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The power of the Mighty Sphinx is second to none! No one truly knows just how far her power goes, but one thing’s definitely for sure: she has a lot of gold on her, and is willing to share with those who are eager to show her loyalty! Mighty Sphinx from developer Neogames is a very illustrious casino online slots, one that is full of secrets and bonuses that can make a poor man very rich indeed.

Ancient Egypt slots like Mighty Sphinx are always going to be popular amongst punters for some reason — probably because they have an obsession with gold and living a life of luxury! This is a 5 reel by 3-row game, one that plays across 50 total paylines, a slot that takes its theme and runs with it! We can’t get enough of this slot, something we think you’ll no doubt agree with once you’ve started spinning for yourself.

Released in 2013, Mighty Sphinx has spent plenty of time in the limelight as one of the most played online slot games coming out of the Neogames camp. We should point out that this slot has an RTP percentage of 93%, which makes it incredibly rewarding to those chasing the highest of high scores. Learn more about this slot by checking out the rest of our review below or just play casino games here!

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Mighty Sphinx Slot Developers: Neogames

How can we describe Neogames to anyone who isn’t in the loop, well, we could talk about the fact that they’ve been in business for well over a decade and continue to put out nothing but top quality games for the entire globe to enjoy! Slots, online scratch cards, online casino games, you name it, this developer has mastered it! Put your trust in Neogames, and they’ll never let you down, that we can promise you!

Neogames is one of the frontrunners in the transition to mobile slot gaming; take a look at the number of games they have that can be played from your mobile if you don’t believe us. Developers like Neogames will always thrive as they’re always thinking towards the future as well as the here and now! Be sure to check out some of these games if you want more from these guys:

Mighty Sphinx Free Spins and Bonus Features

Unlike some other Egyptian-themed slots out there, Mighty Sphinx actually tries to make one of the most immersive experiences possible for players, unlike most casino jackpots games. Visually speaking this slot is one of Neogames best to date in terms of how well it fits in with the theme/timeframe it’s trying to display. Look off in the background, and you’ll find some ancient pyramids as well as a lot of sand.

The layout of the slots game board has also been expertly crafted, allowing players to easily navigate the game before, during, and after each spin. It’s on the bottom where you’ll be able to control the game — here is where you’ll be able to set your bet amounts as well as find additional bits of information that will help you in your attempt to make the most money possible from this slot.

On the bottom of the board, you’ll find the autoplay feature, this is a feature that allows you to reap the rewards of playing hands-free! Autoplay gives the controller to the CPU which will play for you, the only difference is any money made will actually go to you rather than the game! Simply select, however many games you want this computer to play for you as well as your bet amounts, and you’re set!

Those that want to jump straight into this slot will find that they can do just that by hitting the max bet button which will do just that. Playing on the largest amounts possible in any slot will make you a lot more money if you are finding the right combinations on the reels. We’d be stupid not to mention that the most you can win in this slot are 100,000 coins!

Symbols on the board here also play towards the immersiveness of the game too. Each symbol takes the shape of something ancient Egypt related — for example, you have a snake and a scarab as two of the games most recognisable symbols. Keep in mind that the more of these symbols you match, the better your scores will be.

Each symbol represents something different in terms of scores, match more of these symbols, and you’ll earn more money as a result. On the board you’ll find some letter-like symbols too, these are low-value symbols that will add to your victories in small doses in-between larger matches.

Last Thoughts on this Slot Game

The bonus symbols found in Mighty Sphinx do a great job in changing the gameplay up, making each spin something new and exciting as you never know how much money you’re going to come away with! Bonuses here can make you very rich indeed, here are but a few of them that you should be looking out for:

Wild: The wild symbol in Mighty Sphinx works in all the ways you’ve come to expect if you’ve had the pleasure of playing an online slot in the past. The wild comes with the ability to substitute symbols on the board, replacing them with scatter symbols in an instant. Wilds are incredibly standard and should be found as often as possible if you want to win big.

Scatter: Scatters are the result of matching wild symbols outright. Scatters are unique for many reasons the most notable being the ability to give players access to the free spins bonus that will make you the highest amount of cash possible with each spin.

Free Spin: Free spins are the pinnacle of bonuses in Mighty Sphinx. Free spins come with multipliers, that’s why they are considered the best bonus here, giving players the ability to make the most money possible during gameplay! If you want to try out this game check out our 2021 promos!