, Merkur Gaming have managed to carve themselves their own corner of the industry, a corner that sees to create some of the most memorable slot experiences in the world today. You don’t stay in this industry for longer that a decade for nothing.

These guys have shown that they are incredibly versatile, as well as imaginative; traits that are rare commodities in this industry. Filler does not come into their repertoire, they actively avoid the type of slots that offer nothing, and instead try to experiment as much as possible, which we wish a lot more developers would do in future. Merkur are the torch that light the way, follow them by playing their slots. Slots in their catalogue include:

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