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Dragon Tiger is a fast-paced, easy-to-play two-card Baccarat version created by Evolution Gaming in a stunningly attractive setting, and all you have to do is register here at Cozino to play it.

Dragon Tiger was introduced in 2018, and its huge popularity is a significant achievement, and it is one of the easiest live casino games to play. This Asian-themed casino game from Evolution’s live studio is live-streamed in full HD with crystal clear sound.

The standard house edge of the Dragon Tiger casino game is 3.73%. As there are only two cards dealt, the entire betting process is greatly simplified. The side bets in this game are optional and have a stunning payoff rate of 50:1. It’s also Evolution Gaming’s most popular live game, so we decided to take a deeper look and explain all of its aspects. So, sign up to Cozino today to play slots online along with the amazing Dragon Tiger casino game.

How to Play Dragon Tiger (Evo Live)?

The greatest benefit of playing such a basic game is that everyone can enjoy it. Even if you’re new to the Dragon Tiger card battle, you’ll quickly figure out how it works. The game is similar to Baccarat in that players do not compete against the dealer but instead select one of two potential outcomes: the Dragon or the Tiger.

Dragon Tiger live casino game is simple to learn and much simpler to bet on. When the game begins, you have a certain amount of time to make your bets on one of two options: “Dragon” or “Tiger.” After that, you just bet on which card will be higher, and if you win, you receive even cash. You may even place side bets if you like.

When the betting time is finished, the dealer draws two cards from one of the eight decks available cards. The host then sets one card on the Dragon-designated side and one card on the Tiger-designated side. The game’s goal is to predict which side of the table contains the highest card, and if you do, you win. Furthermore, Dragon Tiger live game rounds are short and easy, taking approximately 25 seconds to finish. As a result, the game is suitable for both beginner and expert players.

House Edge 3.73%
Game Type Live Dealer
Developer Evolution Gaming
Theme Asian
Special Features Side Bets, Live Chat,
Technology HTML5
Release Date 2018
Max Win 50:1

Betting Options

Dragon Tiger is a comparing card game in which you may place bets on four different outcomes. You have the choice of betting on which card has the highest value or on two optional side bets. The betting period is only 15 seconds long. Each hand is dealt only one card, and conventional Dragon and Tiger bets pay equal money.

There are two in Dragon Tiger live dealer game that players are most interested in when it comes to side bets. The first is a tie bet, which wins when both cards are the same, and you have a bet on it. You can also bet on the Suited Tie bet, which requires a draw in which the colours of the cards (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs) are identical.

Finally, casino operators provide various betting limits for the Live Dragon Tiger game. Most casino operators state that the lowest bet on the game is one credit and the maximum deposit limits range from 500 to 25,000 credits.

Dragon Tiger (Evo Live) Odds & Payouts

In Dragon Tiger casino games, Evolution Gaming offers two side bets that players may use: Tie Bet and Suited Tie Bet, which, when utilised correctly, can enhance the total payout the player receives. A winning hand in the main game (Dragon or Tiger) pays even money at 1:1 and has a 3.73% house edge.

In the Tie bet, gamblers assume that the cards given to the dragon and tiger will be of equal ranking. If the player correctly predicts the tie, they will win half of their initial bet plus an 11:1 tie reward. The Suited Tie bet, like the tie bet, is placed when the player believes the dragon and tiger cards will be equal in rank and suits. If the player correctly answers the suited bet tie, they will win half of their initial main bet and the 50:1 suited tie reward. The probability of receiving two suits of the same kind and number is quite low.

Special Features in this Casino Game

Evolution Gaming is one of the world’s most recognised gaming suppliers. Their games are available to thousands of online casinos. Their games include some of the best features, such as a good resolution and terrific gameplay. Dragon Tiger live table game is one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular and simple to play games.

This game has a beautiful live dealer wearing a red Asian themed dress and is broadcast in a traditional Asian setting. This live game has gorgeous themed environments displayed in high definition, and you can play on all small-screen devices such as mobile phones and tablets, allowing you to play wherever you like.

Furthermore, the Dragon Tiger live casino game has various on-screen information, such as roadmap data showing frequent player trends and the history of the delivered cards. You may also wager fast in various ways by clicking on ‘Repeat Bet’ or ‘Double,’ and all bets will be removed by clicking on ‘Undo’. A live chat feature also allows you to engage with the dealer and other players during the game. The option to hide other players’ conversations is available in Live Chat.

Playing Dragon Tiger (Evo Live) Online

The Dragon Tiger live game by Evolution Gaming is an easy game to play, yet it is still entertaining. The presentation of the table, the dealer, and the studio surroundings greatly improves the game. The game is fast-paced (rounds last just 25 seconds) and set in a gorgeous themed atmosphere with light effects that correspond to game outcomes.

In addition, this Asian-themed game has fewer moves and four betting possibilities than many other casino games, making it easier to grasp. Overall, we say Evolution Gaming has lived up to its reputation by providing gamers with a simple yet highly enjoyable game to play. So, if you prefer fast-paced games, play Dragon Tiger live casino game at Cozino. And for more fast paced games, see if you can keep up with the amazing Casino Hold’em Live!