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Orient Express

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Are you ready to take the ride of a lifetime?  A ride full of intrigue and suspense that is sure to make you go wow on this best online casino! All the way to the bank!

Orient Express Slots Review

Anyone who has any knowledge of the world and culture, should be able to recognise the Orient Express from its name alone. This majestic train has been carrying passengers through multiple countries for many years now, and has become a bucket-list item for a lot of wary travellers out there who seek more from their travels. The rides experienced here are second to none, offering landscapes that you wouldn’t normally see, all at an arm’s reach.

Yggdrasil Gaming have clearly taken this trip, because if they hadn’t, how else would they have been able to create this slot and have it be so accurate? If you have any knowledge of the developer then you will know how inventive they truly are. Crafting slots that tend to go away from the status quo in terms of their design and feel. Orient Express Slot is yet another trend in their very extensive catalogue of games.

Orient Express is a 5 reel by 20 pay-line slot that captures the feelings of travel perfectly. The premise to this slot is simple, you are on-board the Orient Express with many other passengers who are travelling across the globe. Your job as conductor is to move these reels to the planned destination, the destination being your own wallet. These reels move as fast as a speeding train, and that’s because the setting for this slot is on a train.

Symbols in this slot are matched in the same left to right orientation. This slot can sometimes feel like it’s moving too fast although you might want to try your hand at a few spins on a smaller bet just to get a feel for it. If you are yet to experience the thrill and wonder of the Orient Express Slot and wish to find out more, then why not read below and see where it takes you.

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Expectation vs Reality on Orient Express

The Orient Express is something of legend, and is seen by most to be at the epicentre of cross-country travel – which naturally will see that it is replicated in various other forms of media, whether or not that content is good depends on the person who happens to be playing, although in some occasions the decisions can be unanimous.

Orient Express Slot is one of those slots, this majestic train ride is one that should be atleast experienced once in every lifetime. We would recommend you play this slot for all of the reasons listed in these words. Maybe you can’t afford a trip on the real Orient Express? Well playing this slot will change all that.

How to Play Orient Express Slot Game

Orient Express is a thrill ride that is best played whenever players are looking for a sense of escape. We would advise any avid players to have a few spins on a low amount before they try their hand at something a little more serious, but nevertheless Orient Express Slot is a very lavish looking slot that uses some of the most up to date graphics that we’ve personally ever seen in an online slot. This slot is set in what looks like a carriage window, where one can see various different symbols off in the background.

Developer Yggdrasil have spared no expense when it comes to this slot, crafting one that is bound to create interest based on name value alone. Each of the symbols here offer you something different, whether that is score or a hidden feature that will throw scores even higher up the track.

Orient Express Free Spins and Bonus Features

Every additional feature you see in this slot has been handcrafted to give you the most memorable experiences possible. We would liken this slot to any other slot in the Yggdrasil catalogue, but that is only because of the creative manner in which they use these additional features to better your overall scores. These features can make the reels feel like a blur at times, although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing considering the more chaos caused, the higher the score.

  • FREE SPINS: Free spins are brought to you via the scatter. Matching symbols on the reels will grant players access into these free spins. These offer multipliers that will increase your scores tenfold should you let it.
  • WILDS: Wild symbols will substitute other symbols on the reels out for the chance at more scatters to appear on the reels.Wilds also come with quite the bonus score too, making them very desirable.

Hit or Miss?

Orient Express slot is everything that you’ve come to expect from a developer like Yggdrasil, they have again proven why they are held in such high regard by online audiences across the globe. In this slot you can see this happen right in-front of you as you whir from country to country. Play Orient Express Slot today!

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Yggdrasil Gaming are a Malta based online dev team. After opening their doors in 2013 these guys have gone on to find success in almost every slot they have produced. If there’s one thing that their slots offer, it’s lasting power. One of the higher ups at the company used to work at rival developer NetEnt, which has given them quite the confidence boost moving forwards.

With productivity at an all time high, Yggdrasil Gaming are showing no signs of slowing down, not for anyone, and the only people that benefit from this are the players who experience their slots for themselves. Games in the Yggdrasil Gaming catalogue include:

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