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Quantum Roulette by Playtech offers an exciting twist to the live casino roulette game. It follows the rules of European Roulette and includes randomly assigned multipliers into the mix. Every round, a random selection of numbers gets attractive multipliers of up to 500x added to them, implying that this game has the potential to pay out some incredible prizes, and to start playing today all you need to do is sign up at Cozino.

The house edge of the Quantum Roulette casino game is 2.7%. The developer spiced up the wins in this 2019 version, giving the game additional spice. They’ve created a visually beautiful live studio for the game show, and you’ll experience a live dealer interacting with the game. For more information, see our review, which has all of the essential details regarding this variation of Roulette. And don’t forget to sign up to play slots online at Cozino and receive our welcome offer of 50 free spins and a match bonus.

How to Play Quantum Roulette?

Quantum Roulette live casino game features a single-zero roulette wheel and a virtual table layout. You’ll be pleased to know that the rules are as simple as the interface. If you’re not used to playing online casino games, this won’t be a problem.

To begin the game of Quantum Roulette, you must make your bets by clicking on the betting board. You will have 20 seconds to place your bets, and Quantum Boost will decide the value of the multiplier that will be applied to the randomly picked numbers before the game begins. To be qualified for the Quantum numbers, you must put single number wagers. Outside bets do not apply to the RNG multipliers.

When the betting period is over and all bets are accepted, the wheel begins to spin. The main aim of the Quantum Roulette live game is to guess which numbered pocket the roulette ball will land on. When the ball lands in the pocket with that specific number, the relevant players are awarded. All of the numbers with multipliers will win a bigger reward. You’ll also see a list of the winners on the screen once the wheel stops spinning and payouts are awarded, along with the sums they’ve received.

House Edge 2.7%
Game Type Live Roulette
Max Win 500x the bet
Developer Playtech
Theme Quantum Physics
Special Features Live Chat, Multipliers, Random Boost, Random Leap, Racetrack
Release Date Sep 2019
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Betting Options

The betting options in the Quantum Roulette live game are identical to those in a classic European Roulette game. Every spot on the betting board can be gambled, and a bet can cover one or more places. In addition, you can place outside bets which cover twelve or more digits. On the other hand, Inside bets cover fewer numbers but give higher returns to compensate. Keep in mind that multiplier reward boosts apply only to straight-up or single-number bets.

In Quantum Roulette casino games, players may also use the racetrack to swiftly and efficiently place spread bets. The most popular are the four French bets, which comprise zero, tier, orphelins, or voisins. Each French bet covers a part of the wheel and consists of a mix of straight-up number bets and wagers that cover several numbers.

Quantum Roulette Odds & Payouts

In terms of payouts of the Quantum Roulette game, outside bets remain constant. Even money bets, which comprise 1-18/19-36, Odd/Even, and Red/Black, payout 1:1 and cover a total of 18 numbers. Other Outside bets include the dozen and column, and these bets only involve twelve numbers rather than eighteen. As a result, they are significantly riskier to play but compensate with a 2:1 payoff.

Inside bets include considerably fewer numbers than their counterparts on the outer. However, they provide higher rewards. Below is a list of inside bets and their payouts.

  • Line pays 5:1 and covers six numbers.
  • Corner pays 8:1 and covers four numbers.
  • Street pays 11:1 and covers three numbers.
  • Split pays 17:1 and covers two numbers.
  • Straight pays 29:1 and covers only one number.

Then there’s the straight number bet, which is also the only bet that can be multiplied. As a result, the top reward is 500x your total bet. It’s also worth noting that if you bet on a straight-up number that does not have a multiplier applied to it, you’ll be paid out with odds of 29:1 instead of 35:1.

Special Features in this Casino Game

Playtech was formed in 1999 and is one of the industry’s major gaming suppliers. They have a fantastic selection of live casino games, and by offering Quantum Roulette, they have once again proved why they are the king of online gaming. You’ll note that the studio is unlike anything else you’ve seen in other developers’ games. With bright neon lights standing out against a dark background, it feels less like a casino and more like a game show. The theme of quantum physics is subtly continued throughout the studio’s design, with futuristic touches and a distinct atmosphere.

Playtech’s Quantum Roulette casino game is a relatively recent offering, and the developer has made sure that it works on all devices. So, you can have the same gaming experience on mobile devices as you do on PCs. For more engaging gameplay sessions, you may also use the Live Chat function. The Random Boost feature in the Quantum Roulette live game can increase the multipliers by up to 50x. Another random feature is Random Leap, which can double or triple the multipliers. The most significant multiple you can achieve in both situations (Boost and Leap) is 500x. Furthermore, players may make a variety of combination bets on the racetrack.

Playing Quantum Roulette Online

Quantum Roulette is not the first live game to confront the idea of roulette with multipliers, but it is without a doubt the greatest one currently available. Random events, which enhance your payouts on top of multipliers regularly, are excellent. Every round feels like it may result in a significant win because of them. The interface is standard, and you will have a more thrilling betting experience here. It’s an enticing and graphically stunning live casino game. Instead of the 35x odds seen in conventional roulette, you have the potential to win up to 500x your bet.

You can play Quantum Roulette casino game here at Cozino or try out Double Ball Roulette if you want to stick with the same gameplay. Another game we sincerely believe is worth your time is the highly entertaining Monopoly Live game.